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The Hermit – Rebound Redux

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….artwork coming soon

Respun mix of a set I played for Rebound at Studio 200 in Milwaukee 2-23-2014. Vinyl and no edits for those who keep track. N-joi =]


Brother Of Soul “Be Right There” (Guidance)
The Men On Wax “Our Love” (Distant)
Naked Music NYC “It’s Love – house mix” (OM)
Glenn Underground “Sand Lot” (Nite Life Collective)
Joshua “Let The Spirit” (Balance)
Glenn Underground “Concrete Level Jazz” (Guidance)
Powder Productions “Chile Drums” (Glasgow Underground)
Chez Damier & Ron Trent “Foot Therapy” (Balance)
Dj Ra Soul “Soul Emotion” (Panhandle)
Dj Sneak “Latin Seoul” (Large)
Baby Pop “Get Down Baby Pop To The Boogie” (Defiant)
George T “If Deepness Is Your Weakness” (Funky Piranah)
Tiefschwarz “Mars” (Classic)
Gemini “In My Head – original” (Classic
The Dandruff Truckers “Way Back” (Bar-B-Q)
James Holroyd “Wake Up Call” (20/20 Vision)

No Coast Muzik vol. 1 – The Hermit

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – No Coast Muzik vol. 1 – The Hermit

Founder of Infinite Sonic Output. Ultimate fan of the mixtape and all things music.

The Hermit

Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin

Infinite Sonic Output, Glitchy Music


This is the first installment of the No Coast Muzik mixtape series. The focus is to put a spotlight on the finest veteran House dj’s who have been integral to Wisconsin’s underground……
and people, who are in my mind, as skilled a dj as you can find and experts in all things muzik.

My mix in many ways is a throwback to the 94′-95′ basement party days on the east side of Milwaukee. It is best enjoyed with some dank trees and nitrous =]
N-joi and keep an eye out for many more mixes to follow.


Moodymann “Misled” (Planet E)
Basic Connects “In The Mist” (Panhandle)
David Brown “Feel Love – Rednail Kidz remix” (Classic)
Josh Michaels & Luke McKeehan “Take Control – Josh’s mix” (Nordic Trax)
Larry Heard “Guidance” (Guidance)
Jordan Fields “Music In My Soul – Loft 66 Extended FAmily Dub Re-Edit” (Aroma)
AtJazz “Fifth Quarter – Presence Mix” (Mantis Recordings)
Spell Bound “Me Back” (Drop Music)
House Of Jazz “Feel It” (Lazyboy)
Mateo & Matos “C’Mon” (Midnight Groove)
Kaskade “Naive Melody” (JTM Records)
P.L.C. “Another Slice Of Cake” (Junior Boy’s Own)
Boo Williams “Feeling Good” (Mood N Groovin’)
Davidson Ospina “Shadows” (Henry Street)
Dj Jes & Tony Smith “All In Time” (Fresca Recordings)
Yukiyo Takabayashi “What’s Happening” (Kult)
Johnny D & Nicky P “Raw Beef” (Distant Music)
R Factors “Vis A Vis” (Touche)

The Hermit v Andrew Emil v Brian Small – Live at Retrospect 1-25-2014

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Live @ Retrospect 1-25-2014

Live recording of the first 3 hours of Retrospect at Electric Earth Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin on January 25th 2014.
An all Vinyl, Digging In The Crates 5x5x5 tag session between The Hermit, Andrew Emil, and Brian Small.
Runs the gammut of House with an abundance or rare and classic gems, original Disco and Electro cuts, and just an overall lession in what House music is, was, and should be.
N-joi =]

Heavy Metal vol. 10___SkypeX – Copper

Click Here To DOWNLOAD SkypeX – Copper

SkypeX delivers with a heavy handed Drum & Bass smackdown……do your stretches before dancing to this one…..

Baltimore, Maryland

Junglist Brigade
Drum Theory Digital


PSION – “TYRANT” (Dom & Roland Rmx) Audio Blueprint/Voyager LP Disc 3_Side F [ABPR-LP01-F]
AMBISONICS – “Logic” Flex Recs./Side AA [FLEX22-B1]
UNDERCOVER AGENT – “Five Tones” (Brockie Rmx) Juice Recs./Cyndicut EP Disc 1_Side A {Red Wax} [ECIUJ-26-1A]
THC – “Deckchair” Slow Motion Recs./Side AA [SMR-004-A] {Promo}
ED RUSH & OPTICAL – “Funktion” V Recs./Side A [V026-A] {Promo}
DANNY BREAKS – “Crime ’96” Droppin’ Science/Side B [DS-010-AA] {Promo}
GANJA KRU (Hype)- “Plague That Never Ends” True Playa’z Prod./New Frontiers EP Disc 1_Side A [74321-50107-1A]
MAKAI – “Northstar” Intercord Tonrager/Side B [INT8854766-B]
FORTRAN (Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce) – “Place To Be” Metro Recs./Side A [MTRR-003-A]
ED RUSH, OPTICAL & FIERCE – “Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)” Prototype Recs./Side A [PRO-014-A]
JL – “Hymn” (Dom & Roland Rmx) – Orgone Recs/Side B [ORG-003-B]
MAKAI – “Polaris” Precision Breakbeat Research/Side B [PO8-B]
NEMESIS feat. Dj KANE – “System” Renegade Hardware/Distorted Reality EP Disc 1_Side A [RH08-A]
MENTAL POWER – “Red” (DJ SS Rmx) (Formation Recs/Unified Colours Of Drum & Bass LP Disc 3_Side E [FORMLP-06-E] {Red Wax}
Dj SWIFT – “Hypnotist” Charge Recs./The Long Life EP Disc 3_Side E [CHARGE-008-AAAAA]
SPINSCOTT – “Night Error” Exclusive Hard Mix ([ Unreleased ]) {Digital Copy}
TRACE & NICO – “Replicant” Idiosyncratic Recs./Single Sided [IDIOS1-A] {Promo}
SUBSTANCE – “Nasty Muthas” Breakbeat Culture Recs./Side AA [BBC-002-AA]
BILL LASWELL & SUBMERGED – “Todd Bridges On Lockdown” (Temulent Rmx) Ohm Resistance/Side A [16KOHM52-A]
CYBOTRON feat. DILLINJA – “Light Years” Prototype Recs./Side A [PRO-010-A]
BILL LASWELL – “Oscillations” (Nico Rmx) Quantum Recs./Side A [QUANTU726-A]
DIRTY ONE – “Feels Like I’m Going Nowhere” Exclusive ([ Unreleased ]) {Digital Copy}
DANNY BREAKS – “Solar Jive” Droppin’ Science/Side A [DS-015-A] {Promo}
PHOTEK – “Rings Around Saturn” Photek Recs./Side B [PTK-6-AA]

Christopher James – Housin’ Fools

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Christopher James – Housin’ Fools

Super deep House mix from Milwaukee’s Christopher James.

Tracklisting, proper artwork, and possibly a different title to come soon…..

Heavy Metal vol 9___N-Flow – Rhodium

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Heavy Metal vol 9 – N-Joi Rhodium

N-Flow delivers with a deep, intelligent Jungle journey that is second to none. The music speaks for itself. N-joi =]


Hasselt, Belgium





St Germain – Alabama Blues (Wax Doctor Mix) [F Communications]
The Sentinel – Genesis [Basement Records]
Jazz Juice – Jazz Juice [Precious Materials]
Spinback & Q Project – Rikers Island (Dream Mix) [Legend Records]
Mouly And Lucida – Chilled [Timeless Recordings]
SDR & Subsonic – Technology (Wax Doctor Remix) [Shoebox]
Organic Synthetic – Transmissions [Bang-In-Tunes]
Interception – Prescription Underground [Radioactive Kids]
Studio Pressure – Relics (Natural Mystic Mix) [Certificate 18]
Desired State – Goes Around [Ram Records]
D.J. Fokus – Pulse [Lucky Spin Recordings]
Moul’e & Lucida – Aquarium [Code-001 Records]
X-Pansions – That’s How Music Should Sound [Precious Materials]
Jack n Phil – Listen [Basement Records]
Mystic Moods – Amazon [Mystic Moods]

The Hermit – Gramaphone drunken redux

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – The Hermit – Gramaphone redux prelim

Re-spun set I played at Gramaphone records in Chicago on 12-7-2013.
All records were hand picked before the set in Gramaphone and spun on the spot (wish I had the recording, but it didn’t turn out)
This mix was recorded whilst getting roudy with a friend…..17 beers deep, amongst other things….In turn, the order is jacked up from the original set, the mixing is a bit “loose” for short spurts, and it is a completely different vibe from the original. (there is no wreckage or anything of the sort)

So all that being said, I will re-spin this proper one day, but for now, relive a good night behind the decks with great friends and enjoy a dj letting the guard down a bit and just having fun.


Mutabaruka “Dis Poem ’99 – African Blues Dub mix” (Guidance)
Retroflex “Know Peace” (Soma)
Solid Gold Playaz “Saturday Night Live” (Fresca)
Electrik Soul “The Supreme Soul Team – David Alvarado rmx” (Electrik Soul)
Glenn Underground “Soundz Melody – By Mikkael” (Nite Life Collective)
Shaka “Kool Aid” (Balance)
Lenny Fontana “Mass Production Vol 2 – The Only Mix” (Kult)
Inland Knights “Find Yourself” (Drop Music)
Abacus “Come On” (Balance)
Lenny Fontana “Mass Production Vol 2 – For The People Mix” (Kult)
Inland Knights “I Feel This Way” (Drop Music)
Dogtrax “Low Lite” (SCR)
Clepto-maniacs “Let’s Get Down” (Soulfuric Trax)
Richard Les Crees “All The Luv I Own” (I Records)
Shaka “Laying In My Bed – Rework Mix” (Balance)
Richard Les Crees “After The Rain” (I Records)
Re-Vibe-Al “The Feeling – Can’t Fake The Club Mix” (Soulfuric Trax)

Lovecraft – Live From Witch House

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Lovecraft – Live From Witch House

Madison resident and Chicago native comes thru with a high calibre House mix sure to excite =]
Spun with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take. 12-7-2013. N-joi!


Intro: Green Velvet – Preacher Man
Bob Sinclair – Rock Solid
Aleem – Filtri Organi
Sade – Surrender (Kenny Larkin white lable mix)
DJ Sneak – Keep on Groovin’ (Ian’s Fierce mix)
Shades of Dank – Unknown
Roy Davis Jr -Rock Shock (Thomas Bangalber’s Start Stop Mix)
Tyree Cooper – Dela
DJ Sneak – Music in Me
Unknown -White lable
Bakiri Ban – Havana Funk (Wawa Club Mix)
Unknown – White lable
Kevin Yost – On My Way
Voices From Beyond – Soul Searcher

The Hermit v Neyno v Mocalitic – Live @ Retrospect 11-23-13 PT 1

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Live at Retrospect 11-23-13 PT 1

1st hour + of the live 5x5x5 vinyl ditc tag session between The Hermit, Neyno, and Mocalitic.
Spun @ Retrospect at the Dragonfly Lounge in Madison, Wi on 12-23-13.
Super Deep House that started the night off right. N-Joi =]

…..unfortunately the last 3 hours were split into two other files
… clips throughout and the last part was a corrupted file….
so this may be all that is salvagable from the night. Sorry =[

The Hermit – Balance

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Balance

Deep throwback to early 90’s Chicago.
Spun 11-2-2013 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Mr. Fingers “A Path” (La Casa)
Fresh and Low “Stay The Night” (Guidance)
Joe Lewis “Candlelight” (Relief)
Robert Owens “I’ll Be Your Friend” (House Party)
Dajae “U Got Me Up – Danny’s Instrumental” (Cajual)
Taster’s Choice “Moody” (Guidance)
Chez Daimer feat Antonie “Close” (Balance)
Cinnamone “Panama’s Break – Boogymann rmx” (Superhuit)
Deep Sensation “Talkin’ – Deep Soul Dub” (Cajual)
Wamdue Kids “It’s Love Dub” (Om)
Jamie Anderson “Rebel Sound” (NRK)
Abacus “Blax Thanxs” (Guidance)
Free Energy “Nite Position” (Guidance)
Mateo & Matos “The Real Thing – KOT Underground Mix”
(Glasgow Underground)
Baby Pop “Day and Night” (Defiant)
Dj Ra Soul “Pride & Joy” (Zebra)
Kerri Chandler “Smoke” (King Street)

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