The Hermit – Live @ Halloween Massacre

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Live recording of my set at Halloween Massacre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 10-25-2015.
Serious Detroit Techno Sounds Inside =] Spun with vinyl whilst DITC.


….correct album order, but may be an incorrect track listing or two……don’t have decks set up at the moment to double check my memory =/

Sean Deason & CiM “Dolphin’s Dream” (Headspace)
Holy Ghost “Three Fold Kiss” (Tresor)
Diego Hostettler “Shapes & Forms Ep” (K20)
Oliver Ho “The Sentient” (Blueprint)
Paul Mac “Authentic Moment Ep” (Fragments)
Deetron y Samuel L “Batque” (SLS)
Chris Jackson “Teleport” (Resource Records)
The Advent “Let Us Take You” (Kombination Research)
Svensson vs S.L. Session “Cycle” (Tritone)
Question “B2” (Question)
4th Way “Afterhours” (Superbra)
Joel Mull “B2” (Inside)
Jeff Mills “Present Age – Soundtrack Version Mix” (mk2)
Oliver Ho “Moonlight” (Meta)
Damon Wild “Downtown World pt2” (Kanzleramt)
High-Life “Five Fingers In The West pt 2 – UK Gold rmx” (Mosaic)
Derrick May “Long Ago” (Transmat)
.Stanny Franssen “Traffic Jam” (Zenit)
Marc Williams “Do You Know House” (Phont Music)
Access 58 “De La Funk” (Music Man)
Paul Mac “Different Rhythms” (Phont Music)

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