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No Coast Dubz vol 5 – Softcore Mikey “Call Now In The 608”

Right Click/Save As to Download – No Coast Dubz vol 5 “Call Now In The 608” – Softcore Mikey

Volume 5 of the No Coast Dubz series featuring Madison, Wisconsin’s master of sonic destruction, Softcore Mikey!!!!
Forever a genre hopping badboy behind the decks, this mix jumps around the broken beat spectrum with an array of dubby bliss!! Listen and N-joi =]

Madison, Wi

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Convection – Kepler
Still Smoking – Ishan Sound & Muttley
Antelope Swing – Piezo
C5 – Hodge
Don’t Change for Me – Ramamdanman
Craneum – Technical Itch
Underripe – Minor Science
This Side Up – Toma Kami
Fram – Blawan
Porridge Should be Brown Not Green – Equiknoxx
In Some Pattern – Sully
The Genesis Pond – Simula
Signal – Debba
Brubujas en El Cerebelo – Lascive Dopamine
Passages – rRoxymore
Freak Dub – Randomer
P.E.R.C. – Dj Deeon
Late Night Griot (Locked Club & RLGN Remix) – Clint House
Conveyor – Akkord
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Mechaniks vol. 11 – “I Made This Mix And I Didn’t Even Get A T-Shirt” – Softcore Mikey

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – Mechaniks vol 11 – “I Made This Mix and I Didn’t Even Get a T-Shirt” – Softcore Mikey

Volume 11 of the Mechaniks Techno mix series featuring Wisconsin Hardcore/ Breakcore beast, Softcore Mikey!!!! This MAY be one of my FAVORITE Techno sets EVER…….. EVER….ever, ever, ever….. N-joi =]

Softcore Mikey


Madison, Wi


Raudive – “Dusk”
Drumcell – “Speak Silence”
Seth Troxler – “Aggression”
Perc – “Negative Space”
Dustin Zahn – “Right Through Me (Original Mix)”
Z.I.P.P.O – “Insomnia”
Ben Klock – “Prophet Man”
Perc – “Mandrake (Dustin Zahn’s German Muscle Remix)”
Ø [Phase] – “Nep-tune”
Drumcell – “Departing Comfort (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)”
Harvey McKay – “Translate (Original Mix)”
Sasha Carassi – “Citrus (Original Mix)”
Victor Ruiz – “Rainbow in the Dark”
Truncate – “Bassline (Original Mix)”
Paula Temple – “Deathvox”
Randomer – “Kids Play”
Perc, Gazelle Twin – “Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Original Mix)”
Him_Self_Her – “Don’t Fail Me Now Feat. Calder (Dubspeeka Remix)”
Shelley Johannson – “Nocturnal Bright (Original Mix)”
Dense & Pika – “Colt (George FitzGerald Remix)”
Etapp Kyle – “Ahora”
AnGy KoRe – “Jaw in My Room”
Dense & Pika – “Hands Up (Acid Mix)”
Ansome – “Penny & Pound (Paul Birken Remix)”
Party Pupils & Max – “Sax On The Beach (Original Mix)”