The Hermit – Live @ Retrospect 4-10-2015

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Live recording of The Hermit’s set for Retrospect at Club Aura in Milwaukee, Wi 4-10-2015.
Spun with vinyl whilst digging in the crates =] N-joi


Homebase “Constant Love” (Guidance)
Retroflex “Do The Strut” (Soma)
Doctor Rockit “Tape Measure – Herbert rmx” (Clear)
Kama Sutra “Night Walk – nightwalk mix” (Wildflower)
Kurt Harman Project “Dip and Spin” (Prescription)
JT Donaldson “Leave Your World” (Icon)
Bernard Badie “Time Reveals” (Night Club Records)
Mazi & Nathan Larsen “Trip San Paulo” (Gourmet)
I:Cube “Mingus In My Pocket” (Versatile)
Jerald Daemyon “Summer Madness – Moody ‘no solos’Uptempo” (Giant Step)
JT Donaldson “Changing Times pt 1” (Juice Bar)
Bob Brewthbaker & Eddie Chanoogah “Willits Point” (Plumphouse)
Kenlou “Gimme Groove” (MAW)
Mateo & Matos “Release The Rhythm” (Glasgow Underground)
Tony Washington “You Can’t Go” (Chicago Deep)
Gene Hunt “Tuylite Ky2” (D-Version)
Glenn Underground “Do It – dub” (Force Inc)
Loose Joints “Take 2” (Black No Sugar)
The Meat Men “Music Take You High” (AV8)
Rick Wade “The Purveyor Of Deep Tones” (Harmony Park)
Fredrick Stark “Funk Pass” (I! Records)
Dirty Harry “Space” (Henry Street)
Mood II Swing “Move Me Dub – Mood II Swing original dub” (Earth, Moon, & Sun)
Ian Pooley “Rock Da Discoteque – Daft Punk mix” (AV8)
Plaisir De France “Paradise Deep” (Pro-Zak Trax)
The Magi “My Heart Skips” (Bomb)

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