The Hermit – Clandestine Activity

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Darksteppas n Technical D&B…
Spun in 2011 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Technical Itch “Hidden Sound” (Moving Shadow)
Pure Instinct “Germ Code” (Tech Itch)
Vinyl Syndicate “Breaker 1” (Urban Takeover)
Hidden Agenda & Seven “Fish Eggs” (Reinforced)
Origin Unknown “Sound In Motion” (Ram)
Decoder “Vapour Dub” (Hard Leaders)
Lock Up “The Matrix’ (Joker)
Ed Rush & Optical “The Medicine” (Virus)
L Double “The Product” (Flex)
Brockie & Ed Solo “Showdown EP” (Undiluted)
Xedos “Sounds Ceased” (Street Beats)
Cause 4 Concern “Projection” (Perspective)
Jonny L “Running” (Piranha)
Konflict “Maelstrom EP” (Renegade Hardware)
E-Sassin “Wireframe” (Titanium)
Future Cut “Bloodline EP” (Renegade Hardware)
L Double “The Product” (Flex)
Konflict “Maelstrom EP” (Renegade Hardware)
UFO! “Zenomorphik” (Thermal)

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