Live @ Just House – End Of The World Edition

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Recorded live on 12-21-2012 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at Just House “End Of The World Edition”
Spun with Vinyl and DITC.


Jacq “Linwood Avenue” ( Real Estate)
Dj Sneak “Latin Seoul” (Large)
Callisto “The Cimmerian” (Guidance)
Nimbus Quartet “Deep Deep Blue Green” (Sounds)
Rick Wade “I Do Believe” (Funky Chocolate)
John Acquaviva “Soul” (Definitive)
Johnny Fiasco “Turnabout” (Cajual)
Boo Williams “Out Of Sink Jaz” (Nite Life Collective)
Glenn Underground “Strong Island Jazz” (Nite Life Collective)
Groove Source “Have A Blast” (oomph)
Solid Gold Playaz “RAID” (Solid Gold)
Paul Johnson “Feel The Music” (Peacefrog)
Chris Braan “Do You Feel Any” (Guidance)
Romain and Danny Krivit “Philly’s Groove” (Body & Soul)
Johnny Fiasco “Turn It Around – Rednail Dub” (Guidance)
Lego “Jazzmorphosis – Jazzy Piano Mix” (83 West)

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