The Hermit – Different Shades of House

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My FIRST tape that I pushed out to the World outside of my circle of friends. 1999….. seems like an eternity ago. Deep, Stompy, Trancy, House excursion…….. n Fast as Fuck cause “late 90’s” lol… I tastefully spliced Side A and Side B for a modern day continual listening experience that people are accustomed to.

I am NOT skilled in the ways of “Art” in the least and can’t draw for shit, but it’s one of the few things i’ve ever drawn…. The image is reversable… one way you’d look at the tape was a robot Bird crashing down through the Universe…. the other way you flipped the tape, a Robot Man Shielding himself from the Universe with a triangle of energy…… and in turn you’ll notice FLIPPED written into the art twice…… the joys of being young, clever, and on acid…
### I added a background to the image years ago and cleaned it up, because the original beat up scan looked like garbage…….. printed on Yellow paper and scanned at a terrible dpi… also REMOVED the “Andy P” that I had on the art as a year later I came up with The Hermit, but was previously undecided as to a dj name

I sincerely hope you find this trip through the Way Back Machine as enjoyable as I do to this day…… as i’ve tried to alway’s stay true to myself, there are No Overplayed Classics from the time, rather, deep B-Sides and Cuts no one else at the time really touched….
and if you remember a track, it probably Didn’t blow up until years later (The Don “Horn Song”…..which I have since grown to despise and hate to this day….)

Lost In Time =/

? “?”
Doc Martin “?”
Tropical Underworld “Chasing Rainbows” (Definitive)
? “?”
? “?”
Roy Davis Jr “Michael” (Nuphonic)
Julias Papp & Dave Warrin “?”
? “Lights” ?
Roy Davis Jr “Alive On The Set”
Toronto Track Company “Mr Prince”
George Benson “Flowers From the Sky”
Terra Diva “Fresh Start”
MIguel Gracia
Crisco & Statistic
Spaced Invaders
Dee Lite “Power Of Love Sampladelic”
Johnny Fiasco large
The Don “Horn Song”

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