Natural Language Processing – Retrospect redux

Right Click/Save As to Download – Natural Language Processing – Retrospect Redux

Unfortunately all of the recordings for the April installment were lost =/
FORTUNATELY, Nathan was kind enough to go home, re-spin his set and hit record <3 It’s a fucking gem….. Madison selector and promoter of the finest kind!!!
N-joi =]


DJ Buck – Make it Hot
Columba Carina – NYC Bumpin’
Loleatta Holloway – Strong Enough (Turner Dub)
Old Skool – Cuz I’m Learn
Miss Lie – Oh You!
Subliminal Aura – No Stoppin (Zanzibar Mix)
Inner City – Do Ya (Reese Uplifting Club Mix)
Kasso – Walkman
Mousse T – De La Bass
Tuff Jam – Spread Love (Zoo Experience Remix)
MJ – Lady in My Life (Shelter Dub)
DJ Technics – Girlfriend
D Base – Dreaming

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