The Hermit – Chasing Time

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Jungle, Darkstep, and Technical Drum & Bass wrapped up in one tidy package.
Spun in 2011 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


I-Cue “Time & Space” (Liquid Sky)
Calibre, Zero Tolerance, & Beta “Stronger” (Defunked)
Dj Zinc “Innate” (Ganja)
Digital & Innerheart “Rock” (Function)
Uncut “Chinese Silk Rmxs” (Wired Productions)
Calibre & Singing Fats “Drop It Down” (Signature)
Amazon II “Music’s Hypnotizing” (Aphrodite)
Original Vibes “Silent Moods” (Active Recordings)
Big Bud “Buds” (Good Looking)
Danny Breaks “Step Off” (Droppin Science)
Hive “Krush” (Metalheadz)
Digital & Innerheart “Cheek” (Function)
Freestyles “Stronger EP” (True Playaz)
Dj Zinc & Dj Spinna “Finders Keepers” (Runaways)
Kraken “Warped” (Underfire)
Dj Sniper & Platinum “Survival” (Syndicated)
Cause4Concern “Synergy” (C4C)
Dj Swift “Load” (True Playaz)
Ed Rush & Nico “Neutron” (No U-Turn)
Cause4Concern “Sensor” (C4C)
Ed Rush & Nico “Technology” (No U-Turn)

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