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Softcore Mikey vs The Hermit – Live on UndercoverFM

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – Softcore Mikey vs The Hermit “Live on UndercoverFM”

Recording of the epic first ever 3×3 tag battle between Madison’s Breakcore King and Milwaukee’s Champion Junglist! Broadcast LIVE on UndercoverFM and Twitch at JiggyJamz Vinyl & Art in Madison, Wi on 1-19-2023. N-joi =]

Mechaniks vol 19 – Softcore Mikey – IWICCIAMFMM

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – Mechaniks Vol 19 – Softcore Mikey – IWICCIAMFMM”

Volume 19 of the Mechaniks mix series features The Return of Softcore!!! The man delivers another absolutely unforgettable set full of slammin’ Techno beats. Also featuring the worlds longest and most ridiculous mix title “I Wonder If Candy Corn Is ADHD Meds For Michael Myers”. N-joi =]

Softcore Mikey
Madison, Wi
Illuminatus Productions, No Coast Muzik, JiggyJamz, UndercoverFM

Megan Thee Stallion – Thot Shit
Duran Duran Duran – Giant Welt
Ansome – Hells Mouth
Furfriend – At The Party
Clouds – Chained to a Dead Camel (Perc Remix)
Piezo – The Omen
Bound – Bloodletting (Original Mix)
Doubt – Bad Plans
Len Faki, Regal – The End
Sven Schaller – Forget the World (DJ Emerson & Thomas Hoffknecht Remix)
Sluts ‘N’ Strings & 909 – Past The Gates – DJ Hell Mix
Lucy – Rema Rema Canoero
Schacke – Kisloty People
Giant Swan – Pandaemonium
Terminal 11 – There Is No End
Patsy Cline – Crazy

No Coast Dubz vol 5 – Softcore Mikey “Call Now In The 608”

Right Click/Save As to Download – No Coast Dubz vol 5 “Call Now In The 608” – Softcore Mikey

Volume 5 of the No Coast Dubz series featuring Madison, Wisconsin’s master of sonic destruction, Softcore Mikey!!!!
Forever a genre hopping badboy behind the decks, this mix jumps around the broken beat spectrum with an array of dubby bliss!! Listen and N-joi =]

Madison, Wi

Illuminatus, No Coast Muzik, JiggyJamz

Convection – Kepler
Still Smoking – Ishan Sound & Muttley
Antelope Swing – Piezo
C5 – Hodge
Don’t Change for Me – Ramamdanman
Craneum – Technical Itch
Underripe – Minor Science
This Side Up – Toma Kami
Fram – Blawan
Porridge Should be Brown Not Green – Equiknoxx
In Some Pattern – Sully
The Genesis Pond – Simula
Signal – Debba
Brubujas en El Cerebelo – Lascive Dopamine
Passages – rRoxymore
Freak Dub – Randomer
P.E.R.C. – Dj Deeon
Late Night Griot (Locked Club & RLGN Remix) – Clint House
Conveyor – Akkord
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Mechaniks vol. 11 – “I Made This Mix And I Didn’t Even Get A T-Shirt” – Softcore Mikey

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – Mechaniks vol 11 – “I Made This Mix and I Didn’t Even Get a T-Shirt” – Softcore Mikey

Volume 11 of the Mechaniks Techno mix series featuring Wisconsin Hardcore/ Breakcore beast, Softcore Mikey!!!! This MAY be one of my FAVORITE Techno sets EVER…….. EVER….ever, ever, ever….. N-joi =]

Softcore Mikey


Madison, Wi


Raudive – “Dusk”
Drumcell – “Speak Silence”
Seth Troxler – “Aggression”
Perc – “Negative Space”
Dustin Zahn – “Right Through Me (Original Mix)”
Z.I.P.P.O – “Insomnia”
Ben Klock – “Prophet Man”
Perc – “Mandrake (Dustin Zahn’s German Muscle Remix)”
Ø [Phase] – “Nep-tune”
Drumcell – “Departing Comfort (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)”
Harvey McKay – “Translate (Original Mix)”
Sasha Carassi – “Citrus (Original Mix)”
Victor Ruiz – “Rainbow in the Dark”
Truncate – “Bassline (Original Mix)”
Paula Temple – “Deathvox”
Randomer – “Kids Play”
Perc, Gazelle Twin – “Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Original Mix)”
Him_Self_Her – “Don’t Fail Me Now Feat. Calder (Dubspeeka Remix)”
Shelley Johannson – “Nocturnal Bright (Original Mix)”
Dense & Pika – “Colt (George FitzGerald Remix)”
Etapp Kyle – “Ahora”
AnGy KoRe – “Jaw in My Room”
Dense & Pika – “Hands Up (Acid Mix)”
Ansome – “Penny & Pound (Paul Birken Remix)”
Party Pupils & Max – “Sax On The Beach (Original Mix)”