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The Hermit – Festivus 2020

Right Click/Save As to Download – The Hermit “Festivus 2020”

Very special set spun in solitude on xmas 3V3 2020…. DITC, 1 Take…..
strictly Heart and Soul put on tape.
N-joi =]

The Hermit

Milwaukee, Wi

No Coast Muzik, JiggyJamz, Retrospect, Gravitate Sessions


Jammotron “Retrospect ‘Resist!’ June 2020”

Right Click/Save As to Download – MCG “Retrospect ‘Resist’ June 2020

Jammotron’s set for the June 2020 Retrospect “Resist!” broadcast. Perfect blend of Techno and Tech House!!!
N-joi =]


Beloit, Wi

House Vibes Channel, SLE Recordings



Gravitate Sessions “Social DisDance” – Geoff K vs J3

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – Gravitate Sessions “Social DisDance” – Geoff K vs J3

Live recording of the 20-40 tag session between Geoff k and J3 for the “Social DisDance” edition of the Gravitate Sessions broadcast.
Vinyl Brothers dropping the goods….. House muzik masterclass =]

Spun with records pulled from the shelves of JiggyJamz Vinyl in Madison, Wi on 5-2-2020 and promptly laid down on the spot DITC stylee <3 N-joi =]

No Chance

No Coast Muzik vol. 19 – Jack Mode

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol.19 – Jack Mode

Jack Mode delivers once again with a very deep and spacial Tech House throwback. Harkens of the days were “dance music” was designed to move your mind as well as the body.
N-joi =]

Jack Mode

Valparaiso, Indianan


coming soon….

The Hermit – Emerge redux

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – Emerge redux

Respun set played for Emerge at Studio 200 Milwaukee, Wi 10-23-13
Spun in 1 Take with vinyl.


Miguel Gracia “Paloora” (Earth Recordings)
Circulation “Violet” (Cirtulation)
Schatrax “Mispent Years – Funk D’Void mix” (Soma)
Halo “Dark Clouds” (Bluem Recordings)
Oliver Desmet “Just Like Heaven – Mazi’s Audio Soul Revamp”
(Simple Soul)
Percy X “Break It Down – Cari Lekebusch rmx” (Soma)
Jack Mate “Bang!ala” (Stir)
The Electric 10 “Sub Tronic” (Cutrough)
Rhythm Section “Tha Lick” (Catalyst)
Christian Smith & John Selway “End Zone” (Tronic)
Purveyors Of Fine Funk “Z Mood” (Peacefrog)
Artquake “Get You Some More” (Track Down)
Kevin Yost “One Starry Night – Peter Funk’s Starry 001 rmx”
(I Records)
Chris Jackson “Drop” (Resource)

The Hermit – Sweet Synthetic Sounds

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Sweet Synthetic Sounds

Re-Spun mix of a set I spun for Sweet Synthetic Sounds @ Inferno in Madison Wisconsin on September 20th 2012. Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Brian Zentz “boom box” (Sounds)
Lassigue Benthaus “Fiber” (KK)
Stewart Walker “Thunder Bay” (Tektite)
G Flame & Mr G “Pulsez” (Moods & Grooves)
Moodymann “Lake Shore Drive” (KDJ)
C.A. Duque & John Selway “I’ll Fly Away” (Rapture Records)
G Flame & Mr G “G’s D. Sound Dub” (Moods & Grooves)
C.A. Duque & John Selway “In The Blink Of An Eye” (Rapture Records)
Alexander East “Hazy Shade Of Love” (Underground Construction)
Faust and Shortee “Satisfaction Guaranteed” (Stray Records)
Brian Gerrard “Perfect” (Celebrity Records)
DKMA “Trifling” (Catylist)
Dj Pope “Work It Out” (Cajual)
Jackmate “Cyanosis” (Stir Recordigs)
Laidback Luke “Fire-Works” (Subspace)
F “Volume 2” (Sense)
The Aquanauts “Let’s Dance” (Guidance)
Theo Parrish “Only The Beginning” (Peacefrog)
Marino Berardi “Plan B” (Wally’s Groove World)
Mr. Full Destructor “Sapeurleepopette” (Karat records)
Future Power Alliance “Subscan” (Fvturus Recordings)
Blackman “Fear Of My Own Brother” (Black Nation)
Jay Denham “Mad Man” (Fragmented Records)
Dan Zamani & Tim Taylor “Ego Acid – The Re-Pump” (Missle)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. “Skylark” (Plastic City)
Dj Deeon “Basic Beat – original mix” (Nervous)
Roy Davis “Electrical Problem” (Sex Trax)

The Hermit – Forgotten Realms

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – The Hermit – Forgotten Realms

Blast from the past….. Acid House, Acid, Tech House…. N-joi =]

it’s in the artwork… n i’m lazy…. n busy…

The Hermit – A Nu Resolution warmup

Click Here To PLAY via MOBILE or RIGHT CLICK/SAVE AS to DOWNLOAD – The Hermit – A Nu Resolution warmup

Warmup set I spun in anticipation of a NYE 2003 show I threw entitled A Nu Resolution.
Spun with vinyl, DITC, and in 1 take.


Callisto “Callisto’s Trance” (Guidance)
Nathan Drew Larson “Five Minutes Of Pleasure, Two Minutes Of Pain” (Simple Soul Recordings)
Callisto “Callisto’s Trance” (Guidance)
Jay-J “Tripwire” (Nervous)
T Cooper “Deep Inside” (Quick Release)
Faze Action “Plans & Designs” (Nuphonic)
DSL “Enfusion” (Chill Funk)
Venus “David Stevens” (Makeout Music)
Barada Vs Omegaman “Green Signal” (Definitive)
Biotrans “96’ Remixes” (Definitive)
Phillipe Maurice 3rd “Moon Underwater” (Acid)
Steven Cinch “Ultra Freak EP” (Definitive)
2 Or More “Ghetto Gospel Man” (Dust Traxx)
Steven Cinch “Ultra Freak EP” (Definitive)
Marc de Breyne “Electropical” (Play Records)
Andy Roberts “Mr Robert’s Neighborhood” (Aquarius)
Marc de Breyne “Electropical” (Play Records)
Andy Roberts “Mr Robert’s Neighborhood” (Aquarius)
The Fifth Edition “Road Trip” (20/20 Vision)
Cloud City “T.H.C.” (MML)