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Gravitate Sessions – Endless Winter 2019 – Vinyl Brothers

Right Click/Save As to Download – Vinyl Brothers – Gravitate Sessions – Endless Winter 2019

Audio pulled from the Live Gravitate Sessions broadcast (recording was lost =/) Order is a bit jacked, but primarily a 3x3x3 tag between The Hermit, Geoff K, and Jp Blanchet.
All spun with vinyl, whilst DITC at Jiggy Jamz Vinyl and Art in Madison, Wi on 3-16-2019 N-joi =]

NCM vol 41 – J3 – Noctilucent

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – NCM vol 41 – J3 – Noctilucent

Volume 41 of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series comes from a fellow Waukesha County native and long time friend, J3 <3 Supremely DEEP, spacial House BLISS!!!!….. N-joi =]


The Hermit – Live @ Retrospect 2-16-2019

Right Click/Save As to Download – The Hermit – Live @ Retrospect 2-16-2019

Live recording of The Hermit’s set for Retrospect… Spun with vinyl whilst DITC at Studio 200 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. N-joi =]

The Hermit – Hypnosis Redux

Right Click/Save As to Download – The Hermit – Hypnosis Redux

Respun recording of my set for Hypnosis at Quarters in Milwaukee, Wi on 1-18-2019. Spun with vinyl in one take. N-joi =]


Gravitate Sessions vol.2 – The Hermit vs Geoff K

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – Gravitate Sessions vol. 2 – The Hermit vs Geoff K

3×3 DITC Vinyl Tag Session that was Spun, Broadcast, and Recorded LIVE at JiggyJamz Records and Discs in Madison, Wisconsin on 7-2-2016
Virtually ALL of the records spun were pulled Directly Off The Stores Shelves and promptly mixed on the spot!
GOES WITHOUT SAYING, Visit Geoff’s shop if your in Wisconsin, or ONLINE at https://www.jiggyjamz.com/


1. Peak:Shift “Bury” (Nurture)
2. Deja Vu “Audio Ergonomics – Fiasco’s Tweekmix” (Afterhours)
3. Rozzo “Into Your Heart” (Plastic City)
4. Collette “Find Your Love – The Clockwork Re-Shuffle” (Icon)
5. Johnny Fiasco “Mood Swings” (Afterhours)
6. Supreme Soul Team “Tony & Dano’s Melon Dub” (Electrik Soul)
7. JT Donaldson “Love Colors” (Dufflebag)
8. Common Nature “Can’t You See The Sunshine Through The Rain – a
Deeper Dub mix” (Guidance)
9. Rick Wade “Harvest” (Soulstar)
10. Mateo & Matos “After Midnight” (Large)
11. Sean Dimitrie ft Christina Nygen “S’more” (Leaf)
12. Fenomenon “Time” (BeatService)
13. Freestyle Man vs Morris Brown “That Vocal Thing” (Mood Music)
14. Ron Trent “We Lift our Hands in the Sanctuary – Shelter mix” (Sancsoul)
15. Moodymann “Shine” (Peacefrog)
16. Rene Breithbarth “RAM” (Treibstoff)
17. EBE “Blissful” (Jump)
18. Forever Sweet “Super Trouper” (Ladomat 2000)
19. Andy Ash “Move” (People Must Jam)
20. E.B.E. “Werk’d” (Jump)
21. Rick Wade “2am Detroit” (PND)
22. A Man Called Adam “Love Come Down” (The Lp)

The Hermit – Live @ Retrospect 1-22-2016

RIGHT CLICK/SAVE AS to DOWNLOAD or Click HERE To PLAY Via MOBILE – The Hermit – Live @ Retrospect 1-22-2016

Live recording of The Hermit’s set for Retrospect at Studio 200 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. 1-22-2016
Spun with vinyl whilst digging in the crates =] N-joi


Rhythm 2 Soul “Night Streets” (DNP)
Natural Rhythm vs E.D.P. “Signapan” (Mosaic)
Dubtribe “Dubtribe Makes The DUB (Dubtribe rmx)” (Imperial DUB)
The Absolute Family “Encense’s Road” (Adult Only)
JT Donaldson “Let It Ride” (Vista)
Natural Rhythm “Mantra” (Earthtones)
Rick Wade “Cooler Heads” (Artful Division)
Mateo & Matos “Higher (Take U)” (Large)
Solaris Heights “Solarism (Sunglasses After Dark mix” (Paper Recordings)
Blakkat “Give Into Love (Soulrider’s Midnight Rendezvous mix)” (Shaboom)
Unit 46 “Good Inside (Tribe 11 rmx)” (Interstate)
Dino & Terry “Everybody” (Earthtones)
Space Jam “Jam On The Beat” (Guidance)
The Brazilian Studizel “Yemanja” (VOX)

The Hermit – Atonement

RIGHT CLICK/SAVE AS to DOWNLOAD or Click HERE To PLAY Via MOBILE – The Hermit – Atonement

Deep 1994 style Basement House bliss. Spun with vinyl, digging in the crates, in 1 take with No edits on 1-8-2016
N-Joi =]


Natural Rhythm “Enchantment” (Earthtones)
Scott Fraser “Calling – Original mix” (DX Recordings)
Rick Wade “Cooler Heads” (Artful Division)
Anthony Bateley “Think Positive” (Black No Sugar)
Rick Wade “Forever Night” (Moods & Grooves)
JT Donaldson & Chris Nazuka “The Very Last Time” (Nordic Trax)
The GK Experience “SpaceDust – Ray’s Reprise” (Mixed Signal Music)
Ira Levi “Live Your Life (You’ll See) – Wamdue East Coast Dub” (Strictly Rhythm)
The GK Experience “Movin’ On – Genetix mix” (Mixed Signal Music)
The Plastic Avengers “Back To The Boogie” (NRK)
Space Jam “Stop” (Guidance)
Raul Midon “Sunshine – GU Rework” (GU Edits)
Tony Watson “Ghetto In The WAX” (WAX)
Saint Etiene “Who Do You Think You Are – Nu Solution mix” (Warner Brothers)

The Hermit v Neyno v Mocalitic – Live @ Retrospect 11-23-13 PT 1

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Live at Retrospect 11-23-13 PT 1

1st hour + of the live 5x5x5 vinyl ditc tag session between The Hermit, Neyno, and Mocalitic.
Spun @ Retrospect at the Dragonfly Lounge in Madison, Wi on 12-23-13.
Super Deep House that started the night off right. N-Joi =]

…..unfortunately the last 3 hours were split into two other files
…..one clips throughout and the last part was a corrupted file….
so this may be all that is salvagable from the night. Sorry =[

Plan B

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Plan B

Re-Spun mix of a set I played opening up for Nick Nice and John Acquaviva at Plan B in Madison Wisconsin during Willy Street Days on September 22nd 2012.
Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Stacy Kidd “I Got The Feeling” (Tilted)
Dj Sneak “Dancin Gruv” (Magnetic)
Lester Fitzpatrick “Midnight Freakin'” (Dust Traxx)
Cheek “Sunshine People” (Versatile)
Charles Dockins “Desire” (The Baltimore House-ing Authority)
Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony “Keep It Comin’ Now – One Take Mix” (Atlantic)
Solar House “Soft & Mellow” (Large)
Stacey Kidd “Jazzy Dayz” (Dust Traxx)
Blofeld “Nexus remix” (Nuphonic)
Daniel Thompson “Groove Template” (Farris Wheel)
Rob Mello, Justin Harris, & Luke Solomon “Help Me! – main live mix” (Panhandle)
Derrick Carter “Fresh Start – remix” (OM)
Blue 6 “All I Need – master remix” (Naked Music)
Funky Kong “Le Jazz” (Rue Du Louvre)
Moodymann “The TheiF That Stole My Bad Days (Ya Blessin Me)” (Peacefrog)
G Flame “When We Used To – flames toca mix” (Real Estate Records)
Deep Sensation “Get Together – deep vocal mix” (Cajual)
The Wise Causasian “Out Of The Blue – mark broom mix” (Mosaic)
19th & Morgan “Come On In” (1454 Studios)
Chad Mitchell “Cue Baby” (Roam Recordings)
The Solid Gold Playaz “The Best Part (Wise Decision) – SWAT cover remix” (Soul Furic Trax)
Colette “Try Her For Love – Child Of Gil remix” (Moody)
Paul Johnson “The Sweetest One” (Nite Life Collective)
Deep Sensation “Somehow, Somewhere (there’s a soul heaven)” (Guidance)
Dj Ra Soul “Chicago Masters” (Zebra Recordings)
Dj Sneak “Sneaky Finger Man” (Large)
Jacq “Black Culture” (Real Estate Records)
Charly Brown “The Twilight Zone” (Guidance)
Loose Pigeons “Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Phil’s Country Store Dub” (Cutting Traxx)
Auheer Harr “Get Down” (Nite Life Collective)
Groove Collective “I Want You – She’s So Heavy” (GRP Records)


Click Here to DOWNLOAD Centraal

Re-Spun mix of a set I played for Saturday Sessions @ Cafe Centraal in Bay View Wisconsin on June 30th 2012.


Projections “Backbone – Escaping San Paulo” (Guidance)
Les Jardiniers “Funky Daktari” (Society Hill)
Julias Papp & Dave Warrin “Love Is Still The Message – Old School Mix” (I Records)
Oscar “Sunday 17th” (Denote)
YMC “Phuture Vibes” (Yoshitoshi)
Gene Farris “Gene Is Wild Mix” (Greenskeepers)
Scott Grooves fest Chris Codish “Organ Nights” (Body & Soul NYC)
Sean Fermoyle & James Curd “Green Tea” (Greenskeepers)
Hardrive 2000 feat. Lynae “Never Forget [When You Touch Me] – Dance Ritual mix” (Body & Soul NYC)
Oscar “Parisian Soul – Ian Pooley mix” (Denote)
Moloko “Sing It Back – Can 7 Supermarket mix” (F111)
Lego “When I’m With You – Trumpet Mix” (Afterhours)
Disques Du Livres “Dancin In New York” (Noid 101)
Dj Q “Over U Now” (Glasgow Underground)
Mr A.L.I. with Lego “Swing It rmx” (Nite Life Collective)
Peter Hecher “Funky Instruments – A1” (Aquarius Recordings)
Disco Thieves “Hold On Tight” (Daisy)
Peter Hecher “Funky Instruments – B1” (Aquarius Recordings)

The Hermit – From The Depths Of The Abyss

RIGHT CLICK/SAVE AS to DOWNLOAD or Click HERE To PLAY Via MOBILE – The Hermit – From The Depths Of The Abyss

Supremely deep, heavily laden in live musical elements. Spun with vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.
Originally posted before my site got hacked. Think it was spun in 2009 for what that’s worth. N-joi

Curtis Mayfield “Superfly”
Kerri Chandler “Street Muziq 2.0” (Large)
Glenn Underground “Blue” (3hree To 5ive)
Stacey Kidd “Stacey Kidd EP” (Tinted)
Glenn underground “City People” (Guidance)
Dj Rasoul “Soul Searching Vol 1” (Large)
Nick Holder “Toronto Track Company” (DNH)
Dave Warrin & Julias Papp “Excursions” (Large)
Kevin Yost “Spring Again” (Plate)
Crime “Breaking Point” (Nuphonic)
Glenn Underground “Disco, House etc” (Guidance)
Paul Johnson & Gant Gerrard “Brother To Brother” (Dusttrax)
Cricco Castelli “Live Has Changed” (Aroma)
Phillipe Maurice III “Moon Underwater” (Acid)
Paul Jacobs “Soulgrabber” (Loaded)
Roy Davis Jr. “Alive On Tha Set!” (Cajual)
Mike Delgado “Jazzmania” (Nuphonic)
Glenn Underground “The Fish Fry” (Mush)
Raw Instinct “Grande De Folie” (Peppermint Jam)