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The Hermit – Transistor Bass

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Re-spun mix of the set I spun at Transistor Bass 2 in Milwaukee, Wi on March 2nd 2013.
All Vinyl, All Acid, and All Good =]
*****Thanks to Matt Ormaza for the dope photography…..deviated by me.
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Luke Slater “The Secret Garden” (Peacefrog)
Winx “Verano Azul” (Nervous)
Nigel Richards “Connect 4” (611)
Function “F3” (Sinewave)
DJ Hyperactive “Off Keel” (Drop Bass Network)
Mike Inc “Live Pt 1 – Side A” (Force Inc)
Barada “Mean Streak” (Definitive)
Ian Pooley & The Jaguar “Two Space Cowboys On A Bad Trip – B1” (Force Inc)
D.J. Naughty “Dani Und Ich” (International DeeJay Gigolos)
Stare5 “Blood Loop 1” (Clashbackk)
Yanu “Aliens” (Toolbox Tunes)
Plastikman “Smak” (Mute)
Sarcoblast “Sarcoflaps” (Routemaster)
4D “Out Of Reach” (Labworks)
Yanu “Master Control Program” (Toolbox Tunes)
Mike Dread “Oxycute” (R&S)
Beverly Hills 808303 “Sick Of Benedict” (Electric Music Foundation)
Kinki Roland “Krasnojark 26” (Exdecise)

Fishing For Beats

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…….no artwerk yet…….

Old-School Techno and Acid mix.
Spun with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take. 12-23-2012


Holy Ghost “Gone Fishin” (Tresor)
Roy Davis Jr “Broken Machines” (Kumba)
Gemini “Crossing Mars – Free rmx” (Planet E)
X-103 “Tephra” (Axis)
Dj D-Man “Millennium Madness” (Flip Da’ Script)
Steve Poindexter “Computer Madness” (Muzique)
Terry Francis & “Evil” Eddie Richards “Helicopter” (Lifted Music)
Puffboy “Snorkel” (Stickman)
The Bionic Men “Les Gents” (Stickman)
T yree “Old-School” (Renegade)
The Low End Theory “Wicked” (Dance Mania)
Potato Gun “Bean Bag Chair – Longstick mix” (Stickman)
Adam Beyer “A1” (Code Red 08)
D.S. “Lukuta” (F Communications)
Barada “Biofeedback” (Definitive)
Robert De La Gauthier “Disco Loop” (Odyssey Records Montreal)
N-Joi “Live In Manchester ‘selected clip'” (Deconstructed)
Steve Stoll “Gates And Volts – A1” (Proper NYC)

God Complex

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……no artwerk yet.

Spun in October 2006 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


…..none unfortunately.
Run’s the gammut of old Stateside Hardcore and Acid Hardcore with tracks from Choose, Speedfreak, Lenny Dee, Repete, Dillinja, and many more…. N-joi =]

The Hermit – Hellraver warmup

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Spun in October 2004 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take in preparation for a legendary rave in a barn in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin =]
If you were there, you know what was up. If not, this is as close as you would get to the real thing……


None unfortunately. All old-school Acid gems from people like Brixton, Choose, Nick East, Somatic Response, Hyperactive, and more……

The Hermit – Forgotten Realms

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – The Hermit – Forgotten Realms

Blast from the past….. Acid House, Acid, Tech House…. N-joi =]

it’s in the artwork… n i’m lazy…. n busy…


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