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No Coast Muzik vol. 33 “For The Lost – E-Noc

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_33 – E-Noc “For The Lost”

E-Noc makes his return to the series with a masterful blend of old and new!
Deep & Moody, yet Driving…. leaves you clamoring for more by the end. N-joi =]


Denver, Colorado via Madison, Wisconsin

Glitchy Music



(Intro) Steam train approaches, stops
1. Brett Dancer- In Da Groove
2. Wyatt Earp- Green Tea (lil’ tech dub)
3. Unknown Deetroit- Unknown
4. Next Evidence- Inside
5. Audio Soul Project- I Need This
6. North Lake- Griswold
7. Metro Area- Rhythm Reel #6
8. Joe R Lewis- Separate Ways
9. Night Moves- Transdance (NYC mix)
10. Grant- Forever
11. EDK- Pushing Harder (FreaksDoobieDub)
12. Lance Nuance- Disconnected Line
13. Mateo & Matos- Feel The Jazz
14. Dj On- Sunshine
15. The Unknown- “Dancin Music”
16. Hustle & Flow- Win For Life
17. Unknown Deetroit- Unknown
18. Chip E- House Energy
19. Farley “JackMaster” Funk- Give Yourself To Me
20. Ron Hardy- 116 BPM Trax

No Coast Muzik vol 26 “Soothe Your Soul” – Enoc

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_26 – Enoc “Soothe Your Soul”

Delectable House beats guaranteed to make any day brighter.
The base image for the cover was original artwork by Evan himself with an ample dose of deviation done by The Hermit.
N-joi =]

Enoc aka Evan S

Denver, Co by way of Madison, Wi

Glitchy Music, No Coast Muzik


INTRO. Marvin Gaye “How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)
Special Agents “Kindred Spirits”
Mike Huckaby “We Can Make It”
Kenny Dixion Jr. “Transit”
Rick Wade “Goon Hand”
D.S.L. “Soothe Your Soul (D.S.L. Dub)
Kerry Chandler “In Search of Mr. Ford
The Logic Box “Le Blaze Du Fantone”
Jordan Fields “This Ain’t No Game”
Mateo & Matos “Dancin'”
Roy Davis Jr. “Under The Sun”
Rick Wade “Circus”
Demarcus Lewis “Show You”
Brett Johnson “Jacks Back”
JT Donaldson “Make You High”
Lil’ Louis “How I Feel”
The System “It’s Passion (Dub)”