The Hermit – Gramaphone drunken redux

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – The Hermit – Gramaphone redux prelim

Re-spun set I played at Gramaphone records in Chicago on 12-7-2013.
All records were hand picked before the set in Gramaphone and spun on the spot (wish I had the recording, but it didn’t turn out)
This mix was recorded whilst getting roudy with a friend…..17 beers deep, amongst other things….In turn, the order is jacked up from the original set, the mixing is a bit “loose” for short spurts, and it is a completely different vibe from the original. (there is no wreckage or anything of the sort)

So all that being said, I will re-spin this proper one day, but for now, relive a good night behind the decks with great friends and enjoy a dj letting the guard down a bit and just having fun.


Mutabaruka “Dis Poem ’99 – African Blues Dub mix” (Guidance)
Retroflex “Know Peace” (Soma)
Solid Gold Playaz “Saturday Night Live” (Fresca)
Electrik Soul “The Supreme Soul Team – David Alvarado rmx” (Electrik Soul)
Glenn Underground “Soundz Melody – By Mikkael” (Nite Life Collective)
Shaka “Kool Aid” (Balance)
Lenny Fontana “Mass Production Vol 2 – The Only Mix” (Kult)
Inland Knights “Find Yourself” (Drop Music)
Abacus “Come On” (Balance)
Lenny Fontana “Mass Production Vol 2 – For The People Mix” (Kult)
Inland Knights “I Feel This Way” (Drop Music)
Dogtrax “Low Lite” (SCR)
Clepto-maniacs “Let’s Get Down” (Soulfuric Trax)
Richard Les Crees “All The Luv I Own” (I Records)
Shaka “Laying In My Bed – Rework Mix” (Balance)
Richard Les Crees “After The Rain” (I Records)
Re-Vibe-Al “The Feeling – Can’t Fake The Club Mix” (Soulfuric Trax)

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