The Hermit – Live @ Retrospect 5-19-2017

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Live recording of The Hermit’s set for Retrospect at Studio 200 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 5-19-2017.
Spun with vinyl whilst DITC. N-joi =]


Rick Wade “Understand” (People of Earth)
Micronism “The Quiet Mind” (Nurture)
David Pasternack “A Grace Odyssey – Andre Kronert’s Small Within Big Rework” (Son Of A Beach)
Byron The Aquarius “Exxtasy” (Wild Oats)
The G.K. Experience “Movin’ On – Genetix mix” (Mixed Signal Music)
Dj Sprinkles “Kissing Costs Extra” (Kolour LTD)
Homebase “Constant Love – Hide Me In Your Love” (Guidance)
Anaxander “Stay Another Day” (People of Earth)
Aphrodisiac “Bar Babies” (Definitive)
Bernard Badie “Time Reveals” (Night Club Records)
Gemini “Elevate Your Fellow Man” (Chiwax)
Simon Hinter “Finding Home” (Midnight Shift)
Primary Sequence “Strange Things” (Visitor)
Concieled Project “Pattern 6” (Truesoul)

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