Gravitate Sessions “Pandemix 2020” – J3

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – j3 – Gravitate Sessions – Pandemix 2020

Live recording of the J3’s set for the Pandemix 2020 Gravitate Sessions broadcast. I wasn’t sure what to call this particular session, but as it stands, the current affairs are certainly memorable and noteworthy from a global standpoint, so it is what it is as in the shop we gave eachother elbows, fist bumps, and foot taps to say hello and be safe

Spun with records pulled from the shelves of JiggyJamz Vinyl in Madison, Wi on 3-14-2020 and promptly laid down on the spot DITC stylee <3 N-joi =]

No Chance

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