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The Hermit – Maintain

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The perfect fusion of Techy, Deep, and Darkstep Drum & Bass. Very special mix as it was spun in the company of my son Tyler during a teaching session. Mixed with vinyl records, digging in the crates, and recorded in one take.
N-joi =]


Live at Rumble In The Jungle

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Live recording of my set from Rumble In The Jungle @ Inferno in Madison Wisconsin on November 15th 2012.
Spun with Vinyl and hosted by Diva D.


Nasty Habits “4 Da Cause” (Reinforced)
Optical “High Tek Dreams” (Prototype)
Lemon D “Static” (Test Recordings)
Jack Shadow “Still Here” (Smokers Inc)
Dom & Matrix “The Vandal” (Moving Shadow)
Ed Rush “Killamanjaro” (Prototype)
Optical “Millennium” (Virus)
Ed Rush & Nico “Technology” (No U-Turn)
Dom & Optical “Rage Roll” (Audio Couture)
II’s & Solo “Point Eight” (Timeless)
Ed Rush & Nico “Proton” (No U-Turn­)
Ed Rush & Optical “Zardos” (Virus)
Dylan & Loxy “Sabertooth” (Renegade Hardware)
Future Forces Inc. “Jeep Beats” (Renegade Hardware)
Cause 4 Concern “Projection” (Perspective)
Perfect Combination “Free Format” (Partisan)
Cause 4 Concern “Strange Nature” (Timeless)
Origin Unknown “Timestretch – 95′ Re-Lick” (V Recordings)
Kraken “Warped” (Underfire)
Amazon II “Music’s Hypnotizing” (Aphrodite)
Calibre & Singing Fats “Drop It Down” (Signature)
Dj Zinc “On Fire Tonight – Remix” (Ganja)
Tek 9 “Dem A Gwan Like Dem Know Badness” (Reinforced)
The Dream Team “Stamina” (Suburban Base)
Bizare Inc “Keep The Music Strong – Roni Size rmx” (Some Bizare)

The Hermit – Chasing Time

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Jungle, Darkstep, and Technical Drum & Bass wrapped up in one tidy package.
Spun in 2011 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


I-Cue “Time & Space” (Liquid Sky)
Calibre, Zero Tolerance, & Beta “Stronger” (Defunked)
Dj Zinc “Innate” (Ganja)
Digital & Innerheart “Rock” (Function)
Uncut “Chinese Silk Rmxs” (Wired Productions)
Calibre & Singing Fats “Drop It Down” (Signature)
Amazon II “Music’s Hypnotizing” (Aphrodite)
Original Vibes “Silent Moods” (Active Recordings)
Big Bud “Buds” (Good Looking)
Danny Breaks “Step Off” (Droppin Science)
Hive “Krush” (Metalheadz)
Digital & Innerheart “Cheek” (Function)
Freestyles “Stronger EP” (True Playaz)
Dj Zinc & Dj Spinna “Finders Keepers” (Runaways)
Kraken “Warped” (Underfire)
Dj Sniper & Platinum “Survival” (Syndicated)
Cause4Concern “Synergy” (C4C)
Dj Swift “Load” (True Playaz)
Ed Rush & Nico “Neutron” (No U-Turn)
Cause4Concern “Sensor” (C4C)
Ed Rush & Nico “Technology” (No U-Turn)

The Hermit – Clandestine Activity

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Darksteppas n Technical D&B…
Spun in 2011 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Technical Itch “Hidden Sound” (Moving Shadow)
Pure Instinct “Germ Code” (Tech Itch)
Vinyl Syndicate “Breaker 1” (Urban Takeover)
Hidden Agenda & Seven “Fish Eggs” (Reinforced)
Origin Unknown “Sound In Motion” (Ram)
Decoder “Vapour Dub” (Hard Leaders)
Lock Up “The Matrix’ (Joker)
Ed Rush & Optical “The Medicine” (Virus)
L Double “The Product” (Flex)
Brockie & Ed Solo “Showdown EP” (Undiluted)
Xedos “Sounds Ceased” (Street Beats)
Cause 4 Concern “Projection” (Perspective)
Jonny L “Running” (Piranha)
Konflict “Maelstrom EP” (Renegade Hardware)
E-Sassin “Wireframe” (Titanium)
Future Cut “Bloodline EP” (Renegade Hardware)
L Double “The Product” (Flex)
Konflict “Maelstrom EP” (Renegade Hardware)
UFO! “Zenomorphik” (Thermal)

The Hermit – Controlled Chaos

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All across the board Drum & Bass.
Spun in 2011 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Danny Breaks “Vibrations” (Droppin Science)
Bomb Squad “Ultimate Sensation” (Flavor Vinyl)
Danny Breaks “Vibrations” (Droppin Science)
Bomb Squad “Oral Sax” (Flavor Vinyl)
Calibre “Jane’s Twitch” (Thermal)
Voyager “Mysteron” (Creative Source)
Chase & Status “Ten Tonne EP” (Renegade Hardware)
Gang Related / Mask “Follow None” (Dope Dragon)
Mask “You Rang” (Dope Dragon)
Krust and Die “I Kamanchi” (Full Cycle)
Usual Suspects “Kingz Of The Rollers ep Vol 3” (31 Records)
Rob F & Impulse “Glass” (Subtitles)
Total Science “Kingz Of The Rollers ep Vol 3” (31 Records)
R McAuley “Let’s Go” (C9 Records)
ICBM “The Pursuit” (Black Sun Empire)
Konflict “Messiah” (Renegade Hardware)
Zen “Paralysis” (Grid)
Kontrol “Armor” (Outbreak)
Ed Rush & Optical “The Creeps – Capsule” (Virus)
Ed Rush & Optical “The Creeps – Rock The House” (Virus)

The Hermit – Herbal Essences

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Old Deepsteppaz….
Spun in 2000 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Tribe Of Issachar “Junglist” (Tribe Of Issachar)
Aphrodite “Moods EP” (Aphrodite)
Dj Nut Nut “The Chimes” (True Playaz)
Unique Music promo
Dj Kane “Jungle 97” (Truble On Vinyl)
Unique Music promo
Dj Dara “?” (Smile)
Solar Nine “Download” (Splash)
Shy Fx “Pandoras Box” (Ebony Records)
Dj Dara “?” (Smile)
V/A “Warriors” (Dread)
Dj Dara “?” (Smile)
Dj Dara “?” (Smile)
J Majik “Loaded” (Infared)
Dj Dara “?” (Smile
Underwolves “Under Your Sky” (Island Records)
L Double “Enemiez” (Labello Blanco)
Future Forces Inc “Saga” (Renegade Hardware)
Dark Angel “Neon City” (Dread)
Hopa & Bones “Dragon’s Fist” (True Playaz)
Ill Figure & Ambisonics “In The Ghetto” (Labello Blanco)
Hopa & Bones “Voices” (True Playaz)
Yarn & Ko “Bring Dat Beat” (Dope Wax)
Dj Redoo “Crusher” (Smokin Drum)
Steve C “Tranquility” (Hyper Records)
G Money “Falling” (Integral)
Quay 26 “?” (White Label)
Dj Red “Code Of The Streets Sampler” (Trouble On Vinyl)
Soul Controller “Outsider’s Theme” (Preponderance)

The Hermit – Threshold

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Technical D&B……
Spun in 2006 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


The Moody Blues “On The Threshold Of A Dream”
Deep Rooted “Illuminatus” (No U-Turn)
Decoder “In My Dreams” (Technical Itch)
A Sides “Rocksteady” (Eastside)
Elementz Of Noize Vs Ray Keith “The Remixes” (Emotif)
Psion “Tyrant” (Voyager)
Trace & Nico “Replicant” (Idiosyncratic)
Ram Trilogy “Chapter One” (Ram)
Dj Ascend Meets The Beat Junkies “The Remixes Chapter 1” (Second Movement)
Cause 4 Concern “Strange Nature” (Timeless)
Ascend & Ultravibe “To Be Confirmed” (Second Movement)
Acetate And Chris Renegade “The Future” (Emotif)
Polar “Skydiver” (Certificate 18)
Young Axe “Sunset” (Santorin)
Polar “Secret World” (Certificate 18)
D-Headbanga “Shout Of The Grotto Beast” (DonQ)
Anonymous Artist “The Dark” (Central Intelligence)

The Hermit – Implicate Order

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Jungle and Darkstep business…
Spun in 2006 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


Cheech and Chong “Big Bambu”
Phyzix “Down Wid Da Lights” (Vibe)
The Ganja Kru “Super Sharp Shooter EP” (True Playaz)
Dj Ascend Meets The Beat Junkies “The Remixes Chapter 1” (Second Movement)
Ultravibe Featuring Dead Dred “Shallow Depth” (Promo)
Scorpio “Trouble” (V Recordings)
Cryogenics “Good Intentions” (Hard Leaders)
Kemet “Mc Tune” (Kemet)
Freestyles “Learn From The Mistakes Of The Past” (True Playaz)
Dj Zinc “Damn” (True Playaz)
Ed Rush & Optical “Shrinkwrap” (V Recordings)
Roni Size “Windrush” (V Recordings)
Element Of Danger “Izayah” (Kickin Underground Sound)
Subnation “Scottie Pt 2” (Labello Blanco)
Dj Ron “Outlawed” (Pimp)
Firefox & Survivor “Who Is It” (Philly Blunt)
A-Sides & Cool Hand Flex “After Dark” (East Side)
3D & Snuggles “The Rock” (Ghetto Safari)
? “Storm Clouds” (Raid)
Dope Skillz “Blocked” (True Playaz)
A-Sides “On The Streets” (East Side)
Majistrate “Prohibited” (East Side)

The Hermit – Soundscape

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Spun in 2006 with Vinyl, Blind, DITC, and in 1 Take.


? “Inc. Vol. 3” (Smokers Inc)
Undercover Agent “Hypnosis Rmx” (Juice)
Solar Nine “Download” (Splash)
Bushwick “Gun” (Smokers Inc)
Special K “Soundscape” (Trouble On Vinyl)
Tekniq “911” (Formation)
Dragon Fist “Call It Quick” (Kartoons)
Worlds End “Human Affairs” (Underfire)
Dark Angel “Static Electricity” (Dread)
Worlds End “General Lockdown” (Underfire)
Spy “The Way” (Underfire)
? “Hotsteppers Vol 7” (Hotsteppers)
Renegade “Dark Soldier pt 2” (Dread)
Profound Noize “Soundscape” (Underfire)
Level 3 “Contamination” (Liftin Spirits)
Profound Noize “No Way Out’ (Underfire)
Deep Rooted “Illuminati” (No U-Turn)
Sabertooth “Murder Inc” (Renegade Hardware)
Snuggles “Alternate Realities” (Ghetto Safari)
Konflict “Outpost” (Renegade Hardware)
Flow “Smoking Section” (Ghetto Safari)
Decoder “In My Dreams” (Technical Itch)
3D & Snuggles “Phalanx” (Ghetto Safari)