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No Coast Muzik vol 35 – Rubsilent – The Unknown

Deep, Jackin’ House set from Rubsilent. The man carries the torch daily in the name of Quality House and Techno, digging deep in the vaults. N-joi =]
***********base image art created by an amazing graphic artist Andy Gilmore!!!
Support his work at http://www.agilmore.com/Incite *********


Istanbul, Turkey



No Coast Muzik vol 34 – “Midwest Depth” Brian Gardner

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_34 Brian Gardner “Midwest Depth”

One of Chicago’s finest…..current promoter of the depths in las Vegas. Soul Foundation founder.
Pure class behind the decks in this all vinyl effort. N-joi =]

Brian Gardner

Las Vegas by way of Chicago

Soul Foundation Recordings

Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner
Soul Foundation Recordings


1. The Thief That Stole My Sad Days … Ya Blessin’ Me – Moodymann
2. Centuries – K-rAd & Opcode66 – KNO-003
3. The Childrens House – Mr Fingers – Alleviated Music
4. Empty Pattern 40 – Chicago Skyway – Emphasis Recordings
5. 303 Slut – Dirty Jak – Hoe Down Records
6. I Wanna Go Back – Change Request feat Chez Damier – Isoke Remix – Soul Foundation Recordings
7. I Feel The Rhythm – Ron Trent (Paul Johnson Remix) – Prescription Records
8. Soul Mother – Brian Harden – instinctive Funk
9. Our Time Is Coming – Roy Ayers – MAW Boot
10. Elevate Your Fellow Man – Gemini – Earth Recordings
11. Wide Open – Daryl Cura – Eargasmic Recordings
12. Acid Bath – Secret Studio feat D Marc Cantu – Secret Studio Records
13. Corazon – LP6 Edit of LTG Exchange – Underdog Edits 001

No Coast Muzik vol. 33 “For The Lost – E-Noc

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_33 – E-Noc “For The Lost”

E-Noc makes his return to the series with a masterful blend of old and new!
Deep & Moody, yet Driving…. leaves you clamoring for more by the end. N-joi =]


Denver, Colorado via Madison, Wisconsin

Glitchy Music



(Intro) Steam train approaches, stops
1. Brett Dancer- In Da Groove
2. Wyatt Earp- Green Tea (lil’ tech dub)
3. Unknown Deetroit- Unknown
4. Next Evidence- Inside
5. Audio Soul Project- I Need This
6. North Lake- Griswold
7. Metro Area- Rhythm Reel #6
8. Joe R Lewis- Separate Ways
9. Night Moves- Transdance (NYC mix)
10. Grant- Forever
11. EDK- Pushing Harder (FreaksDoobieDub)
12. Lance Nuance- Disconnected Line
13. Mateo & Matos- Feel The Jazz
14. Dj On- Sunshine
15. The Unknown- “Dancin Music”
16. Hustle & Flow- Win For Life
17. Unknown Deetroit- Unknown
18. Chip E- House Energy
19. Farley “JackMaster” Funk- Give Yourself To Me
20. Ron Hardy- 116 BPM Trax

No Coast Muzik vol 32 “Imperfect Vibes” – Sean Galvin

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_32 – Sean Galvin “Imperfect Vibes”

Cork, Ireland’s resident Tastemaker / Vinyl Hoarder extraordinaire deliver’s a 2 Hour journey through House’s deepest depths.
Sean Galvin has set the table for many of the finest in the biz when they roll into town and is more than capable of stealing the show himself. =]

Sean Galvin

Cork, Ireland



1. Leo Gunn – Voodoo – Deep Explorer
2. Arnheim – Late Night in the Loft – Austere Recordings
3. Marvin Belton – Any Day Now – Mahogani Music
4. Leo Gunn – Home Base – Deep Explorer
5. Mall Grab – Orange County – Shall Not Fade
6. Leo Gunn – Sunny Disposition (Deep Explorer Edit) – Deep Explorer
7. Route 8 – Ash Dub – Lobster Theremin
8. Diamond Dagger – Red Leather Bop – Lunar Disko Records
9. Brother G – Untitled (feat Apoena) – Rawax
10. Route 8 – Dreamsss – Bokhari
13. Bring Ring – Feel What You Want – Running Back
14. The Shake Up Connection – Pimpin – Vakum
18. Big Strick – Don’t Wait Up – 7 Days Entertainment
19. Generation Next – The Tomorrow People -7 Days Entertainment
20. Taelue – Pineal Gland – Rough House Rosie
21. Mihail P – Prismatic – Verdant Recordings
22. Amir Alexander – Everybody’s Beautiful – Hype_LTD
23. Marco Bernardi – Upside In – Happy Skull
24. Andreas Gehm – Fire and Ice – Mathematics
25. Armando – Don’t Take It (Thomas Edit)
26. Jody “Fingers” Finch ‎– Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ Acid Vocal) – Let’s Pet Puppies
27. Automatic Tasty – The Long Road Home – Photic Fields
28. Hakim Murphy – Mad – Sound Black
29. Amir Alexander – Innovation – Deep Vibes Records
30. Royer – Tough Questions – Tasteful Nudes
31. Jalal Ouissal – Undelivered Poetry – Deep4life
32. T.Trax – Project Piano – Clone
33. Automatic Tasty – Mothers Ruin – Lunar Disco
34. Charlie – Spacer Woman – Dark Entries

No Coast Muzik vol 31 “Forward Motion” – Gene Hunt

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_31 – Gene Hunt “Forward Movement”

1st Gen House originator, Chicago Legend…….. This mix is uptempo, fast paced, and packed with delectable tracks spun by one of the best in the biz!
N-joi =]

Gene Hunt

Chicago, Ill

No Coast Muzik vol 30 “Go Find Your Self” – D-on

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_30 – D-on “Go Find Your Self”

One of the finest to ever grace the decks in Wisconsin. Milwaukee’s “Master of the Breaks” steps out of bounds briefly to deliver this awesome blend of deep, funky Breaks and House sounds.
N-joi =]


Milwaukee, Wi




No Coast Muzik vol 29 “Soul Progression” – J3

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_29 – J3 “Soul Progression”

J3 returns to the series with a perfectly laid out House excursion. Pure BLISS!
N-joi =]


lake Country, Wi

No Coast Muzik, Infinite Sonic Output



1.Journey by Michael Nunes – Label: Piston Recordings – Album:The Secrets of the trade 007
2.Exotism(original Mix) by Bas Roos – Label: PIV Records -Album: Lazy Chords ep
3.Lazy Chords(Original Mix)by Bas Roos – Label: PIV Records
4.Night Beats(Original Mix) by Chemars – Label: Ginkgo Music
5.Red Lights By Amon(RO) – Label: Piston Recordings – Album: The Secrets of the trade 007
6.Feel it(Original Mix)by Eric Kupper – Label: Hysteria
7.This Is House ( Dub Mix) by Mattik, No Rabbitz – Label: Reflective Music – Album: RE: Located
8.You Feeling Me (Original Mix) by Mario Viera – Label: Deep Class Records – Album: Synthesize Me
9.Reloaded by Livio & Roby, Andrea Oliva – Label: Desolat Music – Album: Phantom Circle
10.Apache Line feat Youandewan by Huerta, Youandewan – Label: – Album: Apache Line
11.Walking Jazz by Angelo Ferreri – Label:Moulton – Album: Children In Love
12.Get Down (Tamandua Twist)By Moti Brothers – Label:Large – Album:Get Down
13.Nasty Beats (Jacobin & Domino Remix) by Igor Gonya,Alex Moiss,Jacobin & Domino – Label: – Album: Nasty Beats
14.Natural High(Original Mix)by Analog Trip – Label: Ready Mix Records – Album: Natural High
15.Feel It (Original Mix) by Roland Nights – Label: Amenti – Album: Changes Ep
16.For You feat Latrice(Original Mix)by Olivier Desmet,Chuck Diesel – Label: Amenti – Album: Alone in the Dark with…

No Coast Muzik vol 28 “Slow Cooker” – JP Blanchet

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_28 – JP Blanchet “Slow Cooker”

JP Blanchet’s return to the NCM series brings a deep and dubby journey through House. Picks you right up and sets you down proper.
N-joi =]

JP Blanchet

Madison, Wi

Furious Styles, Intoxicated, Glitchy Music, Island Breeze



1. Vuk Smiljanic “Morning Belgrade (Original Mix)”
2. Fred Everything “Her (Devil in the Dub)”
3. The Dangerfeel Newbies “What Am I Here For (Irvin’s NDATL Piano Instrumental)”
4. Soledrifter “Whatcha Say (Original Mix)”
5. Iban Montoro “Deep Class”
6. Harry Wolfman & Loz Goddard “Uncle Buck (Original Mix)”
7. Alvaro Hylander “What’s Happening”
8. RescuePoetix “Tap 2 (Tonic’s Deep Tech Mix)”
9. Yigit Atilla “Those Days”
10. Azuni “Do It To Me (Rob Mello)”
11. Ivan Masa “Deep Penetration”
12. Q Narongwate “Hold On to My Love”
13. KayDeep “In The Deep End (Original Mix)”

No Coast Muzik vol 27 “Follow Me” – The Hermit

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_27 – The Hermit “Follow Me”

Excursion through the deepest depths of Techno courtesy of The Hermit. =]
Spun with vinyl whilst DITC in 1 Take for those who care.

The Hermit

Lake Country, Wi

No Coast Muzik, Infinite Sonic Output


Slick n Flash “Fluid Dynamic” (Phono)
Ron Trent “The Dance – Sleezy Dub Mix” (Prescription)
fellowS “My World” (Hi-Bias)
Craig Alexander “Electro Ride” (Track Mode)
John Tejada “Daydreaming Disaster” (Palette)
Release The Magic feat Nature Love “Release The Magic – Quad’s Instrumental mix” (Track Mode)
John Tejada “Watching and Waiting” (Palette)
Slick n Flash “Descent” (Phono)
H. Brunner “Spring” (KMS)
Basic Implant “Hangover” (Touch Tone)
A.D.N.Y. & Denard Henry “Phuture Funk” (Superbra)
Sean Deason “The Shit” (Distance)
Jackmate “Centerfolds” (Treibstoff)
Diego “Hi Jacker” (Kanzleramt)
PreSSure Funk “Twisted Funk” (Soma)
MASP “Insync + If” (Plink Plonk)
KSR “Headrush – Octave One mix” (430 West)
Claude Young “Circumstance Of Chance – Circumstance 2” (Djax Up Beats)

No Coast Muzik vol 26 “Soothe Your Soul” – Enoc

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_26 – Enoc “Soothe Your Soul”

Delectable House beats guaranteed to make any day brighter.
The base image for the cover was original artwork by Evan himself with an ample dose of deviation done by The Hermit.
N-joi =]

Enoc aka Evan S

Denver, Co by way of Madison, Wi

Glitchy Music, No Coast Muzik


INTRO. Marvin Gaye “How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)
Special Agents “Kindred Spirits”
Mike Huckaby “We Can Make It”
Kenny Dixion Jr. “Transit”
Rick Wade “Goon Hand”
D.S.L. “Soothe Your Soul (D.S.L. Dub)
Kerry Chandler “In Search of Mr. Ford
The Logic Box “Le Blaze Du Fantone”
Jordan Fields “This Ain’t No Game”
Mateo & Matos “Dancin'”
Roy Davis Jr. “Under The Sun”
Rick Wade “Circus”
Demarcus Lewis “Show You”
Brett Johnson “Jacks Back”
JT Donaldson “Make You High”
Lil’ Louis “How I Feel”
The System “It’s Passion (Dub)”

No Coast Muzik vol. 25 “Sub Mariner” – Jack Mode

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_25_Sub Mariner_-_Jack_Mode

A journey through Techno’s deepest depths awaits. Hit play and N-joi =]

Jack Mode

Valparaiso, In

No Coast Muzik


No Coast Muzik vol 24 “Shiva (Transformed)” – Victor Orozco

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_24 “Shiva (Transformed)” – Victor Orozco

Victor Orozco makes a statement with this phenomenal journey through Techno’s finer side. Music for the mind, body, and soul.
Tapes like these don’t come around very often. N-joi =]

Victor Orozco

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

No Coast Muzik



No Coast Muzik vol. 22 – Shawn Paul

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_vol_22_-_Shawn_Paul

Shawn Paul returns to the series with an incredible deep and jackin’ House mix. Versatility shown. N-joi =]

Shawn Paul

Madison, Wi

Glitchy Music, Furious Styles


Lux Lux – Waterpark Funk (KiNK Daylight Dub)[Open Bar Music]
Gastek, Hector Couto – Liquideep (Hector Couto Detroit’s Remix)[Frole Records]
Distant People – Time Machine (Original Mix)[Grin Music]
Deepkeen – It’s Cool (Original Mix)[Different Attitudes]
Detroit Swindle – Ballin (Original Mix) [Kaoz Theory]
Homero Espinosa – Blues In A Rose (Unreleased Jazz Mix)[Moulton Music]
Johannes – New Life (Original Mix)[DeepWit Recordings]
Craig Hamilton – Deep Freeze (Original Mix)[Cat In The Attic]
Nathan Stewart – Pass It On (Frankie J Sax Remix)[Jackinthebox]
Bang Bang – Hate Fleeting (Da Sunlounge Remix)[Myna Music]
TLGC – Voyage (Katal Remix)[294 Records]
Sebo K – It’s Alright (Raw Mix)[Robsoul]
Todd Terry, Stuart Ojelay – Leaving Me Again (Sebb Junior Remix[Phoenix Music]
Skai – Ready (Original Mix)[Re-Fresh Your Mind]
Positive Divide – Better Way feat. Alexander East (Da Sunlounge Remix)[Myna Music]
Rick Marshall – Clare (Original Mix)[Kinky Trax]

No Coast Muzik vol. 21 – Mr Brad Johnson

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol.21 – Mr Brad Johnson

Lurking in the depths of Northern Illinois, Mr Brad Johnson is a future force to be reckoned with. The Clark Kent of dj’ing…….
Deep, Heady, Thought Provoking House muzik from a man in charge of teaching humanity’s future. N-joi =]

Mr. Brad Johnson

Chicago, Ill

No Coast Muzik


My Love – Ste’phane Vera feat. Oronde Provost (Nite Life Collective)
Still Holding – Mr. James Barth (Svek)
Right Now! Style of Eye feat. Baby Ark & 7K (Classic)
Sunshine – Boris Dlugosch (Peppermint Jam)
Break The Chain (Elegia Remix) – Sonoluce (Ecco.Chamber)
Quadrasonic (I Gets High) – Suges (West End)
Puttin It Down – Phlash& Friends (Dipiù)
Yeah (Jamie Jones Shower Aquafunk Remix) – Deniz Kurtel (Crosstown Rebels)
Night Out – Brett Johnson (Seasons)
Mozalounge (Jazz N Groove Dub) – Louie Vega (Vega)
House of Chill – Johnny Fiasco (Room)
Flight (Scott Wozniak Remix) – Studio Apartment (King Street)
Two Hours (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) – Tetris (Eighth Dimension)
Klear Keys II – Brian Harden (Moods & Grooves)
Gold – Laid feat. Emma (Get Groovy)

No Coast Muzik vol. 20 – Hypnoassassin

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol.20 – Hypnoassassin

One of Wisconsin’s finest, Hypnoassassin delivers a perfect fusion of Jacking House beats and choice Techno flavor.
N-joi =]


Madison, Wisconsin




No Coast Muzik vol. 19 – Jack Mode

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol.19 – Jack Mode

Jack Mode delivers once again with a very deep and spacial Tech House throwback. Harkens of the days were “dance music” was designed to move your mind as well as the body.
N-joi =]

Jack Mode

Valparaiso, Indianan


coming soon….

No Coast Muzik vol. 18 – Dj Purple

Right Click/Save As To DOWNLOAD or Click Here to Play via Mobile- NCM vol.18 – Dj Purple

Dj Purple returns with a 2nd installment to the No Coast Muzik mixtape series with an incredibly deep and soulful journey through House.
N-joi the ride =]

Dj Purple

Chicago, Ill

coming soon……

No Coast Muzik vol. 12 – e-noC

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – NCM vol12 – e-noC

Serious Moods and Grooves mix courtesy of e-noC aka Evan S.
Words can’t describe what hitting Play will. N-joi =]

Denver, Co via Madison, Wi

Glitchy Music



Chez Damier -Untited (KMS)
Danell Dixon -Hello (Nitegrooves)
Mr.Feeling Pink -Sunshine (Headphoniq)
Motor City Drum Ensemble -Raw Cuts #6 (Motor City Drum Ensemble)
Johnny Fiasco -Im Going Up (Primal Source)
Wavelength (Brian Harden & Ellery Cowles) -Shine (NLC)
Jordan Fields -You Just Know’ (LeFreQ)
Rick Wade -Night Station (P&D)
Cultural Vibe (Tony Humphries Edit) -Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version) (Easy Street)
3Chairs -Celestial Contact (3Chairs)
Pal Joey #2 -Partytime (Loop d’ Loop)
Vellcha -Get Away (Dubaway) (King Street)
Feeling Inc. -What Do You Want (Klapmaster)
Chris Brann -Faceing You (Guidance)
Damaged Sole -In Your Eyes (Deep4Life)

No Coast Muzik vol. 11- JMD

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – NCM vol11 – JMD

Super dope throwback mix to the original House sounds. Deep, Jackin, Acid laden beats to move yo body =]
When JMD is behind the decks class is in session.

Milwaukee, Wi


coming soon…..


Farley “Jackmaster” Funk – Love Can’t Turn Around (DJ International)
Lil’ Louis “Video Clash” (Dance Mania)
The Untouchables “Dance To The Rhythm” (Strictly Rhythm)
Aly-Us “Follow Me” (Strictly Rhythm)
House of Venus “Dish N Tell” (Go Bang!)
Reese & Santonio “Forcefield” (KMS)
Inner City “Good Life – Mayday Club Mix” (Capitol)
Earth People “Dance” (Under World)
Underground Solution” Luv Dancin'” (Strictly Rhythm)
Bad Boy Bill “1st Revelation” (IHR)
Revoked “Pieces” (Hot Mix 5)
Rhythm Is Rhythm “Strings of Life” (Transmat)
Thompson & Lenoir “Can’t Stop The House” (House Jam Records)
Armando “Land Of Confusion” (Warehouse)
Keith Nunnaly “Seasons Of Love” (Giant)
Adonis “No Way Back – vocal mix” (Trax)
Housemaster Baldwin feat. paris grey “don’t lead me” (FutureSound)
My Mine “Hypnotic Tango” (Polydor)
Master C&J “Face It” (State Street)
Chip E “Time To Jack” (Underground)
Steve Poindexter “Work That Motherfucker” (Muzique)
Farley “Jackmaster” Funk “The Acid Life” (House Records)

No Coast Muzik vol. 2 – X the Owl

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – No Coast Muzik vol. 2 – X the Owl

This man could be one of the busiest djs in Milwaukee. Alway’s on the cutting edge of House music, with a proper knowledge of it’s history…..

X the Owl

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Beat Chemistry



Claes Rosen – Wonderful
Sasha Alazy – Deeper (Kuningas Remix)
Katzuma – Life In The City (RTHM Remix)
Le Babar – The Pump
Daniel Bortz – Again
Deeplomatik – Up & Down
Paolo Solo – UnderFloor
Fourfeet – Shine
Poncho Warwick – Midnight Maurauders
Aback – I Love Panda
Gabi Newman – Let Me Love You
Chris Nigel – In My Life
UC Beatz – Ain’t No Comin’ Back (Deep Vocal Mix)
Pete Dafeet – Love Undercover (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
Ross Couch – We Danced
Andres – New For U
Ovidio – Reflexiones
Supacooks – Anthill (Giom Remix)
Jay West – Where Do We Go
Agaric – No Way I Know I Feel (Axel Boman Remix)
HNNY – Mys