The Hermit – Stratosphere

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Intelligent Jungle.
Spun in 2004 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Roni Size “It’s A Jazz Thing” (Total Science)
Blame “? Promo” (Moving Shadow)
Six Degrees Of Separation “Zero Count” (Echo Drop)
Big Bud “Mr Nice” (Good Looking)
Six Degrees Of Separation “Ethera” (Echo Drop)
W.W.W. “ Cloching” (Grand Larceny)
T.I.C. “Rockers” (Back 2 Basics)
Neil Trix “Breakin’ Up and Rollin’ Out” (FPD)
Candyman “Sensi Addict” (Hyper)
Asend “ This Time” (Second Movement)
Watton G “Kind Nature” (Street Beats)
Stakka & K. Tee “Hear Say” (Ram)
Dillinja & Mystery “Deep Love Rmx” (Logic)
JMJ & Richie “Free La Funk” (Moving Shadow

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