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Heavy Metal vol. 10___SkypeX – Copper

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SkypeX delivers with a heavy handed Drum & Bass smackdown……do your stretches before dancing to this one…..

Baltimore, Maryland

Junglist Brigade
Drum Theory Digital


PSION – “TYRANT” (Dom & Roland Rmx) Audio Blueprint/Voyager LP Disc 3_Side F [ABPR-LP01-F]
AMBISONICS – “Logic” Flex Recs./Side AA [FLEX22-B1]
UNDERCOVER AGENT – “Five Tones” (Brockie Rmx) Juice Recs./Cyndicut EP Disc 1_Side A {Red Wax} [ECIUJ-26-1A]
THC – “Deckchair” Slow Motion Recs./Side AA [SMR-004-A] {Promo}
ED RUSH & OPTICAL – “Funktion” V Recs./Side A [V026-A] {Promo}
DANNY BREAKS – “Crime ’96” Droppin’ Science/Side B [DS-010-AA] {Promo}
GANJA KRU (Hype)- “Plague That Never Ends” True Playa’z Prod./New Frontiers EP Disc 1_Side A [74321-50107-1A]
MAKAI – “Northstar” Intercord Tonrager/Side B [INT8854766-B]
FORTRAN (Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce) – “Place To Be” Metro Recs./Side A [MTRR-003-A]
ED RUSH, OPTICAL & FIERCE – “Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)” Prototype Recs./Side A [PRO-014-A]
JL – “Hymn” (Dom & Roland Rmx) – Orgone Recs/Side B [ORG-003-B]
MAKAI – “Polaris” Precision Breakbeat Research/Side B [PO8-B]
NEMESIS feat. Dj KANE – “System” Renegade Hardware/Distorted Reality EP Disc 1_Side A [RH08-A]
MENTAL POWER – “Red” (DJ SS Rmx) (Formation Recs/Unified Colours Of Drum & Bass LP Disc 3_Side E [FORMLP-06-E] {Red Wax}
Dj SWIFT – “Hypnotist” Charge Recs./The Long Life EP Disc 3_Side E [CHARGE-008-AAAAA]
SPINSCOTT – “Night Error” Exclusive Hard Mix ([ Unreleased ]) {Digital Copy}
TRACE & NICO – “Replicant” Idiosyncratic Recs./Single Sided [IDIOS1-A] {Promo}
SUBSTANCE – “Nasty Muthas” Breakbeat Culture Recs./Side AA [BBC-002-AA]
BILL LASWELL & SUBMERGED – “Todd Bridges On Lockdown” (Temulent Rmx) Ohm Resistance/Side A [16KOHM52-A]
CYBOTRON feat. DILLINJA – “Light Years” Prototype Recs./Side A [PRO-010-A]
BILL LASWELL – “Oscillations” (Nico Rmx) Quantum Recs./Side A [QUANTU726-A]
DIRTY ONE – “Feels Like I’m Going Nowhere” Exclusive ([ Unreleased ]) {Digital Copy}
DANNY BREAKS – “Solar Jive” Droppin’ Science/Side A [DS-015-A] {Promo}
PHOTEK – “Rings Around Saturn” Photek Recs./Side B [PTK-6-AA]

Christopher James – Housin’ Fools

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Super deep House mix from Milwaukee’s Christopher James.

Tracklisting, proper artwork, and possibly a different title to come soon…..

Heavy Metal vol 9___N-Flow – Rhodium

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N-Flow delivers with a deep, intelligent Jungle journey that is second to none. The music speaks for itself. N-joi =]


Hasselt, Belgium





St Germain – Alabama Blues (Wax Doctor Mix) [F Communications]
The Sentinel – Genesis [Basement Records]
Jazz Juice – Jazz Juice [Precious Materials]
Spinback & Q Project – Rikers Island (Dream Mix) [Legend Records]
Mouly And Lucida – Chilled [Timeless Recordings]
SDR & Subsonic – Technology (Wax Doctor Remix) [Shoebox]
Organic Synthetic – Transmissions [Bang-In-Tunes]
Interception – Prescription Underground [Radioactive Kids]
Studio Pressure – Relics (Natural Mystic Mix) [Certificate 18]
Desired State – Goes Around [Ram Records]
D.J. Fokus – Pulse [Lucky Spin Recordings]
Moul’e & Lucida – Aquarium [Code-001 Records]
X-Pansions – That’s How Music Should Sound [Precious Materials]
Jack n Phil – Listen [Basement Records]
Mystic Moods – Amazon [Mystic Moods]

The Hermit – Gramaphone drunken redux

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – The Hermit – Gramaphone redux prelim

Re-spun set I played at Gramaphone records in Chicago on 12-7-2013.
All records were hand picked before the set in Gramaphone and spun on the spot (wish I had the recording, but it didn’t turn out)
This mix was recorded whilst getting roudy with a friend…..17 beers deep, amongst other things….In turn, the order is jacked up from the original set, the mixing is a bit “loose” for short spurts, and it is a completely different vibe from the original. (there is no wreckage or anything of the sort)

So all that being said, I will re-spin this proper one day, but for now, relive a good night behind the decks with great friends and enjoy a dj letting the guard down a bit and just having fun.


Mutabaruka “Dis Poem ’99 – African Blues Dub mix” (Guidance)
Retroflex “Know Peace” (Soma)
Solid Gold Playaz “Saturday Night Live” (Fresca)
Electrik Soul “The Supreme Soul Team – David Alvarado rmx” (Electrik Soul)
Glenn Underground “Soundz Melody – By Mikkael” (Nite Life Collective)
Shaka “Kool Aid” (Balance)
Lenny Fontana “Mass Production Vol 2 – The Only Mix” (Kult)
Inland Knights “Find Yourself” (Drop Music)
Abacus “Come On” (Balance)
Lenny Fontana “Mass Production Vol 2 – For The People Mix” (Kult)
Inland Knights “I Feel This Way” (Drop Music)
Dogtrax “Low Lite” (SCR)
Clepto-maniacs “Let’s Get Down” (Soulfuric Trax)
Richard Les Crees “All The Luv I Own” (I Records)
Shaka “Laying In My Bed – Rework Mix” (Balance)
Richard Les Crees “After The Rain” (I Records)
Re-Vibe-Al “The Feeling – Can’t Fake The Club Mix” (Soulfuric Trax)

Lovecraft – Live From Witch House

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Lovecraft – Live From Witch House

Madison resident and Chicago native comes thru with a high calibre House mix sure to excite =]
Spun with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take. 12-7-2013. N-joi!


Intro: Green Velvet – Preacher Man
Bob Sinclair – Rock Solid
Aleem – Filtri Organi
Sade – Surrender (Kenny Larkin white lable mix)
DJ Sneak – Keep on Groovin’ (Ian’s Fierce mix)
Shades of Dank – Unknown
Roy Davis Jr -Rock Shock (Thomas Bangalber’s Start Stop Mix)
Tyree Cooper – Dela
DJ Sneak – Music in Me
Unknown -White lable
Bakiri Ban – Havana Funk (Wawa Club Mix)
Unknown – White lable
Kevin Yost – On My Way
Voices From Beyond – Soul Searcher

The Hermit v Neyno v Mocalitic – Live @ Retrospect 11-23-13 PT 1

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Live at Retrospect 11-23-13 PT 1

1st hour + of the live 5x5x5 vinyl ditc tag session between The Hermit, Neyno, and Mocalitic.
Spun @ Retrospect at the Dragonfly Lounge in Madison, Wi on 12-23-13.
Super Deep House that started the night off right. N-Joi =]

…..unfortunately the last 3 hours were split into two other files
… clips throughout and the last part was a corrupted file….
so this may be all that is salvagable from the night. Sorry =[

The Hermit – Balance

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Balance

Deep throwback to early 90’s Chicago.
Spun 11-2-2013 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Mr. Fingers “A Path” (La Casa)
Fresh and Low “Stay The Night” (Guidance)
Joe Lewis “Candlelight” (Relief)
Robert Owens “I’ll Be Your Friend” (House Party)
Dajae “U Got Me Up – Danny’s Instrumental” (Cajual)
Taster’s Choice “Moody” (Guidance)
Chez Daimer feat Antonie “Close” (Balance)
Cinnamone “Panama’s Break – Boogymann rmx” (Superhuit)
Deep Sensation “Talkin’ – Deep Soul Dub” (Cajual)
Wamdue Kids “It’s Love Dub” (Om)
Jamie Anderson “Rebel Sound” (NRK)
Abacus “Blax Thanxs” (Guidance)
Free Energy “Nite Position” (Guidance)
Mateo & Matos “The Real Thing – KOT Underground Mix”
(Glasgow Underground)
Baby Pop “Day and Night” (Defiant)
Dj Ra Soul “Pride & Joy” (Zebra)
Kerri Chandler “Smoke” (King Street)

The Hermit – Emerge redux

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – Emerge redux

Respun set played for Emerge at Studio 200 Milwaukee, Wi 10-23-13
Spun in 1 Take with vinyl.


Miguel Gracia “Paloora” (Earth Recordings)
Circulation “Violet” (Cirtulation)
Schatrax “Mispent Years – Funk D’Void mix” (Soma)
Halo “Dark Clouds” (Bluem Recordings)
Oliver Desmet “Just Like Heaven – Mazi’s Audio Soul Revamp”
(Simple Soul)
Percy X “Break It Down – Cari Lekebusch rmx” (Soma)
Jack Mate “Bang!ala” (Stir)
The Electric 10 “Sub Tronic” (Cutrough)
Rhythm Section “Tha Lick” (Catalyst)
Christian Smith & John Selway “End Zone” (Tronic)
Purveyors Of Fine Funk “Z Mood” (Peacefrog)
Artquake “Get You Some More” (Track Down)
Kevin Yost “One Starry Night – Peter Funk’s Starry 001 rmx”
(I Records)
Chris Jackson “Drop” (Resource)

The Hermit – District redux

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Respun set from the party District @ Studio 200 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 07-26-2013
Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Reade Truth “Power Of Ideas” (Sonic Groove)
F “A5 – Untitled” (Sense Music)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. “Skylark” (Plastic City)
Index “Vortex – Original Rebuild” (X-Trax)
Chancellor “The Unknown Future” (Missle)
Robert Hood “B2 – Untitled” (M Plant)
Holy Ghost “Three Fingers Lou” (Tresor)
Chris Hall “Servo 001” (Servo)
Ben Long “A2 – Untitled” (Potential)
Mario J “B1 – Untitled” (Method 11:11)
Johannes Heil “Thoughts For Your Feet” (Parotic)
Devience “Liquid Life” (Touche’)
Skai “Subtalk” (Plastic City)
Sneaky Alien “Blue Stream – deep and long mix” (Sneaky Alien)
Silvershower “Ice Fractions 2 – B1” (Plus 8)

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