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Heavy Metal vol.1___Ghaleon – Iron

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Ghaleon carries the Jungle and Ragga torch in the Toronto scene.
He delivers a wikked selektion of old-school Ragga Jungle bliss guaranteed to make you reach for a spliff and start skankin’.

Toronto, Canada

Special Dedication, Black Crack Funk Attack





Soran EP – B1
DJ Gershwin – The Mighty Piano (DJ Pooch Remix)
Sky Joose – Dig Out The Red
Don Of Don’s – Blood Babylon
T.S. / M.F. – New Jack In Jungle
M.C I.D. Featuring De-Ice & D-Bridge – Rare & Jazzy
Spice, The – Phaktor One – Feel Free
Substance – Rude Girls
Imposter, The & Lewi – Shining
Greenwood – Rough And We Bad
Dream Team, The – Untitled
Mafia – Untitled
Dennis Brown – Jungle Rock
Dread & The Baldhead – Wicked Piece A Tune
Wriggler Bascombe – Final Battle
Lionist – Dub Plate
Mole The Dipper & 3D Crew, The – Dark Guru
Kane & Paraquat, The – Addikshun
Bigga Tee – 19 Funky 5 (Rizla Mix)
Bass Master Warriors – Ten Grand Dub Plate
DIY Crew – Look Good Girl
EPS – Shockout
Aphrodite – Beat Booyah
Aphrodite – Beat Booyah (Remix)
The Gambino Family- Untitled
Mafia – The Blackhand Vol. 2 – What Ever
DJ D.Lux – Ironplate Remix
CIS Production – Kung Fu
Darren .H & Punisher – All Massive Remix

The Hermit – Sanctuary redux

…..artwerk coming soon

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Redux of a set spun for Sanctuary at Studio 200 in Milwaukee, Wi. 5-7-2013
Mixed with Vinyl in 1 Take.


Callisto “Need Ur Love – Stalagtite Mix” (Guidance)
S.U.M.O “Dark Black” (Seasons)
Blaze “Lovelee Day – Freaks Radioactive Dub” (Classic)
Gus Gus “VIP 2” (BAD)
Projekt:PM “All Nite Jazz” (Crucial)
Spencer Kincy “Space Floor” (Panhandle)
Mooncat “Full Moon” (Malego)
Masters At Work feat. India “I Can’t Sleep – MK Mix” (Cutting Records)
Playin’ 4 The City “More Than Ever – P C M Guitar Mix” (Soul Groove)
Alexander East “I Gravitate 2 You” (Aroma)
Bil Feral “Psychic Driving – Wamdue Rmx” (Eukahouse)
Dj Jes “Good For The Soul – Garcia’s Rumble In The Jungle” (Afterhours)
Julius Papp feat. Roger Glenn “Imaginary Journey – Jay – J’s Bumpin Dub” (Paper Recordings)
Brother Of Soul “Bobowa” (Guidance)
Seven Grand Housing Authority “Ambient Disco” (Intangible Recordings)
Dj Sneak “Latin Seoul” (Large)
Johnny Fiasco “Flinch” (Cajual)
Michael “Turn It Around – Red Dog Dub” (Guidance)

Live at Rumble In The Jungle

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Live at Rumble In The Jungle

Live recording of my set from Rumble In The Jungle @ Inferno in Madison Wisconsin on November 15th 2012.
Spun with Vinyl and hosted by Diva D.


Nasty Habits “4 Da Cause” (Reinforced)
Optical “High Tek Dreams” (Prototype)
Lemon D “Static” (Test Recordings)
Jack Shadow “Still Here” (Smokers Inc)
Dom & Matrix “The Vandal” (Moving Shadow)
Ed Rush “Killamanjaro” (Prototype)
Optical “Millennium” (Virus)
Ed Rush & Nico “Technology” (No U-Turn)
Dom & Optical “Rage Roll” (Audio Couture)
II’s & Solo “Point Eight” (Timeless)
Ed Rush & Nico “Proton” (No U-Turn­)
Ed Rush & Optical “Zardos” (Virus)
Dylan & Loxy “Sabertooth” (Renegade Hardware)
Future Forces Inc. “Jeep Beats” (Renegade Hardware)
Cause 4 Concern “Projection” (Perspective)
Perfect Combination “Free Format” (Partisan)
Cause 4 Concern “Strange Nature” (Timeless)
Origin Unknown “Timestretch – 95′ Re-Lick” (V Recordings)
Kraken “Warped” (Underfire)
Amazon II “Music’s Hypnotizing” (Aphrodite)
Calibre & Singing Fats “Drop It Down” (Signature)
Dj Zinc “On Fire Tonight – Remix” (Ganja)
Tek 9 “Dem A Gwan Like Dem Know Badness” (Reinforced)
The Dream Team “Stamina” (Suburban Base)
Bizare Inc “Keep The Music Strong – Roni Size rmx” (Some Bizare)

The Hermit – Transistor Bass

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Transistor Bass

Re-spun mix of the set I spun at Transistor Bass 2 in Milwaukee, Wi on March 2nd 2013.
All Vinyl, All Acid, and All Good =]
*****Thanks to Matt Ormaza for the dope photography…..deviated by me.
Support his work and hit him up @ 1001100011i@gmail.com ******


Luke Slater “The Secret Garden” (Peacefrog)
Winx “Verano Azul” (Nervous)
Nigel Richards “Connect 4” (611)
Function “F3” (Sinewave)
DJ Hyperactive “Off Keel” (Drop Bass Network)
Mike Inc “Live Pt 1 – Side A” (Force Inc)
Barada “Mean Streak” (Definitive)
Ian Pooley & The Jaguar “Two Space Cowboys On A Bad Trip – B1” (Force Inc)
D.J. Naughty “Dani Und Ich” (International DeeJay Gigolos)
Stare5 “Blood Loop 1” (Clashbackk)
Yanu “Aliens” (Toolbox Tunes)
Plastikman “Smak” (Mute)
Sarcoblast “Sarcoflaps” (Routemaster)
4D “Out Of Reach” (Labworks)
Yanu “Master Control Program” (Toolbox Tunes)
Mike Dread “Oxycute” (R&S)
Beverly Hills 808303 “Sick Of Benedict” (Electric Music Foundation)
Kinki Roland “Krasnojark 26” (Exdecise)

Lust ___ The Hermit

Click Here To DOWNLOAD The Hermit – Lust – 7 Deadly Sins

Deep synth lines and sexy female vocal samples thrughout could produce lustful thoughts, whilst sprinkling in enough rough and dark tracks to remind oneself that Lust is a sin =]
Spun with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take April 2012

Location: Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA

Affiliation: Infinite Sonic Output

Website: http://www.infinitesonicoutput.com


Louise Huebner “Seduction Thru Witchcraft” (Warner Bros)
Jodeci “Feenin – LTJ Bukem Mix” (Total Science)
Fokus “Trigger Happy” (Lucky Spin)
Adam F “Burning Deep rmx” (Section 5)
Merlin “Encounters” (Renegade Recordings)
Original Substitute “What’s On Your Mind” (Outstanding Records)
Xedos “Sound Ceased” (Street Beats)
Desired State “Goes Around” (Ram)
Pulse “Warning” (Creative Wax)
Doc Scott & Goldie “Riders Ghost” (Metalheadz)
The Sentinal “Heavy Vibes” (Basement Records)
Underground Software “She’s Gone – Alpha Omega & Dj Stretch rmx” (Reinforced)
? “?” (Green 001-A)
Dj Hype “Mash Up Da Place – Origin Unknown rmx” (Ganja Records)
Incubus “Give It To Me” (Easy Records)
Fallen Angels “Taken Over” (Creative Wax)
Merlin “Return Of Da Funk” (Renegade Recordings)
Hopa & Bones feat Oaysis “So Sweet” (Outcry)
Blame “Sub Committee” (Moving Shadow)
Cloud 9 “The Pledge” (Moving Shadow)
D.O.P.E “Diamonds” (Rugged Vinyl)
Phyzix “Drifting” (Vibez Recordings)
Spinback & Gwange “Open Mind” (Legend Records)
Photek “The Water Margin” (Photek)

The Hermit – Samhain

Click Here To DOWNLOAD “Samhain”

Intelligent Jungle spun in celebration of All Hallows Eve 2011.
Spun with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Louise Huebner “Seduction Thru Witchcraft”
Fallen Angels “Taken Over” (Creative Wax)
Origin Unknown “Truely One” (Ram)
Phyzix “Blue Zone” (Vibez Records)
Roni Size “Timestretch” (V Recordings)
The Guyver “Deep Cover” (Reinforced)
Natural Mystic “Vol 1” (Timeless)
Photek “The Water Margin” (Photek)
Unknown “Untitled” (Lucky Spin 28)
Ed Rush “Gangsta Hardstep” (No U-Turn)
Hopa & Bones “Mystical Horns” (Outcry)
FBD Project “Natural Glide” (FBD)
Axis “One In Ten” (Good Looking)
Foul Play “Open Your Mind rmxs” (Moving Shadow)
The Assailant “Funky Drummer” (Boundless)
Dillinja & Mystery “Deep Love rmx” (Logic)
The Sentinel “Pulse Of Life” (Basement Recordings)
Funky Technicians “Airtight rmx” (Legend Records)

The Hermit – Stratosphere

Click Here To DOWNLOAD “Stratosphere”

Intelligent Jungle.
Spun in 2004 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Roni Size “It’s A Jazz Thing” (Total Science)
Blame “? Promo” (Moving Shadow)
Six Degrees Of Separation “Zero Count” (Echo Drop)
Big Bud “Mr Nice” (Good Looking)
Six Degrees Of Separation “Ethera” (Echo Drop)
W.W.W. “ Cloching” (Grand Larceny)
T.I.C. “Rockers” (Back 2 Basics)
Neil Trix “Breakin’ Up and Rollin’ Out” (FPD)
Candyman “Sensi Addict” (Hyper)
Asend “ This Time” (Second Movement)
Watton G “Kind Nature” (Street Beats)
Stakka & K. Tee “Hear Say” (Ram)
Dillinja & Mystery “Deep Love Rmx” (Logic)
JMJ & Richie “Free La Funk” (Moving Shadow

The Hermit – Psychotropik

Click Here To DOWNLOAD “Psychotropik”

Spun in 2011 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Nancy Allen “A Celebration For Harp”
JMJ & Richie “Universal Horn” (Moving Shadow)
Immortal Mindz “Pinakle Vision” (Reinforced)
Vivid Dreams “Volume One” (Intellect)
LTJ Bukem “Enchanted” (Good Looking)
Nasty Habits “Liquid Beats” (31 Records)
Dj Phantasy “No Conscience” (Easy)
The Chillout Experience “Doomsday” (?)
Hyper-On Experience “Disturbance” (Moving Shadow)
Dj Crystal “King Of The Beats” (Moving Shadow)
Roni Size “Step Up” (V Recordings)
Mystic Moods “Listen” (Mystic Moods)
Jazz Juice “Detroit” (Precious Material)
Hoax “Pipe Dreams” (Moving Shadow)
Zero Tolerance “Rift” (Skunkrock)
Dj Ron “Mo Muzik” (Rough Tone)
Fuzzy Logic “Fuzzy Logic ?!” (21/22 Corporation)
Dj Rap “Tibetan Jungle” (Proper Talent)
DJ Pulse “Stay Calm” (Moving Shadow)
Collective Mindz “Mindz” (Based On Bass)
Alex Reese “Pulp Fiction” (Metalheadz)
Fuzzy Logic “Fuzzy Logic ?!” (21/22 Corporation)

The Hermit – Chasing Time

Click Here To DOWNLOAD “Chasing Time”

Jungle, Darkstep, and Technical Drum & Bass wrapped up in one tidy package.
Spun in 2011 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


I-Cue “Time & Space” (Liquid Sky)
Calibre, Zero Tolerance, & Beta “Stronger” (Defunked)
Dj Zinc “Innate” (Ganja)
Digital & Innerheart “Rock” (Function)
Uncut “Chinese Silk Rmxs” (Wired Productions)
Calibre & Singing Fats “Drop It Down” (Signature)
Amazon II “Music’s Hypnotizing” (Aphrodite)
Original Vibes “Silent Moods” (Active Recordings)
Big Bud “Buds” (Good Looking)
Danny Breaks “Step Off” (Droppin Science)
Hive “Krush” (Metalheadz)
Digital & Innerheart “Cheek” (Function)
Freestyles “Stronger EP” (True Playaz)
Dj Zinc & Dj Spinna “Finders Keepers” (Runaways)
Kraken “Warped” (Underfire)
Dj Sniper & Platinum “Survival” (Syndicated)
Cause4Concern “Synergy” (C4C)
Dj Swift “Load” (True Playaz)
Ed Rush & Nico “Neutron” (No U-Turn)
Cause4Concern “Sensor” (C4C)
Ed Rush & Nico “Technology” (No U-Turn)

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