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Live at Rumble In The Jungle

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Live at Rumble In The Jungle

Live recording of my set from Rumble In The Jungle @ Inferno in Madison Wisconsin on November 15th 2012.
Spun with Vinyl and hosted by Diva D.


Nasty Habits “4 Da Cause” (Reinforced)
Optical “High Tek Dreams” (Prototype)
Lemon D “Static” (Test Recordings)
Jack Shadow “Still Here” (Smokers Inc)
Dom & Matrix “The Vandal” (Moving Shadow)
Ed Rush “Killamanjaro” (Prototype)
Optical “Millennium” (Virus)
Ed Rush & Nico “Technology” (No U-Turn)
Dom & Optical “Rage Roll” (Audio Couture)
II’s & Solo “Point Eight” (Timeless)
Ed Rush & Nico “Proton” (No U-TurnĀ­)
Ed Rush & Optical “Zardos” (Virus)
Dylan & Loxy “Sabertooth” (Renegade Hardware)
Future Forces Inc. “Jeep Beats” (Renegade Hardware)
Cause 4 Concern “Projection” (Perspective)
Perfect Combination “Free Format” (Partisan)
Cause 4 Concern “Strange Nature” (Timeless)
Origin Unknown “Timestretch – 95′ Re-Lick” (V Recordings)
Kraken “Warped” (Underfire)
Amazon II “Music’s Hypnotizing” (Aphrodite)
Calibre & Singing Fats “Drop It Down” (Signature)
Dj Zinc “On Fire Tonight – Remix” (Ganja)
Tek 9 “Dem A Gwan Like Dem Know Badness” (Reinforced)
The Dream Team “Stamina” (Suburban Base)
Bizare Inc “Keep The Music Strong – Roni Size rmx” (Some Bizare)