No Coast Muzik


Welcome to Infinite Sonic Output
This site is home to all of my dj mixes and other works.

Unfortunately it was hacked several months ago and only now am I getting it back online.
In turn, I have to rebuild it from scratch. So that said, please bear with me as I put the pieces back together and get all of the content back online.

During this time I have been very busy on the mixing tip and will have many new sets available, as well as the proper launch of the 7 Deadly Sin’s mix series.

Thanks in advance for your patience and please check back often as I will be hard at work here to rebuild what once was.

If you live in Wisconsin, keep an eye out for me and my record crates coming to a city near you =]
……and if you aren’t in Wisconsin, hit up your local promoter and request my presence. We all win when I roll into town and throw down ;]

until I get this thing up and running, hop on over to and enjoy some select sets I posted to bide some time.