No Coast DnB 001 – Dj Parody “Lost In Darkness”

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The Inaugural mix for the long overdue No Coast Drum & Bass mix series courtesy of an absolute Master from England. It’s hard to put this mix into words other than to say that YOU may feel “changed” afterwards.
Take the ride and N-joi =]
Dj Parody




01: Victor Imaginator – Lost In The Woods [Cephalopagus Records]
02: Antares – The Place That Used To Be [Danger Chamber Digital]
03: M√łnic – Beyond The Bounds [Osiris Music]
04: Indidjinous – Proceed With Caution [Omni Music]
05: Acid_Lab & Paluca – Which Way? [Pinecone Moonshine]
06: Pessimist – Through The Fog [Blackest Ever Black]
07: DJ Die – Footsteps [GutterFunk]
08: Amenizm – Behind The Mirror [Machinist Music]
09: Conspired Within – Secret Passage [Conspired Within Music]
10: Acid_Lab – Hidden Places [Tech Cycle Recordings]
11: DJ Darrel – Hidden Path [Opposide Records]
12: Phuture-T – Ominous Maze [Pinecone Moonshine]
13: Macc – Panic Kills [Subtle Audio]
14: Seba & Paradox – It’s Not A Dream [Paradox Music]
15: Nebula – Sense Of Dread [Scientific Wax]
16: Last Life – Midnight Siren [LL Series]
17: Foreseer – Descent [Rotation Audio]
18: Eschaton & Parallel – Into The Void [Digibeat Music]
19: Asymmetric – I Could Not Turn Back (Dave Hoax Remix) [Danger Chamber Digital]
20: Elementz Of Noize – Somewhere Else [Elementz Of Noize Bandcamp]
21: Cryobiosis – Somewhere Safe [Cryo Chamber]

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