Heavy Metal vol. 11____DICA – Mythril ミスリル

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – Heavy Metal vol.11 – DICA – Mythril ミスリル

Heavy Metal laden Jungle and Steppas from Milwaukee’s original Jungle Don. As alway’s, this man’s mix stands on a level several knotches above the rest.

Hong Kong, China (via Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Massive, Rave Archive



Dica’s \m/ metal intro
Black Sabbath – Electric Funeral
Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost
Concept 2 – Soon Come
Source Direct – The Cult Remix (The Initiation Test)
Panacea – Stormbringer
Optical – High Tek Dreams
Peshay – The Nocturnal (Back On The Firm)
Emperor – I Am the Black Wizards
Ed Rush – The Raven
Doc Scott – Machines
Source Direct – Stonekiller Remix
Adam F – Metropolis
Adam F – Metropolis (Doc Scott Remix)
Codename John – The Warning
Slayer – Raining Blood
Trace – Mutant Revisited
Trace & Nico – Squadron
Skyscraper – Mach II
Dillinja – Violent Killa
Panacea – Tron Rmx
Pantera – By Demons Be Driven
Panacea – Hellbringer
Alec Empire – Hetzjagd Auf Nazis (Panacea Remix)
Decoder – Fog
Genoforce – Cyphon
Trace – Cells (Degeneration Remix)
M.O.P. – Cold As Ice
Eye-D – Eye Design
Dark Funeral – Open The Gates
Decoy – Heavy Metal
Problem Child – Nuclear Device
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl
Bad Company – China Cup
Hype & Zinc – Disappear
Moving Fusion – Turbulence
Decorum – Contrax
Profound Noize & Skinny – Trans-F
Subject 13 – Jam Da Mace
Usual Suspects – Synapse
Burzum – Dominus Sathanas
Pish Posh & Seen – Da Monsta Remix
Abstract – The Message (Fuck Willie Brown)
Mampi Swift – Break The Mould
Quoit vs Su8m3rg3d – Page Fault
Mayhem – Buried By Time And Dust
Technical Itch – The Rukus
UFO! – Enemy Infiltration
Ministry – Burning Inside (Unknown D&B Remix)
Total Science – Ghostlife
Enslaved – As Fire Swept Clean The Earth

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