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Envy ___ Dica

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Hong Kong, China via Milwaukee Wisconsin USA

Massive Magazine
Rave Archive


Massive 4 hour history lesson by one of Milwauee’s original Junglists on what Jungle is and was.
Don’t be covetous of another man’s possessions…..in this case, extremely deep crates of gold……
Spun with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take. 2012


1. Intro
2. Gang Starr – So Wassup?! [Noo Trybe]
3. Renegade – Eastern Promise [Dread]
4. DJ Biggs – The Hunter [Back 2 Basics]
5. International Rude Boyz – The Half Step [Formation]
6. Dem II Ruff – Nice Tune [White]
7. Firefox & 4 Tree – Warning (London Sumting Mix) [Philly Blunt]
8. Fusion Forum – Vintage Keys (The Art) [Reinforced]
9. C4 – Futuristic Joint (2nd Mix) [AMR]
10. Asend – Can’t Hold Back [Second Movement]
11. Undercover Elephant – The Realm of the Cougar [Bogwoppa]
12. D’Cruze – Lonely [Suburban Base]
13. Studio Pressure – The Physical [Photek]
14. Perfect Combination – 100 Years (Outdoor Mix) [Rollin]
15. MLO – Nu Generation (Boymerang Remix) [Blue Planet]
16. Plug – Pitch Bender [Rising High]
17. B-Jam – Don’t Play [No Smoking]
18. Shark.I – Gangster [Fresh Cut]
19. Tyranny – Is This A Game [SUS]
20. Al Massive – Gettin’ Busy (Shearer Mix) [Rude N Deadly]
21. Group Home – Livin’ Proof [Payday]
22. DJ SS – Hot Steppers Vol 2 [Hot Steppers]
23. Krome & Time – Da Hood Vol 5 [Da Hood]
24. Flynn + Flora – Bass Speaker [Independent Dealers]
25. Wriggler – Motherfxxer [Upfront]
26. Red One – Alive N Kickin Rmx [Liftin’ Spirits]
27. Solo & Aura – Summer Madness [Mo Wax]
28. Rae – Free Rolling [Grand Central]
29. Funki Porcini – Carwreck (Wagon Christ Remix) [Ninja Tune]
30. Squarepusher – Deep Fried Pizza [Rephlex]
31. Therapy? – Loose (Photek Remix) [A&M]
32. DJ Die – Stoned Groove [Full Cycle]
33. Digital – Space Funk [Timeless]
34. Luger – Pass Agent [Leaf]
35. Plug – Drum N Bass For Papa [Blue Angel]
36. Doc Format vs The Kaleidoscope – Friday [Ignition]
37. T.Power vs MK Ultra – Mutant Jazz [Jungle Sky]
38. Fokus – On Line [Deejay]
39. Shogun – Pegasus [Renegade]
40. Axis – Solutions [Looking Good]
41. Parallel – Granary [Parallel]
42. Jason Jinx – 13thunlucky [Jungle Sky]
43. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Leafy Lane (Matrix Mix) [Coalition]
44. Funky Technicians – The Essence (Total Science Remix) [Timeless]
45. The Ballistic Brothers – Come On (Simon Templar Mix) [Junior Boy’s Own]
46. Free4orm – Babies [Creative Wax]
47. Photek – Rings Around Saturn [Photek]
48. Universal – Groove Therapy [Looking Good]
49. Seba & Lotek – So Long [Looking Good]
50. Aquasky – Images [Moving Shadow]
51. Skanna – Find Me [Skanna]
52. Q-Project – The Instrumental [Looking Good]
53. Dave Wallace – Flight [Moving Shadow]
54. Grand Unified – Dig So Deep [Second Skin]
55. Dave Wallace – Waves [Moving Shadow]
56. LTJ Bukem – Music (Happy Raw) [Good Looking]
57. Dinah Washington – This Bitter Earth [Mercury]

Thumbzo ___ Pride

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Thumbzo "Pride"

Original Flag Artwerk courtesy of Jack Cripps _ jackcrippsart.tumblr.com
Deviated by The Hermit.

Hailing from Ramsgate in South East England, Thumbzo delivers ye’ ole’ Darkside.
A sound that makes the most tribal band tattoo displaying, popped collar wearing, cutoff sleeve sporting motherfuckers shrivel… Carrying the flag only get’s you so far my friends =]
Spun with Vinyl in 2012

LOCATION: Ramsgate, England

AFFILIATION: Jungletrain.net

WEBSITE: http://www.jungletrain.net


Sound Of The Future-The Warning (Remix)-Formation
Chaos and Julia Set-Fear The Future-Recoil
Tom and Jerry-We Can Be Free-Tom and Jerry
Wax Doctor and Jack Smooth-Whats Going On-Basement
DJ Fokus-Watch Out-Suicide
Freestyle and DJR-Madness-Sublogic
Dica and Vinyl Groove-1000 Times-Boogie Beat
Tango and Ratty-The Killer-Tango and Ratty
Ratty-Source Of All Evil (DJ SS Remix)-Formation
Bay B Kane-Quarter To Doom-Ruff Guidance
Lemon D-Something I Feel-Planet Earth
DJ Hype-Shot In The Dark-Suburban Base
D.O.P.E.- Dope On Plastic-Rugged Vinyl
Double Vision-My Mind Is Going-Double Vision
Wax Doctor and Jack Smooth-Unfriendly-Basement
The Untouchables-Don’t Be Afraid (Arfa G Happy Mix)-Sublogic
Bizzy B and Technochild-Obsessions-Brain
Outa Intelligence-Fools Gold-Back 2 Basics
Hyper On Experience-Disturbance (Tango Remix)-Moving Shadow
4 Hero-Reality-Reinforced
The Vice Squad-Give The Poor Man A Break-Pimp Plastic
DJ Fokus-Vexxed-Blueprint
Warped Kore-The Power-White House
Pascal-I Don’t Understand (2012 Bootleg Remake)-White

Sweet Synthetic Sounds

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Sweet Synthetic Sounds

Re-Spun mix of a set I spun for Sweet Synthetic Sounds @ Inferno in Madison Wisconsin on September 20th 2012. Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Brian Zentz “boom box” (Sounds)
Lassigue Benthaus “Fiber” (KK)
Stewart Walker “Thunder Bay” (Tektite)
G Flame & Mr G “Pulsez” (Moods & Grooves)
Moodymann “Lake Shore Drive” (KDJ)
C.A. Duque & John Selway “I’ll Fly Away” (Rapture Records)
G Flame & Mr G “G’s D. Sound Dub” (Moods & Grooves)
C.A. Duque & John Selway “In The Blink Of An Eye” (Rapture Records)
Alexander East “Hazy Shade Of Love” (Underground Construction)
Faust and Shortee “Satisfaction Guaranteed” (Stray Records)
Brian Gerrard “Perfect” (Celebrity Records)
DKMA “Trifling” (Catylist)
Dj Pope “Work It Out” (Cajual)
Jackmate “Cyanosis” (Stir Recordigs)
Laidback Luke “Fire-Works” (Subspace)
F “Volume 2” (Sense)
The Aquanauts “Let’s Dance” (Guidance)
Theo Parrish “Only The Beginning” (Peacefrog)
Marino Berardi “Plan B” (Wally’s Groove World)
Mr. Full Destructor “Sapeurleepopette” (Karat records)
Future Power Alliance “Subscan” (Fvturus Recordings)
Blackman “Fear Of My Own Brother” (Black Nation)
Jay Denham “Mad Man” (Fragmented Records)
Dan Zamani & Tim Taylor “Ego Acid – The Re-Pump” (Missle)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. “Skylark” (Plastic City)
Dj Deeon “Basic Beat – original mix” (Nervous)
Roy Davis “Electrical Problem” (Sex Trax)

Plan B

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Plan B

Re-Spun mix of a set I played opening up for Nick Nice and John Acquaviva at Plan B in Madison Wisconsin during Willy Street Days on September 22nd 2012.
Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Stacy Kidd “I Got The Feeling” (Tilted)
Dj Sneak “Dancin Gruv” (Magnetic)
Lester Fitzpatrick “Midnight Freakin'” (Dust Traxx)
Cheek “Sunshine People” (Versatile)
Charles Dockins “Desire” (The Baltimore House-ing Authority)
Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony “Keep It Comin’ Now – One Take Mix” (Atlantic)
Solar House “Soft & Mellow” (Large)
Stacey Kidd “Jazzy Dayz” (Dust Traxx)
Blofeld “Nexus remix” (Nuphonic)
Daniel Thompson “Groove Template” (Farris Wheel)
Rob Mello, Justin Harris, & Luke Solomon “Help Me! – main live mix” (Panhandle)
Derrick Carter “Fresh Start – remix” (OM)
Blue 6 “All I Need – master remix” (Naked Music)
Funky Kong “Le Jazz” (Rue Du Louvre)
Moodymann “The TheiF That Stole My Bad Days (Ya Blessin Me)” (Peacefrog)
G Flame “When We Used To – flames toca mix” (Real Estate Records)
Deep Sensation “Get Together – deep vocal mix” (Cajual)
The Wise Causasian “Out Of The Blue – mark broom mix” (Mosaic)
19th & Morgan “Come On In” (1454 Studios)
Chad Mitchell “Cue Baby” (Roam Recordings)
The Solid Gold Playaz “The Best Part (Wise Decision) – SWAT cover remix” (Soul Furic Trax)
Colette “Try Her For Love – Child Of Gil remix” (Moody)
Paul Johnson “The Sweetest One” (Nite Life Collective)
Deep Sensation “Somehow, Somewhere (there’s a soul heaven)” (Guidance)
Dj Ra Soul “Chicago Masters” (Zebra Recordings)
Dj Sneak “Sneaky Finger Man” (Large)
Jacq “Black Culture” (Real Estate Records)
Charly Brown “The Twilight Zone” (Guidance)
Loose Pigeons “Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Phil’s Country Store Dub” (Cutting Traxx)
Auheer Harr “Get Down” (Nite Life Collective)
Groove Collective “I Want You – She’s So Heavy” (GRP Records)

The Hermit – Vintage

Click Here To PLAY via MOBILE or RIGHT CLICK/SAVE AS to DOWNLOAD – The Hermit – Vintage

Respun mix of an 8am wake up set I played at a party Vintage near Portage Wisconsin on September 1st 2012.
Spun with Vinyl, and in 1 Take.


Moodyman “Tribute” (Peacefrog)
Darshan Jesrani & Morgan Geist “Miura” (Environ)
Moonchildren “Ran Away” (Deep4life)
Chris Brann “Facing You” (Guidance)
F&L “Love Capsule Deluxe – Sax In Space Dub” (Guidance)
Solid Gold Playaz “Next Faze Of The Game” (Real Estate Records)
Solaris “Sunrise – original mix” (Guidance)
Dj Jacq “Deep Inside Your Soul” (Real Estate Records)
Truman Industries “Love Plus – Slater Hogan’s Love Minus mix” (DAE Recordings)
Troydon “How I Feel” (OM)
Miguel Migs “Sunny Cove” (OM)
Kick Affiliates “Dennis F’s I Need A Fix+” (83 West)
Dj John ‘Julius’ Knight “Find A Friend pt2” (Soulfuric Trax)
Moodymann “Inspirations From a Small Black Church On The Eastside Of Detroit” (KDJ)
Ben Mays “Underground Jam” (Voodoo Records)
Daddy’s Favorite “Honey Cricket” (Disco Sole)


Click Here to DOWNLOAD Centraal

Re-Spun mix of a set I played for Saturday Sessions @ Cafe Centraal in Bay View Wisconsin on June 30th 2012.


Projections “Backbone – Escaping San Paulo” (Guidance)
Les Jardiniers “Funky Daktari” (Society Hill)
Julias Papp & Dave Warrin “Love Is Still The Message – Old School Mix” (I Records)
Oscar “Sunday 17th” (Denote)
YMC “Phuture Vibes” (Yoshitoshi)
Gene Farris “Gene Is Wild Mix” (Greenskeepers)
Scott Grooves fest Chris Codish “Organ Nights” (Body & Soul NYC)
Sean Fermoyle & James Curd “Green Tea” (Greenskeepers)
Hardrive 2000 feat. Lynae “Never Forget [When You Touch Me] – Dance Ritual mix” (Body & Soul NYC)
Oscar “Parisian Soul – Ian Pooley mix” (Denote)
Moloko “Sing It Back – Can 7 Supermarket mix” (F111)
Lego “When I’m With You – Trumpet Mix” (Afterhours)
Disques Du Livres “Dancin In New York” (Noid 101)
Dj Q “Over U Now” (Glasgow Underground)
Mr A.L.I. with Lego “Swing It rmx” (Nite Life Collective)
Peter Hecher “Funky Instruments – A1” (Aquarius Recordings)
Disco Thieves “Hold On Tight” (Daisy)
Peter Hecher “Funky Instruments – B1” (Aquarius Recordings)

Journey Thru Electric Earth

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Journey Thru Electric Earth

Re-Spun mix of a set I played for Go Deep! at Electric Earth Cafe in Madison Wisconsin on June 2nd 2012.
Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Ben Mays “Mourning Sun” (Voodoo Records)
The Magi “C’mon Clap Your Hands” (Guidance)
Brett Johnson & Waric Cameron “Sleep Over” (Panhandle)
Damaged Sole “Only Place” (Deep4Life)
Kerri Chandler “Dream Scape” (Nervous)
Glenn Underground “Waterhodes” (Guidance)
Julius Papp “New York City Musik – JP’s Discofied Mix” (Yellow)
Chunck-A-Bud “Chunck-A-Nova” (Static Records)
The Men On Wax “Keep On Playing” (Distant Music)
Tony Senghore & Martin Venetjoki “We Look For Love” (Panhandle)
Davidson Ospina “Strings” (Henry Street)
Mood II Swing “Do It Your Way” (Groove On)
Stacy Kidd “Lake Street – Brian Ford Solo Mix” (Music 101)
Chez Daimer “Close – Mix 2” (Balance)
Space Jam “Chill Town New York” (Guidance)
Kenny Dixion Jr “How Sweet It Is” (KDJ)
Eddie Matos “Africano” (83 West)
Harmony Funk feat Cei-Bei “Alway’s Be Around – GU’s Alway’s Be A Dub” (Nite Life Collective)
Chris Brown “What You Are” (Guidance)
Iz & Diz “Unnnhhh” (Classic)

Return To Electric Earth

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Return To Electric Earth

Re-spun mix of a set I played for Go Deep! at Electric Earth Cafe in Madison Wisconsin on May 5th 2012.
Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Space Jam “The Jumbo Jet Jam” (Guidance)
The Girth “Straight Thuggin EP” (Blue Label)
The Forward Movement “Phase 2” (Panhandle)
Chez Daimer “Close” (Balance)
Dj Rick Lenoir “The Disco Clique Experience” (Blue Frog)
Undercover Agency “Out Of The Gate” (Panhandle)
Ben Mays “It’s Jazzy 3” (Voodoo)
Crispin J Glover & D’Musik “The Contemporary DIscotheque EP” (ONI)
Zach Toms “The Filtered Juice EP vol 1” (83 West)
Stacey Kidd “Jazzy Dayz 3” (Dust Traxx)
Gene Farris “Taxi Cab Remixes” (Greenskeepers)
Cricco Castelli “You Asked For It” (Kult)
Da Players “Gentle Touch” (Blackjack Phonographics)
Gene Farris “DBZ ep” (Farris Wheel)
Studio 54 “Dance Of The Drunken Mantis” (Soma)
Dj Spen “Disco Dreams volume 1” (Black Vinyl

Electric Earth

Click Here To Download Electric Earth

Respun mix of a set I played for Go Deep! at Electric Earth Cafe in Madison Wisconsin on 4-7-2012
Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Faze Action “Abstract Funk Theory” (Obsessive)
Loose Baggage! “Abstract Atmosphere” (Luxury Service Records)
? “Daddy’s Favorite pt 2” (Disco Sole)
Dj E-Tones “Detergent For The Soul” (Sounds)
? “Daddy’s Favorite pt 2” (Disco Sole)
Mateo & Matos “The Nightlife EP” (Midnight Groove)
Martin Solveig “Heart Of Africa” (Chez)
House Of Jazz “Believe It” (Lazyboy)
Kick Affiliates “I Need A Fix” (83 West)
Spell Bound “Stronger” (Drop Music)
Dajae “Time” (Credence)
F&L “Love Capsule Deluxe” (Guidance)
Troublemen “Pure Energy” (KIF)
AtJazz “Fifth Quarter” (Mantis)
Jordan Fields “Music In My Soul” (Aroma)
Dj John ‘Julius’ Knight “Find A Friend pt 2” (Soulfuric)
Taxi Driver “On The Rails” (Estereo)
V/A “Fenetic Music volume 2” (Soma)

Finyl Dayz

The Hermit “Finyl Dayz”

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Finyl Dayz

Spun March 2012 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Moodymann “Silent Introduction” (Planet E)
Jon Cutler & Dj Roman “The Sounds Of Life EP” (Distant)
Moodymann “The Theif That Stole My Sad Days…Ya Blessin Me
Jon Cutler & Dj Roman “The Sounds Of Life EP” (Distant)
Fresh & Low “Wind On The Water” (Guidance)
Low Motion “Field Day” (Drop Music)
Abacus “Analog Trks Volume One” (Guidance)
Sixteen Souls “Strange Girl EP” (Alola)
Jill Scott “He Love’s Me” (blacklabelpromo)
Cinnamone “Narrow Mindings” (Superhuit Music)
Deep Touch “Dreams” (Music For Freaks)
Ra Soul “A Lil’ Sumthin’ Sumthin’ EP” (Panhandle)
Nick Holder “My D.O.D.” (DNH)
Retroflex “Variations In Conciousness Pt 1” (Soma)
Venus Attack Project “X 2010” (Guidance)
Paul Russaw “Thoughts Of You” (Kult)
Time Undefined “Calling You” (Metamorphic)
Pepe Bradock “Vermelle” (Absolute)
Cajmere feat Dajae “Brighter Days Rmxs” (Cajual)
Brian Harden “The World / Peace” (Nite Life Collective)
David Duirez “Feel My Drums” (2020 Vision)
Phil Weeks “Walking Sideways EP” (Robsoul)

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