The Hermit – Soundscape

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Spun in 2006 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


? “Inc. Vol. 3” (Smokers Inc)
Undercover Agent “Hypnosis Rmx” (Juice)
Solar Nine “Download” (Splash)
Bushwick “Gun” (Smokers Inc)
Special K “Soundscape” (Trouble On Vinyl)
Tekniq “911” (Formation)
Dragon Fist “Call It Quick” (Kartoons)
Worlds End “Human Affairs” (Underfire)
Dark Angel “Static Electricity” (Dread)
Worlds End “General Lockdown” (Underfire)
Spy “The Way” (Underfire)
? “Hotsteppers Vol 7” (Hotsteppers)
Renegade “Dark Soldier pt 2” (Dread)
Profound Noize “Soundscape” (Underfire)
Level 3 “Contamination” (Liftin Spirits)
Profound Noize “No Way Out’ (Underfire)
Deep Rooted “Illuminati” (No U-Turn)
Sabertooth “Murder Inc” (Renegade Hardware)
Snuggles “Alternate Realities” (Ghetto Safari)
Konflict “Outpost” (Renegade Hardware)
Flow “Smoking Section” (Ghetto Safari)
Decoder “In My Dreams” (Technical Itch)
3D & Snuggles “Phalanx” (Ghetto Safari)

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