No Coast Muzik

No Coast Muzik

No Coast Muzik vol 49 – Sean Galvin “Masked Movement”

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Volume 49 of the No Coast Muzik mix series featuring the Return of Ireland’s Sean Galvin!!! Supreme Deep Vibez!!! N-joi =]


1. Reggie Dokes – 99 Wishes – Psychostasia Recordings
2. Daryl Cura – Fourtone – Eargasmic
3. Ike Release – Subsequent (Hakim Murphy Remix) – Episodes
4. Black Jazz Consortium – Your Love (Feat. Lady Blaktronica) – Soul People Music
5. HM505 (Hakim Murphy) – Late Night Deep – Third Ear Recordings
6. Jad and The – Two Dancing – Down By The Lake
7. Marco Bernardi – Innocense Of Pleasure – Royal Oak
8. Mathew Herbert – People That Make The Music – Phono / Accidental Jnr
9. Dorylus – Spring Delta (Life Recorder Remix) – Bokhari Records
10. Julius Steinhoff – Forgotton Garden – Church
11. Ozel AB – White Bear – Third Ear Recordings
12. Taelue – Social Anxiety – Perpetual Rhythms

No Coast Muzik vol 48 – Jake Munz “Sex Panther”

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No Coast Muzik vol 48 – Jake Munz – Sex Panther

Volume 48 of the No Coast Muzik mix series featuring Madison, Wisconsin’s Jake Munz! The title says it all….. this mix will Seduce =] House of the Finest Kind mixed masterfully from start to finish… N-joi =]

1. Sound Stream – Just Around (Sound Sampler Vol. 1)
2. Morgan Geist – Gone Fishin (Metamorphic)
3. Unknown Artist – JJ In The Air (Paradise Pizza)
4. Sound Stream – Aqua Dance (Sound Sampler Vol 2)
5. BYOB – It’s Over (Surface Recordings)
6. DJ D – Musics Got Me (Paper Recordings)
7. Unknown Artist – Paradise Loop (Paradise Pizza)
8. Power Productions – Musca Drums (Glasgow Underground)
9. DJ Duke – Dico-Tech (Power Music)
10. Unknown Artist – Different Eyes (Paradise Pizza)
11. Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers – Hi-Life (MCDE)
12. Dino & Terry – No More Tears (BNO)
13. Sound Stream – Dance With Me (Sound Stream)
14. Jeep Grrlz – Le Fist (El Chocolates)

No Coast Muzik vol 47 – MCG “Winter Dancefloor Weapons”

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 47 – MCG “Winter Dancefloor Weapons”

Volume 47 of the No Coast Muzik mix series featuring Madison’s young tastemaker in the realm of Deep House and Disco cuts, MCG!! There is no one on the planet with more quality and discerning taste in music, and he has the mixing skills to boot!
N-joi =]


1. VYG05: Urulu – Orion
2. FR249: Ewan Jansen – Take U Away
3. HOD023: Fouk – Gloriole
4. HESIT041: Detroit Swindle – Life Behind Things
5. AL7!001: Cody Currie – She Only Let Me Watch
6. SSSS4: Dan Shake – Daisy’s Dance
7. KLRLTD022: Funkyjaws – Acid Indie Club
8. WULF011: Letherette – Tell Me That You Like It
9. MM003: Hugo LX – NY Collage
10. PHP068: Soulphiction – All Lights Go Off
11. MCDE1215: Pablo Valtentino – My Son’s Smile
12. RDC003: Eben Res – Bongo Boulevard (Jimpster Remix)
13. MMV014: Chevals – This Time is Dedicated to Love
14. SBEDITZ005: Bondi Bondi – Dinner 4-2
15. SBEDITZ004: Joe Cleen – City Nights
16. Bobby Thurston – You Got What it Takes (Remix)
17. PROA914: Change – The Glow of Love
18. BBQ003: Blutch – 4 My Peeps

No Coast Muzik vol 46 – Jason Bentley “Rumplestillspin”

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 46 – Jason Bentley “Rumplestillspin”

Volume 46 of the No Coast Muzik mix series featuring Madison’s master of soulful deep house, Jason Bentley!!! An Absolute Deep House masterpiece <3
N-joi =]

No Coast Muzik vol 45 – Niklas “Time Machine”

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 45 – Niklas “Time Machine”

Volume 45 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series featuring Wisco Vet and Bay Area transplant Niklas!!!! Deep and Disco bliss with that West Coast flair……
N-joi =]


Russ Gabriel – Berg – SELFdefence
James Shinra – Signs – Feel My Bicep
Altz – Ottie – Ladybug
Qnete – A New Beginning Ending – Smallville
Wayne Snow – Nothing Wrong (Ge-Ology In-Reverse Reflip) – Tartelet Records
Patti Labelle – Timbales Are My Way of Life (JN Beats) – Z Records
Derrick L. Carter – One More Time To Enjoy It – Classic Music Comapny
EMan – Slangin (Tedd Patterson Edit) – Jellybean Soul
Kapote – Italo Dub – Toytonics
Rick Garcia – The Groove – Afterhours
Paxton Fettel – Night Waves – Delusions Of Grandeur
Upsilon – Big City Voodoo – RED
Oeil Cube – Disk Two – Versatile
Pepe – Trouble Glider (Lauer Remix) – Loose Fit
Chez Damier feat Leroy Burgess – Your Love (Mark Bell Mix) – Balance
Vincent Inc. – Time Machine (Julian Sanza Remix) – 14th Level Of Paradise
Theo Kottis – All I Do (Is Think About You) – Beautiful Strangers
Abacus – Untitled – NDATL Muzik

NCM vol 44 – Lester Fitzpatrick – Les House

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 44 – Lester Fitzpatrick – Les House

Volume 44 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series is an extremely RARE House mix Chicago Techno Legend Lester Fitzpatrick!!! Lester takes you to church on this one for some lessons…. straight back to the days of Jack! Classic Chicago House session with Jackin’, Disco, and Acid laden House guaranteed to put your body to werk……
N-joi =]

Lester Fitzpatrick

Chicago, USA

Relief, Mind Burn, UKR, EUR….. and many, many more.



NCM vol 43 – Shawn Paul – Gemini

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 43 – Shawn Paul – Gemini

Volume 43 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series featuring Furious Styles’ Shawn Paul! Solid House Vibes <3
N-joi =]

NCM vol 42 – Jake Munz – Elements of Life

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 42 – Jake Munz – Elements of Life

Volume 42 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series featuring Tribal Brother Jake Munz with his signature blend of deep, driving, Tribal beats!!!
N-joi =]

NCM vol 41 – J3 – Noctilucent

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 41 – J3 – Noctilucent

Volume 41 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series comes from a fellow Waukesha County native and long time friend, J3 <3 Supremely DEEP, spacial House BLISS!!!!….. N-joi =]


NCM vol 40 – Jason Bentley “Hustle In Silence”

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 40 – Jason Bentley – Hustle In Silence

Volume 40 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series comes from one of Madison, Wisconsin’s original House maestro’s, Jason Bentley!! This mix is the perfect blend of deep, driving vibes that will have you clamoring for more in the end…..
N-joi =]


1 Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig – Sweetest Love (Original Mix)
2 Hyas – Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
3 Never Dull – Mind, Body & Soul (Original mix)
4 Till Von Sein, KE – Enjoy My Love (Homero Espinosa Dub)
5 Never Dull – Took Acid On Sunset Blvd. (Souls On Acid Mix)
6 Soulcool – Bliss (Original Mix)
7 Never Dull – Dun Dun Dun (Original Mix)
8 Hyde & Sick – I Am Gorvia (Original Mix)
9 Kou – Peter (Original Mix)
10 Ziggy Phunk – Night Spice (Afro Reprise)
11 Moutier – MOU004 (Original Mix)
12 Saison – Something Made Me (Werkshy Remix)
13 Deepear – Giving You (Original Mix)
14 Hilario V – True Dat (Original Mix)
15 Eddie Fowlkes – That’s What I Think About (Original Mix)
16 Cyda – Feeling (Original Mix)
17 DJ Steavy Boy – This Is A Warning (Original M
18 Phil Weeks, Ladybird – She Can’t Love You (Original Mix)
19 Brandon Thompson – Heaven Can Wait (Original Mix)
20 Jizz – 92 Raw (Original Mix)
21 Snazzy Trax – Disco Piff (Original Mix)
22 Jacob Poe – Dat’s Whasup (Original Mix)
23 Alex Arnout – Somewhere Deep
24 House Of Deep – Heal and Steal (Original Mix)
25 Madji’k – Love Of Your Life (Original Mix)

No Coast Muzik vol 39 – Sean Crowley – Frequencies Of The Deep

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM_vol_39 – Sean Crowley – Frequencies Of The Deep

Volume 39 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series makes it’s way across the big pond via Cork, Ireland. Sean Crowley delivers with a deep excursion of fresh, new House fire. N-joi =]

Sean Crowley

Cork Ireland



1. Omar S & Kai Alce – Not Phazed
2. Ghosts Of The Sky – 65th & Lawndale
3. Chicagodeep – Metaphoric Interlude
4. Orson Wells – A Connection
5. Basic7 – Mu Bum
6. Dj Honesty – Momentum
7. Basic7 – Mercurium
8. Mystical Institute – Night Rhythm
9. Orson Wells – Never Lonely No More
10. Dj Honesty – Gamma
11. Marquis Hawkes – Tunnel
12. Steven Simpson – Chicagocid
13. Neville Watson – Trip city
14. Marquis Hawkes – Im So Glad (Satisfied Raw Mix)
15. Delta Funktionen – Korath System
16. Paranoid London – Give Me The
17. Posthuman – It’s A House Thing
18. Deep Space Orchestra – Hold Me Back (Paranoid London Remix)

No Coast Muzik vol 38 – Jon Melodic – House is a Home

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM_vol_38 Jon Melodic – House is a Home

Volume 38 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series featuring Jon Melodic aka J3. One of the smoothest dj’s on vinyl I know, and a man i’ve been proud to call friend since 93′.
Supremely Deep Vibes from this one…. flawlessly spun by a Master. N-joi =]

Jon Melodic

Waukesha, Wisconsin

No Coast Muzik



1. Natural Rhythm “Sample from the song, Energized” Earthtones
2. Cloudy Kid “Love Track” Kajunga
3. Pepe Bradock “Deep Burnt”
4. Philemon “Bugs don’t cry” Missive
5. Romanthony “Trust(Remix)”
6. Felix B “Tofino Grill” Dirtcrew Recordings
7. Bassa Clan “April”
8. Felix B “I am not your bro” Dirtcrew
9. Bassa Clan “Lifetime”
10. Ettore Angrisani “Sub remote concept world” Giant Heavy Weight
11. ? “Leg Warmers Jack and Jazz” Guess who 03
12. Natural Rhythm “Give your love” Ffwd
13. Dj John Julius Knight “Find a friend part 2( Audiowhores remix)” Soulfuric Trax
14. Jay-J and Chris Lum “Using you!” Siesta Music
15. Dj Rork “I wanna see u come down” Om Records
16. Kez Ym “The Tokyo Connection” Yore
17. Nicolas Vallee “Vital Funk” Mangusta
18. Earnest Saint Laurent “Light of the Sun(Monsieur Charles)” Naive
19. Nicolas Vallee “End of Time” Mangusta

No Coast Muzik vol 37 – Jp Blanchet – Go Deep III

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM_vol_37 – Jp Blanchet “Go Deep III”

Volume 37 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series courtesy of Madison, Wisconsin’s Jp Blanchet. I have been sitting on this mix for a bit and it has easily been my most listened to over the last couple of months! The 3rd installment of his Go Deep series is a gem <3 ARTIST: Jp Blanchet LOCATION: Madison, Wisconsin AFFILIATIONS: Rise Madison, Go Deep, Glitchy WEBLINK: Jp Blanchet Soundcloud


1 Lance DeSardi and JT Donaldson -Take Me Back to Then
2 Quentin Harris, Robert Owens – Always (Trackheadz Mix)
3 King Britt Presents Sylk 130 – When the Funk Hits the Fan Mood II Swing When the Dub Hits theFan
4 Anthony Mea -Jazz 1016
5 Anthony Mea – Old School Attitude
6 Glenn Underground – Tech Chi Zero (Chicago Ground Zero)
7 Intr0beatz – By Your Side (Original Mix)
8 RECLOOSE feat DWELE – Can’t Take It (Milton Jackson remix)
9 Steve Mill – They Said I Could Not
10 Eric Ericksson – Love It (Original Mix)
11 Tim Deluxe – JAS (Rhodes Remix)
12 Spiced Boogie – Sidewalks
13 Bas Roos – Midnight People (Original Mix)
14 Jimpster – A Love Like This (Original Mix)
15 Black Loops – Sex

No Coast Muzik vol 36 – Geoff K – In Retrospect

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_36 Geoff K “In Retrospect”

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM_vol_36_-_Geoff_K_-_In_Retrospect

Volume 36 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series comes from Madison, Wisconsin OG House and Hip Hop dj Geoff K. Currently the proprietor of the finest record store in Wisconsin Jiggy Jamz Records and Discs. In Geoff’s words…. “”Spun in one take using ALL VINYL at JiggyJamz Vinyl & CDs with inspiration from the energy of tag teaming with my Vinyl Brothers Andrew and Jonathan; and then both Golden Donna and Pressboard melting my mind with their LIVE PAs at the monthly Retrospect. Thanks for all you do Hermit! This ones for you!””

Geoff K

Madison, Wisconsin

Jiggy Jamz Records and Discs


01) World’s Famous Supreme Team – Hey DJ (Intro)
02) Ricky Bradshaw – Ricky’s Guitar (Moody Recordings)
03) Men o’ Harlick – Cuckoo’s Nest (Diversions)
04) Julius Papp & Dave Warrin – Sun Return (Yellow)
05) Julien Jabre – Brooklyn Boogie (KiF Recordings)
06) Ananda Project – Secrets (APR)
07) Laid – Punch Up! (Fiji Recordings)
08) Ed Nine – Timeless (Groove Access Records)
09) Rithma – Love & Music (OM Records)
10) DJ JUS-ED – Struggle For Success (EDJ Redords)
11) MISIU Edits – All A Dream (Razor-N-Tape)
12) Liquid City – Givin My All (Tribal America)
13) THC – THC – THC – THC – THC =D
14) Adam Collinds – Day 2 Day (Random Factor Remix) (Giant Records UK)
15) The Black Madonna – He Is The Voice I Hear (We Still Believe)
16) Morning Factory – Maiden Voyage (Yore Records)
17) Chico Mann – Same Old Clown (Kon Dub) (Soundway)

No Coast Muzik vol 35 – Rubsilent – The Unknown

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_35 Rubsilent “The Unknown”

Deep, Jackin’ House set from Rubsilent. The man carries the torch daily in the name of Quality House and Techno, digging deep in the vaults. N-joi =]
***********base image art created by an amazing graphic artist Andy Gilmore!!!
Support his work at *********


Istanbul, Turkey



No Coast Muzik vol 34 – “Midwest Depth” Brian Gardner

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_34 Brian Gardner “Midwest Depth”

One of Chicago’s finest…..current promoter of the depths in las Vegas. Soul Foundation founder.
Pure class behind the decks in this all vinyl effort. N-joi =]

Brian Gardner

Las Vegas by way of Chicago

Soul Foundation Recordings

Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner
Soul Foundation Recordings


1. The Thief That Stole My Sad Days … Ya Blessin’ Me – Moodymann
2. Centuries – K-rAd & Opcode66 – KNO-003
3. The Childrens House – Mr Fingers – Alleviated Music
4. Empty Pattern 40 – Chicago Skyway – Emphasis Recordings
5. 303 Slut – Dirty Jak – Hoe Down Records
6. I Wanna Go Back – Change Request feat Chez Damier – Isoke Remix – Soul Foundation Recordings
7. I Feel The Rhythm – Ron Trent (Paul Johnson Remix) – Prescription Records
8. Soul Mother – Brian Harden – instinctive Funk
9. Our Time Is Coming – Roy Ayers – MAW Boot
10. Elevate Your Fellow Man – Gemini – Earth Recordings
11. Wide Open – Daryl Cura – Eargasmic Recordings
12. Acid Bath – Secret Studio feat D Marc Cantu – Secret Studio Records
13. Corazon – LP6 Edit of LTG Exchange – Underdog Edits 001

No Coast Muzik vol. 33 “For The Lost – E-Noc

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_33 – E-Noc “For The Lost”

E-Noc makes his return to the series with a masterful blend of old and new!
Deep & Moody, yet Driving…. leaves you clamoring for more by the end. N-joi =]


Denver, Colorado via Madison, Wisconsin

Glitchy Music



(Intro) Steam train approaches, stops
1. Brett Dancer- In Da Groove
2. Wyatt Earp- Green Tea (lil’ tech dub)
3. Unknown Deetroit- Unknown
4. Next Evidence- Inside
5. Audio Soul Project- I Need This
6. North Lake- Griswold
7. Metro Area- Rhythm Reel #6
8. Joe R Lewis- Separate Ways
9. Night Moves- Transdance (NYC mix)
10. Grant- Forever
11. EDK- Pushing Harder (FreaksDoobieDub)
12. Lance Nuance- Disconnected Line
13. Mateo & Matos- Feel The Jazz
14. Dj On- Sunshine
15. The Unknown- “Dancin Music”
16. Hustle & Flow- Win For Life
17. Unknown Deetroit- Unknown
18. Chip E- House Energy
19. Farley “JackMaster” Funk- Give Yourself To Me
20. Ron Hardy- 116 BPM Trax

No Coast Muzik vol 32 “Imperfect Vibes” – Sean Galvin

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_32 – Sean Galvin “Imperfect Vibes”

Cork, Ireland’s resident Tastemaker / Vinyl Hoarder extraordinaire deliver’s a 2 Hour journey through House’s deepest depths.
Sean Galvin has set the table for many of the finest in the biz when they roll into town and is more than capable of stealing the show himself. =]

Sean Galvin

Cork, Ireland



1. Leo Gunn – Voodoo – Deep Explorer
2. Arnheim – Late Night in the Loft – Austere Recordings
3. Marvin Belton – Any Day Now – Mahogani Music
4. Leo Gunn – Home Base – Deep Explorer
5. Mall Grab – Orange County – Shall Not Fade
6. Leo Gunn – Sunny Disposition (Deep Explorer Edit) – Deep Explorer
7. Route 8 – Ash Dub – Lobster Theremin
8. Diamond Dagger – Red Leather Bop – Lunar Disko Records
9. Brother G – Untitled (feat Apoena) – Rawax
10. Route 8 – Dreamsss – Bokhari
13. Bring Ring – Feel What You Want – Running Back
14. The Shake Up Connection – Pimpin – Vakum
18. Big Strick – Don’t Wait Up – 7 Days Entertainment
19. Generation Next – The Tomorrow People -7 Days Entertainment
20. Taelue – Pineal Gland – Rough House Rosie
21. Mihail P – Prismatic – Verdant Recordings
22. Amir Alexander – Everybody’s Beautiful – Hype_LTD
23. Marco Bernardi – Upside In – Happy Skull
24. Andreas Gehm – Fire and Ice – Mathematics
25. Armando – Don’t Take It (Thomas Edit)
26. Jody “Fingers” Finch ‎– Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ Acid Vocal) – Let’s Pet Puppies
27. Automatic Tasty – The Long Road Home – Photic Fields
28. Hakim Murphy – Mad – Sound Black
29. Amir Alexander – Innovation – Deep Vibes Records
30. Royer – Tough Questions – Tasteful Nudes
31. Jalal Ouissal – Undelivered Poetry – Deep4life
32. T.Trax – Project Piano – Clone
33. Automatic Tasty – Mothers Ruin – Lunar Disco
34. Charlie – Spacer Woman – Dark Entries

No Coast Muzik vol 31 “Forward Motion” – Gene Hunt

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_31 – Gene Hunt “Forward Movement”

1st Gen House originator, Chicago Legend…….. This mix is uptempo, fast paced, and packed with delectable tracks spun by one of the best in the biz!
N-joi =]

Gene Hunt

Chicago, Ill

No Coast Muzik vol 30 “Go Find Your Self” – D-on

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_30 – D-on “Go Find Your Self”

One of the finest to ever grace the decks in Wisconsin. Milwaukee’s “Master of the Breaks” steps out of bounds briefly to deliver this awesome blend of deep, funky Breaks and House sounds.
N-joi =]


Milwaukee, Wi




No Coast Muzik vol 29 “Soul Progression” – J3

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_29 – J3 “Soul Progression”

J3 returns to the series with a perfectly laid out House excursion. Pure BLISS!
N-joi =]


lake Country, Wi

No Coast Muzik, Infinite Sonic Output



1.Journey by Michael Nunes – Label: Piston Recordings – Album:The Secrets of the trade 007
2.Exotism(original Mix) by Bas Roos – Label: PIV Records -Album: Lazy Chords ep
3.Lazy Chords(Original Mix)by Bas Roos – Label: PIV Records
4.Night Beats(Original Mix) by Chemars – Label: Ginkgo Music
5.Red Lights By Amon(RO) – Label: Piston Recordings – Album: The Secrets of the trade 007
6.Feel it(Original Mix)by Eric Kupper – Label: Hysteria
7.This Is House ( Dub Mix) by Mattik, No Rabbitz – Label: Reflective Music – Album: RE: Located
8.You Feeling Me (Original Mix) by Mario Viera – Label: Deep Class Records – Album: Synthesize Me
9.Reloaded by Livio & Roby, Andrea Oliva – Label: Desolat Music – Album: Phantom Circle
10.Apache Line feat Youandewan by Huerta, Youandewan – Label: – Album: Apache Line
11.Walking Jazz by Angelo Ferreri – Label:Moulton – Album: Children In Love
12.Get Down (Tamandua Twist)By Moti Brothers – Label:Large – Album:Get Down
13.Nasty Beats (Jacobin & Domino Remix) by Igor Gonya,Alex Moiss,Jacobin & Domino – Label: – Album: Nasty Beats
14.Natural High(Original Mix)by Analog Trip – Label: Ready Mix Records – Album: Natural High
15.Feel It (Original Mix) by Roland Nights – Label: Amenti – Album: Changes Ep
16.For You feat Latrice(Original Mix)by Olivier Desmet,Chuck Diesel – Label: Amenti – Album: Alone in the Dark with…

No Coast Muzik vol 28 “Slow Cooker” – JP Blanchet

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_28 – JP Blanchet “Slow Cooker”

JP Blanchet’s return to the NCM series brings a deep and dubby journey through House. Picks you right up and sets you down proper.
N-joi =]

JP Blanchet

Madison, Wi

Furious Styles, Intoxicated, Glitchy Music, Island Breeze



1. Vuk Smiljanic “Morning Belgrade (Original Mix)”
2. Fred Everything “Her (Devil in the Dub)”
3. The Dangerfeel Newbies “What Am I Here For (Irvin’s NDATL Piano Instrumental)”
4. Soledrifter “Whatcha Say (Original Mix)”
5. Iban Montoro “Deep Class”
6. Harry Wolfman & Loz Goddard “Uncle Buck (Original Mix)”
7. Alvaro Hylander “What’s Happening”
8. RescuePoetix “Tap 2 (Tonic’s Deep Tech Mix)”
9. Yigit Atilla “Those Days”
10. Azuni “Do It To Me (Rob Mello)”
11. Ivan Masa “Deep Penetration”
12. Q Narongwate “Hold On to My Love”
13. KayDeep “In The Deep End (Original Mix)”

No Coast Muzik vol 27 “Follow Me” – The Hermit

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_27 – The Hermit “Follow Me”

Excursion through the deepest depths of Techno courtesy of The Hermit. =]
Spun with vinyl whilst DITC in 1 Take for those who care.

The Hermit

Lake Country, Wi

No Coast Muzik, Infinite Sonic Output


Slick n Flash “Fluid Dynamic” (Phono)
Ron Trent “The Dance – Sleezy Dub Mix” (Prescription)
fellowS “My World” (Hi-Bias)
Craig Alexander “Electro Ride” (Track Mode)
John Tejada “Daydreaming Disaster” (Palette)
Release The Magic feat Nature Love “Release The Magic – Quad’s Instrumental mix” (Track Mode)
John Tejada “Watching and Waiting” (Palette)
Slick n Flash “Descent” (Phono)
H. Brunner “Spring” (KMS)
Basic Implant “Hangover” (Touch Tone)
A.D.N.Y. & Denard Henry “Phuture Funk” (Superbra)
Sean Deason “The Shit” (Distance)
Jackmate “Centerfolds” (Treibstoff)
Diego “Hi Jacker” (Kanzleramt)
PreSSure Funk “Twisted Funk” (Soma)
MASP “Insync + If” (Plink Plonk)
KSR “Headrush – Octave One mix” (430 West)
Claude Young “Circumstance Of Chance – Circumstance 2” (Djax Up Beats)

No Coast Muzik vol 26 “Soothe Your Soul” – Enoc

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_26 – Enoc “Soothe Your Soul”

Delectable House beats guaranteed to make any day brighter.
The base image for the cover was original artwork by Evan himself with an ample dose of deviation done by The Hermit.
N-joi =]

Enoc aka Evan S

Denver, Co by way of Madison, Wi

Glitchy Music, No Coast Muzik


INTRO. Marvin Gaye “How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)
Special Agents “Kindred Spirits”
Mike Huckaby “We Can Make It”
Kenny Dixion Jr. “Transit”
Rick Wade “Goon Hand”
D.S.L. “Soothe Your Soul (D.S.L. Dub)
Kerry Chandler “In Search of Mr. Ford
The Logic Box “Le Blaze Du Fantone”
Jordan Fields “This Ain’t No Game”
Mateo & Matos “Dancin'”
Roy Davis Jr. “Under The Sun”
Rick Wade “Circus”
Demarcus Lewis “Show You”
Brett Johnson “Jacks Back”
JT Donaldson “Make You High”
Lil’ Louis “How I Feel”
The System “It’s Passion (Dub)”