Victor Orozco – Live @ Retrospect 4-3-2015

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Live recording of Victor Orozco’s set for Retrospect at Club Aura in Milwaukee, Wi 4-3-2015.
Techno of the finest kind spun with vinyl whilst digging in the crates =] N-joi


51717 “Regard”
Jeff Mills “The Diagnosis”
Shifted “Colour of the Fall
James Ruskin “Emotion Erode”
Samuel Kerridge “Paint it Black”
Shifted “Relict”
Planetary Assault Systems “Bell Blocker(Silent Servant rmx)”
Silent Servant “Sampler 2(untitled)”
Cio D’or “Wasserkraft(Silent Servant rmx)”
Mental Resonance “Eternal Adolescence”
NX1 “Informa Experiments”
S.B project “The Primitive Streak”
S.B project “The Message”
Terrance Dixon “Innocense”
Silent Servant “Utopian Disaster(End)”
Jeff Mills “Spiral Therapy”
Exium “Subshell”
Tropic of Cancer “A Color”
Rrose “Mirror”
Rrose “Secretion”

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