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Heavy Metal jungle mixtape series

Heavy Metal vol. 12___martianMan – Bismuth

Click Here To PLAY via MOBILE or to DOWNLOAD – Heavy Metal vol.12 – martianMan – Bismuth

A phenomenal Jungle excursion that runs the gammut of emotion……..all the while being chock full of original trax from one of America’s finest Jungle dj’s and producers. As a resident dj on jungletrain.net and having numerous releases under his belt on some of the finest labels around, he is more than doing his part to keep the Jungle sounds alive.

Dallas, Texas

jungletrain dj, jungle train recordings, sciwax digital, monochrome recordings, logical direction recordings, architecture recordings

coming soon….


B-Key & Facs – Mantra
martianMan – Metro Thing (Double O remix)
Rumbleton – Soul Weight
Headgear – 5 into 1
martianMan – Jungle Planet
martianMan – Cow of Bell 01
Threshold – Shut Up
martianMan – Keep Your Dread
Double O – Straight 98
Double O – Niaibingi
Charlie Murphy – untitled
Theory ft Chieftan Joseph – Hi Grade
Depth Charge – Han Do Jin
Dead Man’s Chest – Dreamscapes
Breakage, Threshold – 8 Bit
Andy Skopes & Madcap – Hear Dis
Footloose – 14 Shot Clip
Elementz Of Noize – Planet

Heavy Metal vol. 11____DICA – Mythril ミスリル

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – Heavy Metal vol.11 – DICA – Mythril ミスリル

Heavy Metal laden Jungle and Steppas from Milwaukee’s original Jungle Don. As alway’s, this man’s mix stands on a level several knotches above the rest.

Hong Kong, China (via Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Massive, Rave Archive




Dica’s \m/ metal intro
Black Sabbath – Electric Funeral
Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost
Concept 2 – Soon Come
Source Direct – The Cult Remix (The Initiation Test)
Panacea – Stormbringer
Optical – High Tek Dreams
Peshay – The Nocturnal (Back On The Firm)
Emperor – I Am the Black Wizards
Ed Rush – The Raven
Doc Scott – Machines
Source Direct – Stonekiller Remix
Adam F – Metropolis
Adam F – Metropolis (Doc Scott Remix)
Codename John – The Warning
Slayer – Raining Blood
Trace – Mutant Revisited
Trace & Nico – Squadron
Skyscraper – Mach II
Dillinja – Violent Killa
Panacea – Tron Rmx
Pantera – By Demons Be Driven
Panacea – Hellbringer
Alec Empire – Hetzjagd Auf Nazis (Panacea Remix)
Decoder – Fog
Genoforce – Cyphon
Trace – Cells (Degeneration Remix)
M.O.P. – Cold As Ice
Eye-D – Eye Design
Dark Funeral – Open The Gates
Decoy – Heavy Metal
Problem Child – Nuclear Device
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl
Bad Company – China Cup
Hype & Zinc – Disappear
Moving Fusion – Turbulence
Decorum – Contrax
Profound Noize & Skinny – Trans-F
Subject 13 – Jam Da Mace
Usual Suspects – Synapse
Burzum – Dominus Sathanas
Pish Posh & Seen – Da Monsta Remix
Abstract – The Message (Fuck Willie Brown)
Mampi Swift – Break The Mould
Quoit vs Su8m3rg3d – Page Fault
Mayhem – Buried By Time And Dust
Technical Itch – The Rukus
UFO! – Enemy Infiltration
Ministry – Burning Inside (Unknown D&B Remix)
Total Science – Ghostlife
Enslaved – As Fire Swept Clean The Earth

Heavy Metal vol. 10___SkypeX – Copper

Click Here To DOWNLOAD SkypeX – Copper

SkypeX delivers with a heavy handed Drum & Bass smackdown……do your stretches before dancing to this one…..

Baltimore, Maryland

Junglist Brigade
Drum Theory Digital


PSION – “TYRANT” (Dom & Roland Rmx) Audio Blueprint/Voyager LP Disc 3_Side F [ABPR-LP01-F]
AMBISONICS – “Logic” Flex Recs./Side AA [FLEX22-B1]
UNDERCOVER AGENT – “Five Tones” (Brockie Rmx) Juice Recs./Cyndicut EP Disc 1_Side A {Red Wax} [ECIUJ-26-1A]
THC – “Deckchair” Slow Motion Recs./Side AA [SMR-004-A] {Promo}
ED RUSH & OPTICAL – “Funktion” V Recs./Side A [V026-A] {Promo}
DANNY BREAKS – “Crime ’96” Droppin’ Science/Side B [DS-010-AA] {Promo}
GANJA KRU (Hype)- “Plague That Never Ends” True Playa’z Prod./New Frontiers EP Disc 1_Side A [74321-50107-1A]
MAKAI – “Northstar” Intercord Tonrager/Side B [INT8854766-B]
FORTRAN (Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce) – “Place To Be” Metro Recs./Side A [MTRR-003-A]
ED RUSH, OPTICAL & FIERCE – “Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)” Prototype Recs./Side A [PRO-014-A]
JL – “Hymn” (Dom & Roland Rmx) – Orgone Recs/Side B [ORG-003-B]
MAKAI – “Polaris” Precision Breakbeat Research/Side B [PO8-B]
NEMESIS feat. Dj KANE – “System” Renegade Hardware/Distorted Reality EP Disc 1_Side A [RH08-A]
MENTAL POWER – “Red” (DJ SS Rmx) (Formation Recs/Unified Colours Of Drum & Bass LP Disc 3_Side E [FORMLP-06-E] {Red Wax}
Dj SWIFT – “Hypnotist” Charge Recs./The Long Life EP Disc 3_Side E [CHARGE-008-AAAAA]
SPINSCOTT – “Night Error” Exclusive Hard Mix ([ Unreleased ]) {Digital Copy}
TRACE & NICO – “Replicant” Idiosyncratic Recs./Single Sided [IDIOS1-A] {Promo}
SUBSTANCE – “Nasty Muthas” Breakbeat Culture Recs./Side AA [BBC-002-AA]
BILL LASWELL & SUBMERGED – “Todd Bridges On Lockdown” (Temulent Rmx) Ohm Resistance/Side A [16KOHM52-A]
CYBOTRON feat. DILLINJA – “Light Years” Prototype Recs./Side A [PRO-010-A]
BILL LASWELL – “Oscillations” (Nico Rmx) Quantum Recs./Side A [QUANTU726-A]
DIRTY ONE – “Feels Like I’m Going Nowhere” Exclusive ([ Unreleased ]) {Digital Copy}
DANNY BREAKS – “Solar Jive” Droppin’ Science/Side A [DS-015-A] {Promo}
PHOTEK – “Rings Around Saturn” Photek Recs./Side B [PTK-6-AA]

Heavy Metal vol 9___N-Flow – Rhodium

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Heavy Metal vol 9 – N-Joi Rhodium

N-Flow delivers with a deep, intelligent Jungle journey that is second to none. The music speaks for itself. N-joi =]


Hasselt, Belgium





St Germain – Alabama Blues (Wax Doctor Mix) [F Communications]
The Sentinel – Genesis [Basement Records]
Jazz Juice – Jazz Juice [Precious Materials]
Spinback & Q Project – Rikers Island (Dream Mix) [Legend Records]
Mouly And Lucida – Chilled [Timeless Recordings]
SDR & Subsonic – Technology (Wax Doctor Remix) [Shoebox]
Organic Synthetic – Transmissions [Bang-In-Tunes]
Interception – Prescription Underground [Radioactive Kids]
Studio Pressure – Relics (Natural Mystic Mix) [Certificate 18]
Desired State – Goes Around [Ram Records]
D.J. Fokus – Pulse [Lucky Spin Recordings]
Moul’e & Lucida – Aquarium [Code-001 Records]
X-Pansions – That’s How Music Should Sound [Precious Materials]
Jack n Phil – Listen [Basement Records]
Mystic Moods – Amazon [Mystic Moods]

Heavy Metal vol.8___Dj Vetoe – Plutonium

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Vetoe – Plutonium

Miami, Florida




1. Turntable Terranova – Precipice ( DJ Krust Remix ) – Compost Recs. – 1997
2. DJ Ani – Bio-Magnetics – Sm:)e Communications Recs. – 1997
3. Future Forces – Flash Gordon – Renegade Hardware Recs. – 1996
4. Goldie – Kemistry ( Grooverider VIP Remix ) – Razors Edge Recs. – 1997
5. Mission Control – Turbulence – Genetic Stress Recs. – 1997
6. Data With Expert – L’lle Noir – Sirkus Recs. – 1996
7. Omni Trio – Nu Birth Of Cool (Rogue Unit Mix) – Sm:)e Communications Recs. – 1997
8. Hydro – The Zone – Emotif Recs. – 1996
9. K & Teebee – Headz – R& S Recs. – 1997
10. Goldie – Jah ( Peshay Rollers VIP Remix ) – Razors Edge Recs. – 1996
11. One True Parker – Bubble Gum ( Remix 1) – Creations Recs. – 1996
12. M.T.S. – Revolution – Juice Recs. – 1996
13. Stakka & K. Tee – Danger Zone – Ram Recs. – 1995
14. Rollers Instinct – Mid Town Method – Emotif Recs. – 1996
15. M.T.S. – Brothers & Sisters – Juice Recs. – 1996
16. The Specialist – Drop It On The One – Dread Recs. – 1996
17. Deependance – Broke My Heart – Emotif Recs. – 1995
18. Forward Sound – The Warning – Second Movement Recs. – 1996
19. Interrorogator – Break Wars – Liftin’ Spirits Recs. – 1996
20. Higher Sense – Metallic FX – Moving Shadow Recs. – 1995
21. DJ SS – Bronze – Formation Colours Series Recs. – 1997
22. Bill Laswell – Oscillations ( Nico Remix ) – Sub Rosa Recs. – 1997
23. Ed Rush/ Trace/ Nico – Mad Different Methods – Nu Black Recs. – 1996
24. Monolith – Monolith – Future Vinyl Recs. – 1996
25. DJ Trace – After Hours – Deejay Recs. – 1996
26. Ed Rush – Check Me Out – Deejay Recs. – 1996
27. Stomp & Weaver – Lifeforms – Lab Logic Recs. – 1996
28. DJ Nikki C – Assasinator – X-Trax Recs. – 1996
29. Minds To Motion – Power – Power Recs. – 1996

Heavy Metal vol.7__ The Hermit – Chromium

Click Here To DOWNLOAD The Hermit “Chromium”

Clean and polished Deep Jungle vibes…..you may see your reflection in these beats =]

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Infinite Sonic Output, Terraforming



INTRO (Six Degrees Of Separation “Urgh” (Echo Drop) + Davina “vocal accapella” (Submerge)
Aston “The Sign – Remix” (Total Science)
Omni Trio “Renegade Snares” (Moving Shadow)
MI5 “Experience” (Lucky Spin)
Foul Play “Being With You” (Moving Shadow)
Natural Mystic “Echoes” (Timeless)
Nookie “Only You” (Reinforced)
Dillinja & Mystery “Moods” (Logic)
Doc Scott “Technology” (31 Records)
Flatliner “The Big Bang – Liftin’ Spirits Remix” (Ram)
Just Us “Dread At The Controls” (Phat Trax)
Solution To Sound “Essence” (Hard Leaders)
Liftin’ Spirits “Cup- A- Cha” (Liftin’ Spirits)
Original Vibes & Hellrazor “Future Beats 2” (Breakthrough)
The Dub Technicians “Mindscape” (Rollin Records)
Current Affairs “Turbulence” (Moving Shadow)
Foul Play “Total Control” (Moving Shadow)
Psykus “Sample & Hold” (Desert Storm)
Intense “Breathless” (Creative Source)

Heavy Metal vol.6__DJ 3D – Gold

Click Here To DOWNLOAD DJ 3D – Gold

Darksteppa from one of the originators, Chicago’s own DJ 3D. Kill the lights and enjoy the ride =]

Chicago, USA

Uptempo Dance Music, Future Forces


…….coming soon

Heavy Metal vol.5___Bishop – Titanium

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Bishop – Titanium

A tireless Dj and Producer and reniassance man, Bishop is the proud owner of Simplistiks, Simplistiks Studios, and Simplistiks Visuals. He has graced the decks from the U.S. to the U.K. to Tokyo and his visual works have been featured in award winning videos and books to be found in the links below……

As for this mix, simply tearin uptempo Drum & Bass / Breakcore. You may need a cold shower after this one =]

Milwaukee / Chicago



coming soon……

Heavy Metal vol.4___Hispdchase – Silver

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Hispdchase “Silver”

Old-School Jump Up mix chock full of turntablism from one of Milwaukee’s mainstay dj/promoters.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

12″ Players, Scorpion Shot, Bassface

coming soon…..

1. Swoosh and the Joker, That’s Played Out – Joker Records
2. Ming & FS, Its All About the Benjamins – Bad Boy
3. 175 Crew, Terror Dome – Phattrax
4. The Dream Team, Public Enemy – Joker Records
5. NWA/Prisoners of Technology, Dopeman – Playland Records
6. Ming & FS, Face Down Part II – Liquid Sky Music
7. White Label
8. Lisa May/Urban Shakedown, Wishing on a Star – Smile
9. Asend & Ultravibe, This Ain’t No Opera – Second Movement
10. Prisoners of Technology, Intoxicate – Fresh Kutt Records
11. Markee, Street Life – Ruffneck Ting Records
12. Incubus, Slammin – Easy Underground
13. DJ Hyper, Blaze It Up – Blaze
14. Mulder, Can I Count it Off – Urban Takeover
15. 175 Crew, Mad Skillz – Phattrax
16. Ice Berg Slim, Let’s Believe – Tru 2 Da Game
17. DJ Zinc, Super Sharp Shooter – Ganja Records
18. DJ Zinc, Reach Out – True Playaz
19. Spy, The Way – Underfire Recordings
20. Ming & FS, Maintain – Madhattan Studios
21. KC, Destroyer – Human Imprint Recordings

Heavy Metal vol.3___Ultrafunkula – Mercury

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Ultrafunkula – Mercury

Simply gorgeous deep Jungle mix guaranteed to put you in the right frame of mind on any occasion.

Artist: Ultrafunkula

Affiliations: True Jaxx Kollective

Location: NW Indiana



Chameleon-Close Your Eyes And Listen (Good Looking Records)
The Mighty Strinth-What Is It? (Inertia Records)
LTJ Bukem-Sunrain (Good Looking Records)
Adam F-Dirty Harry (F-Jams)
LTJ Bukem-Close To The Source (Good Looking Records)
Big Bud-Emotionography (Good Looking Records)
Alaska & Nucleus-Project 2 (Nexus Records)
Essence of Aura-So This Is Love (Moving Shadow)
Nuyorican Soul-It’s Alright, I Feel It (Roni Size Remix) (Talkin’ Loud)
Justice-Aquisse (Modern Urban Jazz )
PHD & The Funky Techincians-Above And Beyond (Earth)
Intersperse-High Moon (Good Looking Records)
In-Deep-From The Depths (Urban Flavour Records)
Tayla-Dimensions (Nexus Records)
Klute-Phone Call (Matrix Remix)
Appaloosa Feat. DJ Dream-Night Train (Looking Good Records)
Seba & Lotek-Universal Music (Good Looking Records)
Intense-Careless Minds (Good Looking Records)
Voyager-Apollo (Good Looking Records)
In-Deep-Electro Solution (Urban Flavour Records)
Poseidon-Tensions Of The Sea (Looking Good Records)
Sounds Of Life-Currents (Certificate 18)
A Guy Called Gerald Feat. Wendy Page-Fever Or A Flame (Studio !K7)
Parallax-Watercolours (Urban Flavour Records)
Intersperse-Equanimity (Looking Good Records)

Heavy Metal vol.2___Spinscott – Brass

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Spinscott “Brass”

Spinscott delivers a unique blend of dope old-school Jungle tracks, original works, and live mpc drumming on top of all that goodness.
He can be heard weekly on Jungletrain.net. This mix is deep as fuck and brings a perfect vibe.

Baltimore, Maryland USA

Junglist Brigade



SpinscotT “Feelin Good” (Unreleased)
DJ SS “We’re Rollin” (Formation Records)
Lemon D “I Can’t Stop” (V Recordings)
Spinscott “Ganja License – Krome & Time Mashup” (Unreleased)
Remarc “In Da Hood – Spinscott “Back In Da Hood” Remix” (Unreleased)
Undercover Agent “What Does It All Mean” (Juice Records)
Spinscott “Jungleira” (Unreleased)
Spinscott “Limbic System” (Dynamix Records)
Dope Skillz “Yeah Bwoy” (Frontline Records)
Busta Rhymes “Woo Ha! – Spinscott Remix” “Unreleased”
Spinscott “Trust Me” (Dynamix RecordS)
Eskobar “Homeboy” (R.O.A.R Recordings)
Lemon D “This Is Los Angeles” “Metalheadz”

Heavy Metal vol.1___Ghaleon – Iron

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Ghaleon – Iron

Ghaleon carries the Jungle and Ragga torch in the Toronto scene.
He delivers a wikked selektion of old-school Ragga Jungle bliss guaranteed to make you reach for a spliff and start skankin’.

Toronto, Canada

Special Dedication, Black Crack Funk Attack





Soran EP – B1
DJ Gershwin – The Mighty Piano (DJ Pooch Remix)
Sky Joose – Dig Out The Red
Don Of Don’s – Blood Babylon
T.S. / M.F. – New Jack In Jungle
M.C I.D. Featuring De-Ice & D-Bridge – Rare & Jazzy
Spice, The – Phaktor One – Feel Free
Substance – Rude Girls
Imposter, The & Lewi – Shining
Greenwood – Rough And We Bad
Dream Team, The – Untitled
Mafia – Untitled
Dennis Brown – Jungle Rock
Dread & The Baldhead – Wicked Piece A Tune
Wriggler Bascombe – Final Battle
Lionist – Dub Plate
Mole The Dipper & 3D Crew, The – Dark Guru
Kane & Paraquat, The – Addikshun
Bigga Tee – 19 Funky 5 (Rizla Mix)
Bass Master Warriors – Ten Grand Dub Plate
DIY Crew – Look Good Girl
EPS – Shockout
Aphrodite – Beat Booyah
Aphrodite – Beat Booyah (Remix)
The Gambino Family- Untitled
Mafia – The Blackhand Vol. 2 – What Ever
DJ D.Lux – Ironplate Remix
CIS Production – Kung Fu
Darren .H & Punisher – All Massive Remix