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Thumbzo ___ Pride

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Original Flag Artwerk courtesy of Jack Cripps _ jackcrippsart.tumblr.com
Deviated by The Hermit.

Hailing from Ramsgate in South East England, Thumbzo delivers ye’ ole’ Darkside.
A sound that makes the most tribal band tattoo displaying, popped collar wearing, cutoff sleeve sporting motherfuckers shrivel… Carrying the flag only get’s you so far my friends =]
Spun with Vinyl in 2012

LOCATION: Ramsgate, England

AFFILIATION: Jungletrain.net

WEBSITE: http://www.jungletrain.net


Sound Of The Future-The Warning (Remix)-Formation
Chaos and Julia Set-Fear The Future-Recoil
Tom and Jerry-We Can Be Free-Tom and Jerry
Wax Doctor and Jack Smooth-Whats Going On-Basement
DJ Fokus-Watch Out-Suicide
Freestyle and DJR-Madness-Sublogic
Dica and Vinyl Groove-1000 Times-Boogie Beat
Tango and Ratty-The Killer-Tango and Ratty
Ratty-Source Of All Evil (DJ SS Remix)-Formation
Bay B Kane-Quarter To Doom-Ruff Guidance
Lemon D-Something I Feel-Planet Earth
DJ Hype-Shot In The Dark-Suburban Base
D.O.P.E.- Dope On Plastic-Rugged Vinyl
Double Vision-My Mind Is Going-Double Vision
Wax Doctor and Jack Smooth-Unfriendly-Basement
The Untouchables-Don’t Be Afraid (Arfa G Happy Mix)-Sublogic
Bizzy B and Technochild-Obsessions-Brain
Outa Intelligence-Fools Gold-Back 2 Basics
Hyper On Experience-Disturbance (Tango Remix)-Moving Shadow
4 Hero-Reality-Reinforced
The Vice Squad-Give The Poor Man A Break-Pimp Plastic
DJ Fokus-Vexxed-Blueprint
Warped Kore-The Power-White House
Pascal-I Don’t Understand (2012 Bootleg Remake)-White