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The Hermit – Live @ Even Furthur 2019 – Land of Sunshine

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – The Hermit – Live @ Even Furthur 2019 – Land of Sunshine

Live recording of The Hermit’s set spun on Saturday in the Land of Sunshine at Even Furthur 2019. It is far from perfect, but a nostalgic and fun Techno / Acid / Electro slammer. Live is LIVE. Can’t take it back.
N-joi =]


Technasia “Milenniums”
Dj Bone “The Vibe”
Skudge “Airwalk”
Ray Kajoka “Your Last Call”
Samuel L Session “Another Day (Rain)”
Technasia “Descent”
Floorplan “He Can Save You”
Microwave Prince “Cyclic Evolution”
The Advent “Rhythm”
Dj Rush “I Dream”
Deetron “The Core”
Blunted Boy Wonder “Ran Can”
The Advent “Heights”
Nigel Richards “More Funky Shit”
Speedy J “Something For Your Mind”
Mr G “Flexable”
Floorplan “Never Grow Old”
Meat Beat Manifesto “It’s The Music”
Sean Deason “Xenon”
Machine Codes “Flight Of The Pterradactyl”
Jiri Cever “Loom 1”
Justin Berkovi “Closer”
Green Velvet “I Want To Leave My Body”
Floorplan “Above The Clouds”
Deetron “The Core (reprise)”
Voodoo Child “Horses”
Dan Curtin “Re-Awareness”

The Hermit – Live @ Techno BBQ da Third

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Live recording of The Hermit’s set at the 3rd annual Techno BBQ da Third in Kenosha, Wi on 8-24-2019. On this fine day in History, OUR meats were better than Yours, our Beats were better than Yours, and the Company, Vibe, and Weather were UNFUCKWITHABLE <3
N-joi =]

The Hermit – Common Interest

Right Click/Save As to Download – The Hermit – Common Interest

Fine blend of Techno, Acid, and Electro. Super Techno Bowl. Spun with vinyl, DITC, and in one take. N-joi =]


The Hermit – Format.fm FFM146

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – The Hermit – Format fm mix submission

My set that aired for Format.fm’s broadcast #146. Mixed with vinyl, digging in the crates, and in 1 take with no edits.

N-joi and many thanks to Mark Angel and Brenda G for the invite to be a part of a legendary series of mixes <3


The Hermit – Even Furthur 2018 redux

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – The Hermit – Live @ Indulge 8-3-2018

Respun mix of my set from Even Furthur 2018 in the Land of Sunshine on Saturday. Techno and Acid to the dome piece.
Also, as the artwork indicates, the first show with my Son in attendance <3 N-joi =] TRACKLISTING: ......soon

The Hermit – Even Furthur 2017 redux

Click Here To PLAY via MOBILE or RIGHT CLICK/SAVE AS to DOWNLOAD – The Hermit – Even Furthur 2017 redux

Respun recording of The Hermit’s Sunday afternoon set from Even Furthur 2017 in Mellen Wisconsin.
Mixed with vinyl in 1 take. Enjoi =]

TRACKLISTING: (Accurate in record order / title, best of recollection with tracks played)

Mr Full Destructor “Infark” (Karat)
Paul Mac “Time Remaining” (Fragmented)
Drum Addicts “Sambatech” (Daily Grind)
Steve Stoll “Gates and Volts – A1” (Proper N.Y.C.)
Marco Carola “Fokus – Track 06” (Zenit)
Pacou “Mutism” (Grammar)
Dietrich Schoenemann “Easy Rhodes” (Hidden Agenda)
Murat “Man From Jersey – B1” (Hijacked Records)
Gez Varley “Violator – Stewart Walker mix” (Force Inc)
Jeff Mills “Detached” (Axis)
Teste “The Wipe – 5am Synaptic” (Probe)
Roiseux & Fred “Bollar I Rymden” (Arrival Works)
Nagen & Saugen “Hai Thai Suppe” (Hor $piel Mus!k)
Yanu “3” (Toolbox Tunes)
Dj T-1000 “Thesis Part Two – Harder Faster Baby” (Pure Sonik)
Green Velvet “The Preacher Man” (Relief)

Mechaniks vol.1 “See The Light” – The Hermit

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – Mechaniks vol 1 “See The Light” – The Hermit

No Coast Muzik presents…. Volume 1 of the forthcoming Techno mixtape series “Mechaniks” entitled “See The Light” by The Hermit.
Spun with vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.

The Hermit

Lake Country, Wisconsin

Infinite Sonic Output, No Coast Muzik



Patti LaBelle “Let Me See You In The Light” (RCA)
Sleepy C & Dave Trance “Pack To Da Phunk – Dave’s Tranquility mix” (Psychoactive)
Question “4th Question – A2” (Question)
Schatrax “Shipmans Ghost” (Shatrax)
Box Blaze & Deetron “Chasers” (Superbra)
Conceiled Project “Definition Of D – B2” (SVEK)
Icarus “Summertime” (Jericho)
Jesper Dahlback “Jd’s Power Tools vol 2 – A1” (Blank LTD)
James Ruskin “Time & Place” (Blueprint)
G-Man “Knight Trax – K.3” (G-Man Records)
Schatrax “Schatformation” (Schatrax)
Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani “Acid Over Manhattan – Nico rmx” (Planet Of The Drums)
Fumiya Tanaka “Go Out” (Torema Records)
Danilo Vigorito “Uncontrolled Voltage ep – B1” (Informale)
Rush Plus “1995” (Rush Plus)
Access 58 “Funk 2 Funk – Long Vocal mix” (Music Man)
Jeff Mills “If (They)” (Purpose Maker)
Adam Beyer “Beginnings 3 – D2” (Drumcode)
Female “Contact” (Downwards)
The Aztec Mystic “Aguila” (Underground Resistance)
Deetron y Samuel L “Rico Que Rico” (SLS)
Anoesis “Diact” (D*Fusion)
Nigel Richards “Electrotherapy” (611)

No Coast Muzik vol 27 “Follow Me” – The Hermit

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – No_Coast_Muzik_Vol_27 – The Hermit “Follow Me”

Excursion through the deepest depths of Techno courtesy of The Hermit. =]
Spun with vinyl whilst DITC in 1 Take for those who care.

The Hermit

Lake Country, Wi

No Coast Muzik, Infinite Sonic Output


Slick n Flash “Fluid Dynamic” (Phono)
Ron Trent “The Dance – Sleezy Dub Mix” (Prescription)
fellowS “My World” (Hi-Bias)
Craig Alexander “Electro Ride” (Track Mode)
John Tejada “Daydreaming Disaster” (Palette)
Release The Magic feat Nature Love “Release The Magic – Quad’s Instrumental mix” (Track Mode)
John Tejada “Watching and Waiting” (Palette)
Slick n Flash “Descent” (Phono)
H. Brunner “Spring” (KMS)
Basic Implant “Hangover” (Touch Tone)
A.D.N.Y. & Denard Henry “Phuture Funk” (Superbra)
Sean Deason “The Shit” (Distance)
Jackmate “Centerfolds” (Treibstoff)
Diego “Hi Jacker” (Kanzleramt)
PreSSure Funk “Twisted Funk” (Soma)
MASP “Insync + If” (Plink Plonk)
KSR “Headrush – Octave One mix” (430 West)
Claude Young “Circumstance Of Chance – Circumstance 2” (Djax Up Beats)

The Hermit – Live @ Halloween Massacre

Click Here To PLAY via MOBILE or RIGHT CLICK/SAVE AS to DOWNLOAD – The Hermit – Live at Halloween Massacre

Live recording of my set at Halloween Massacre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 10-25-2015.
Serious Detroit Techno Sounds Inside =] Spun with vinyl whilst DITC.


….correct album order, but may be an incorrect track listing or two……don’t have decks set up at the moment to double check my memory =/

Sean Deason & CiM “Dolphin’s Dream” (Headspace)
Holy Ghost “Three Fold Kiss” (Tresor)
Diego Hostettler “Shapes & Forms Ep” (K20)
Oliver Ho “The Sentient” (Blueprint)
Paul Mac “Authentic Moment Ep” (Fragments)
Deetron y Samuel L “Batque” (SLS)
Chris Jackson “Teleport” (Resource Records)
The Advent “Let Us Take You” (Kombination Research)
Svensson vs S.L. Session “Cycle” (Tritone)
Question “B2” (Question)
4th Way “Afterhours” (Superbra)
Joel Mull “B2” (Inside)
Jeff Mills “Present Age – Soundtrack Version Mix” (mk2)
Oliver Ho “Moonlight” (Meta)
Damon Wild “Downtown World pt2” (Kanzleramt)
High-Life “Five Fingers In The West pt 2 – UK Gold rmx” (Mosaic)
Derrick May “Long Ago” (Transmat)
.Stanny Franssen “Traffic Jam” (Zenit)
Marc Williams “Do You Know House” (Phont Music)
Access 58 “De La Funk” (Music Man)
Paul Mac “Different Rhythms” (Phont Music)

The Hermit – Live @ Retrospect 4-3-2015

Click Here To PLAY via MOBILE or RIGHT CLICK/SAVE AS to DOWNLOAD – The Hermit – Live @ Retrospect 4-3-2015

Live recording of The Hermit’s set for Retrospect at Club Aura in Milwaukee, Wi 4-3-2015.
Techno of the finest kind spun with vinyl whilst digging in the crates =] N-joi


Theo Parrish “Dreamers Blues” (Sound Signature)
Joris Voorn “A Thousand Lost Souls” (Green)
Green Velvet “Land Of The Lost – Sunrise Society mix” (Music Man)
Icarus “Decent” (Jericho)
Mark Ambrose “Smokey” (Crayon)
Rob Rowland “Lettin’ On” (D1)
Sutekh “Submit” (Background)
Reoffenders “Future Primate – Hot Lizard mix” (Soma)
D.S. “June 8’27” (F Communications)
Octave One “The Emmissary” (430 West)
hi-lo “Glory B” (Grow!)
Tranquil Elephantizer “Zombie Dawn – J&J’s rmx” (Definitive)
Proffessor Trax “Weed People’s Revenge” (Clashbackk)
Convexion “Miranda” (Matrix)
19th Street Brothers “Gizmo’s Moods” (Electrik Soul)
Else “Arco” (Eukahouse)
Melen Monk “Phen” (UMF)
Elacosa “Crystal – Tribal Percussive mix” (Basic Traxx)
Unknown “a1” (Primitive Tools)
Gideon “What U Need” (Eukahouse)
Surgeon “Coaster” (Soma)
Jiri.ceiver “Trential – Sponsor’s edit” (Harthouse)
Alexi Delano & Jesper Dahlbeck “Nueva York – B2” (Blank)

The Hermit – Therapy Sessions redux

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – Therapy Sessions redux

Respun mix of the set I played for Therapy Sessions at Studio 200 in Milwaukee, Wi on 8-2-2014
Spun with Vinyl in 1 Take.


Alan Abrahams “Symmetry” (Scape)
Joel Mull “Safety Session – 1a” (Code Red)
R-Factors “G-Explorer” (Touche)
Wink “Sixth Sense – Winks Dark Dub” (Ovum)
Astrocat “Voyage” (DBN)
Fuse “Substance Abuse” (Plus 8)
The Mind Drum “Idle” (Subvert Records)
Alexi Delano “Gentleman of Liesure – A2” (Lask)
Agent Cooper vs X-Men “Yellow – b2” (Raw Musique)
Eco Tourist “Green Eyes” (Ecco)
Ben Sims “Retrovert – Claude Young mix” (Theory)
William Keelan “Devils Boogie – Devilfish rmx” (Bush)
Smith & Selway “27b – Adam Beyer rmx” (Tronic)
Technasia “Force – Voxless” (Technasia)
The Advent “Fantasy Bitch” (Masters Of Disaster)
Hood & Mills “Mutant Theory” (Axis)
Holy Ghost “The Abduction Of Free Born John” (Tresor)
Samuel Onervas “Propanol” (Head In The Clouds)
Spirit Man “Psalm 83:18” (Sonic Mind Recordings)
Mike Dearborn “Solution – Smith & Selway rmx” (Tronic)

The Hermit – Live on 91.7 WMSE 4-26-2014

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – Live on 91.7 WMSE

Live recording in the studios of 91.7 WMSE on Late Night Beat Generation 4-26-2014.
Spun with vinyl whilst digging in the crates on the fly.
Enjoy, and support your local radio stations, as well as Milwaukee’s original source for electronic music at www.wmse.org


The Stickmen “Impakt – Trip Mix” (Strictly Rhythm)
Nigel Richards “I Like It” (Stickman)
Stewart Walker “Ulm” (Background)
Chris Jackson “Abstract End” (Catalyst)
Matt Jackson & Paul Davis “Violet – mix1” (Circulation)
Schatrax “Mispent Years – Funk D’Void mix” (Soma)
Hipp-e & Tony “Riddem Control” (Soma)
The Electric 10 “Sub Tronik” (Rough Cut)
Jonzon “Pump The Bass” (Gigolo)
Mr Fingers vs Lil’ Louis “The House Kiss” (Erregi)
The Beatbouncers “Big Block” (Axodya)
Phuture303 “Thunder – Spanky’s Original” (A1)

The Hermit – Emerge redux

Click Here To DOWNLOAD – Emerge redux

Respun set played for Emerge at Studio 200 Milwaukee, Wi 10-23-13
Spun in 1 Take with vinyl.


Miguel Gracia “Paloora” (Earth Recordings)
Circulation “Violet” (Cirtulation)
Schatrax “Mispent Years – Funk D’Void mix” (Soma)
Halo “Dark Clouds” (Bluem Recordings)
Oliver Desmet “Just Like Heaven – Mazi’s Audio Soul Revamp”
(Simple Soul)
Percy X “Break It Down – Cari Lekebusch rmx” (Soma)
Jack Mate “Bang!ala” (Stir)
The Electric 10 “Sub Tronic” (Cutrough)
Rhythm Section “Tha Lick” (Catalyst)
Christian Smith & John Selway “End Zone” (Tronic)
Purveyors Of Fine Funk “Z Mood” (Peacefrog)
Artquake “Get You Some More” (Track Down)
Kevin Yost “One Starry Night – Peter Funk’s Starry 001 rmx”
(I Records)
Chris Jackson “Drop” (Resource)

The Hermit – District redux

Click Here To DOWNLOAD The Hermit – District redux

Respun set from the party District @ Studio 200 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 07-26-2013
Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Reade Truth “Power Of Ideas” (Sonic Groove)
F “A5 – Untitled” (Sense Music)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. “Skylark” (Plastic City)
Index “Vortex – Original Rebuild” (X-Trax)
Chancellor “The Unknown Future” (Missle)
Robert Hood “B2 – Untitled” (M Plant)
Holy Ghost “Three Fingers Lou” (Tresor)
Chris Hall “Servo 001” (Servo)
Ben Long “A2 – Untitled” (Potential)
Mario J “B1 – Untitled” (Method 11:11)
Johannes Heil “Thoughts For Your Feet” (Parotic)
Devience “Liquid Life” (Touche’)
Skai “Subtalk” (Plastic City)
Sneaky Alien “Blue Stream – deep and long mix” (Sneaky Alien)
Silvershower “Ice Fractions 2 – B1” (Plus 8)

The Hermit – Transistor Bass

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Transistor Bass

Re-spun mix of the set I spun at Transistor Bass 2 in Milwaukee, Wi on March 2nd 2013.
All Vinyl, All Acid, and All Good =]
*****Thanks to Matt Ormaza for the dope photography…..deviated by me.
Support his work and hit him up @ 1001100011i@gmail.com ******


Luke Slater “The Secret Garden” (Peacefrog)
Winx “Verano Azul” (Nervous)
Nigel Richards “Connect 4” (611)
Function “F3” (Sinewave)
DJ Hyperactive “Off Keel” (Drop Bass Network)
Mike Inc “Live Pt 1 – Side A” (Force Inc)
Barada “Mean Streak” (Definitive)
Ian Pooley & The Jaguar “Two Space Cowboys On A Bad Trip – B1” (Force Inc)
D.J. Naughty “Dani Und Ich” (International DeeJay Gigolos)
Stare5 “Blood Loop 1” (Clashbackk)
Yanu “Aliens” (Toolbox Tunes)
Plastikman “Smak” (Mute)
Sarcoblast “Sarcoflaps” (Routemaster)
4D “Out Of Reach” (Labworks)
Yanu “Master Control Program” (Toolbox Tunes)
Mike Dread “Oxycute” (R&S)
Beverly Hills 808303 “Sick Of Benedict” (Electric Music Foundation)
Kinki Roland “Krasnojark 26” (Exdecise)

Fishing For Beats

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Fishing For Beats

…….no artwerk yet…….

Old-School Techno and Acid mix.
Spun with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take. 12-23-2012


Holy Ghost “Gone Fishin” (Tresor)
Roy Davis Jr “Broken Machines” (Kumba)
Gemini “Crossing Mars – Free rmx” (Planet E)
X-103 “Tephra” (Axis)
Dj D-Man “Millennium Madness” (Flip Da’ Script)
Steve Poindexter “Computer Madness” (Muzique)
Terry Francis & “Evil” Eddie Richards “Helicopter” (Lifted Music)
Puffboy “Snorkel” (Stickman)
The Bionic Men “Les Gents” (Stickman)
T yree “Old-School” (Renegade)
The Low End Theory “Wicked” (Dance Mania)
Potato Gun “Bean Bag Chair – Longstick mix” (Stickman)
Adam Beyer “A1” (Code Red 08)
D.S. “Lukuta” (F Communications)
Barada “Biofeedback” (Definitive)
Robert De La Gauthier “Disco Loop” (Odyssey Records Montreal)
N-Joi “Live In Manchester ‘selected clip'” (Deconstructed)
Steve Stoll “Gates And Volts – A1” (Proper NYC)

Sweet Synthetic Sounds

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Sweet Synthetic Sounds

Re-Spun mix of a set I spun for Sweet Synthetic Sounds @ Inferno in Madison Wisconsin on September 20th 2012. Made with Vinyl and in 1 Take.


Brian Zentz “boom box” (Sounds)
Lassigue Benthaus “Fiber” (KK)
Stewart Walker “Thunder Bay” (Tektite)
G Flame & Mr G “Pulsez” (Moods & Grooves)
Moodymann “Lake Shore Drive” (KDJ)
C.A. Duque & John Selway “I’ll Fly Away” (Rapture Records)
G Flame & Mr G “G’s D. Sound Dub” (Moods & Grooves)
C.A. Duque & John Selway “In The Blink Of An Eye” (Rapture Records)
Alexander East “Hazy Shade Of Love” (Underground Construction)
Faust and Shortee “Satisfaction Guaranteed” (Stray Records)
Brian Gerrard “Perfect” (Celebrity Records)
DKMA “Trifling” (Catylist)
Dj Pope “Work It Out” (Cajual)
Jackmate “Cyanosis” (Stir Recordigs)
Laidback Luke “Fire-Works” (Subspace)
F “Volume 2” (Sense)
The Aquanauts “Let’s Dance” (Guidance)
Theo Parrish “Only The Beginning” (Peacefrog)
Marino Berardi “Plan B” (Wally’s Groove World)
Mr. Full Destructor “Sapeurleepopette” (Karat records)
Future Power Alliance “Subscan” (Fvturus Recordings)
Blackman “Fear Of My Own Brother” (Black Nation)
Jay Denham “Mad Man” (Fragmented Records)
Dan Zamani & Tim Taylor “Ego Acid – The Re-Pump” (Missle)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. “Skylark” (Plastic City)
Dj Deeon “Basic Beat – original mix” (Nervous)
Roy Davis “Electrical Problem” (Sex Trax)

The Hermit – Expansion

Right Click/Save As to Download, or Click to Play via MOBILE – The Hermit – Expansion

Pulled this way out of the vaults. Threw a quick mix together with a stack of Breaks tracks I acquired. First time ever spinning this style. Just for fun. Spun in 2010 I believe.
N-joi =]


Proper Guidance

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Proper Guidance

Downtempo Techno mix from May of 2006.
Spun with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


P.I.M.P. “Feelings By Dawn’s Early Light” (Touche’)
Dj T-1000 “Thesis pt 2” (Pure Sonik)
P.I.M.P. “The Light” (Touche’)
J.L. Magoya “Inundation Mix 2” (Bomb)
Troy Brown “Alright” (Stickman)
Laurent Garnier “Coloured City” (F Communications)
Themis “Eeaiss” (Ideal)
Parris Mitchell “Life In The Underground” (Dance Mania)
Frankie Bones “Ghetto Technics 11” (Ghetto Technics)
3 FS “Crackerjack Stitch” (Force Inc)
Da Goose “M-Tec” (Upstruct)
Dj Jes “Gods Child ep” (Catalyst)
The Stickmen “Tamburi Project” (Stickman)
Laidback Luke “The Fat Cap ep” (Subspace)
Jackmate “Hot Wax ep” (Stir15)
Dj Hyperactive “Reptilian Tank” (Contact)
Paperclip People “Reach” (Touche’)
Chancellor “Heatseeker ep” (Missile)
Ben Long “Potential” (Potential)
Chris Jackson “Shape Shifting ep” (Catalyst)
Winx “Left Above The Clouds” (Nervous)

God Complex

Click Here To DOWNLOAD God Complex

……no artwerk yet.

Spun in October 2006 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take.


…..none unfortunately.
Run’s the gammut of old Stateside Hardcore and Acid Hardcore with tracks from Choose, Speedfreak, Lenny Dee, Repete, Dillinja, and many more…. N-joi =]

The Hermit – Hellraver warmup

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Hellraver warmup

Spun in October 2004 with Vinyl, DITC, and in 1 Take in preparation for a legendary rave in a barn in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin =]
If you were there, you know what was up. If not, this is as close as you would get to the real thing……


None unfortunately. All old-school Acid gems from people like Brixton, Choose, Nick East, Somatic Response, Hyperactive, and more……


Click Here To DOWNLOAD Technicality